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Rotten Baby Teeth - Wait Till Permanents Come in?

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My 4 year old has two very rotten top front teeth. He was nursed until he was 2. At 2 his teeth were pearly white. Once he started drinking the water (we had well water) his teeth began to rot. We found out later the cause of rot was the well water - very high iron amongst other things. So now his two front teeth are exactly half 'brown' and the bottom half white. It looks like the white has been completely chipped off to expose the brown. Anyhow, constant brushing hasn't caused any improvement. I have begun to add cell salts and xylitol toothpaste. My question is...Can I keep doing this and hang on till he begins to lose his teeth being that he's 4?  Can his brown teeth permanently damage his permanent teeth. My mom suggests to wait until his permanents come in. Meanwhile keep up the xylitol, diet, cell salts and brushings. Has anyone else had a child with this much decay and later had normal permanent teeth?

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Melissa, this is not personal experience, but I recently posted a similar question about my 3 year old on the Very Young Kids' Teeth Yahoo group and the response I got was that it wouldn't be wise to do nothing, but making major changes in dental routine could halt the decay, which would mean the permanent teeth likely wouldn't be damaged. In addition to the diet, cell salts, xylitol, and brushing, ozone treatment was recommended.

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i think i would see a pediatric dentist with a quickness if it were me.

also, i never heard of well water causing decay.

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My sister went 37 years without a cavity and when she moved to a house with well-water, she got one within a year. He dentist said it's most likely from the well-water. I know many around here are not fond of fluoride, but dentists usually claim that decay from well-water is because it doesn't contain fluoride.


OP, I also would head to the dentist. It could become very painful for your child if the decay continues. If you disagree with the dentist's treatment plan, you don't have to follow it. I would definitely have his teeth looked at, though.

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