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Homebirth support thread

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Starting another thread over here :)


I'm still really excited about my homebirth, and unlike with Evie I really believe this one will come out normally. I'm not expecting an easy birth, but easier than last time and actually successful. This whole homebirth + VBAC thing is intense.

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I'm also hoping for a much smoother birth...I think the fact that I'm in better shape will help some. I know I can make it through another 48 hour labor, but REALLY don't want to have to. I think I'm most anxious about birthing this close to other people (just knowing neighbors will hear through the walls, etc). I'm starting to collect the supplies next week, and just hoping I can make myself a "safe" place to hide where I don't feel too exposed (ie inner room, etc).

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I'm also excited about my HB.  We were intending a birth center birth with DS but had to transfer after 32 hours due to malposition/failure to progress.  I really think this one will be a LOT easier and so does my midwife.  I have not started collecting any supplies yet, I guess I should get on that!

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As the weeks go by without any problems developing I am getting more and more excited about a homebirth. I really want a water birth and my MW is totally supportive. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to get supplies? I have no idea where to look for water birth supplies or cheap home birth supplies at all.

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We're also planning a homebirth--our 3rd!  I'm really looking forward to it.  We'll just order the kit from wherever our midwives tell us.  I haven't decided what kind of tub we'll be using this time.

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Belacsmage, all you really need for a water birth is a pool, a ton of old towels, a hose, and an attachment that works for your faucet. A lot of people like the "fishy pool" which is cheap and easily googleable. The hose needs to be new as the last thing you want is garden germs in your birth pool. DEFINITELY test the pool and hose attachment before birth because it sucks having to send your midwife shopping when you're in labor. You'll also need a pump to blow up the pool and remove the water, which hopefully your midwife has. Mine does.

As for other supplies, your midwife should either provide a kit (either with a separate fee or included) or a list of supplies to purchase. For instance, my midwife does both. She provides cord clamps, peri bottles, chux pads, etc. whereas I'm expected to have a tray, olive oil, towels, and depends.

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For my home birth supplies I go to inhishands.com. It just happens to be where my midwife has her "kit", but I don't buy that...I get individual items. Prices are reasonable, they seemed quite friendly when I dealt with them, and they have some amazing products (you HAVE to get the herbal sitz bath...smells nice, and feels even better!).

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My midwife's kit is through inhishands as well. I usually have 3/4 of it left over and she has a small kit. I should have saved all the leftovers!

   I was starting to be resigned to a hospital birth but my midwife contacted me and worked out a fee! I literally cried.To know that she will be here is huge to me. She is like my mom(who I lost in 02) and I was really miserable thinking about birthing without her.I am going to see her on Tuesday.

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Ashley - Thanks for the thread!
About the birth pool - I've heard from a couple people that the fishy pool is awesome. Then a few others say it is not as structurally sound or tall as birth pools, so you can't lean on the side as hard, or be as well submerged. I'm curious if you ladies have more input about this?
About positioning - I'm going to talk to my doula about positioning and how much she knows. She's in training (though by Odin's birth will be finished with her cert and required # of births). How many of you will actively try to optimize positioning in the coming months? I know Odin was in the vertex position last week, but due to some big thumps I felt seemingly going through to my cervix, I'm starting to think my painting exercise over the weekend could have turned him.
Wendy - What a RELIEF that you can still work with your MW. I've only known mine for a short time and it's incredible how comfortable and good they make me feel. How many of your births has your MW attended?
Long story telling time - I had a rough time of ir Friday morning in regards to OB/MWs remeniscent of Ashley's trials for getting an ultrasound. I've had one OBGYN my whole life, but a few years while I was living away from my usual city I went to others. There were such awefully stark differences between my wonderful OBGYN and the others that I never really want to find another OB to work with. She was understanding and somewhat supportive (as much as losing business can be supported) when I told her I wanted a homebirth once I got pregnant. Anyway, long story short, I made an appointment with her for my anatomy scan instead of going to the place the MWs usually send their clients. I explained what was going on when making my appointment (why I had no chart for pregnancy at the OB's practice, etc.), and all seemed okay after some explaination. They called me Friday morning, the morning of the appointment, and told me I couldn't come to get my scan if I wasn't there for all my prenatal and delivery care. I could transfer, or I could not come. I wouldn't let them hang up on me, and kept getting put on hold, being told I could come in but couldnt' get a scan, etc., then pleading for them to let me come in. FINALLY someone actually talked to my doc, who said I could come in and get my scan as long as I brought my records. 
MWs were in a birth and it was touch-and-go as to wether they would be able to get my records in time. They did, minutes before we needed to make a go or no-go decision. I went in, got a wonderful sono, and had an incredible visit with my doc. She's never had this happen before, and doesn't know much about how MWs practice. She's not worried for my safety in the least, which was awesome. She was worried for my pain, saying "you've got a lot of courage!" At one point she said "Of course your are doing it this way. you never do anything the normal way." Which is a fun thing to hear (we have had many conversations about my piercings, inclduing genital and surface, and other "non normal" aspects of my life). She said she would like to be my transfer back-up care as I had asked, but she would have to ask her partners (because she might not be on call). That was fair, and I was thrilled she would even consider it. One of my MWs thought there wasn't a chance in hell a mainstream OB with no current MW relationships would consider being transfer care. 
That was a long story. CNs or TD;DR are that I was almost rejected for my sono by nurses at the OB's office, but my OB came through and was awesome as always. 
Ok, on a better topic: I'm SO EXCITED about my birth plans. Whenever labor and delivery come up or I am asked about it, I feel calm and happy. I don't have a lot of fear, and I don't think that's purely because I've never done it before. I feel like I'm not going in blind. I've read hundreds of birth stories, good and bad, and am not stopping. I'm really looking forward to our birth class. Woot!
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I am excited and a little unsure about our home birth this time around.  DD's was meant to be a home birth.  I was SO confident the first time around.  So convinced that my body would "work properly" and all would progress as it should.  I wondered how well I would manage the pain/discomfort but I hoped, with support, that it would be my only hurdle and one I could clear.  But a combination of GBS+ and PROM at 39 weeks had us moving to the hospital for induction with pitocin, a vacuum assisted delivery in the end, and 3rd degree tearing.  In the end the only hurdle I foresaw was the only one I managed to clear as I got through it all without any pain medication. 

But I admit that I came away from the experience feeling betrayed by my body, and it is hard to regain that initial sense of confidence. greensad.gif

If anyone has any advice regarding avoiding a GBS+ status and PROM, I'll gladly take it!

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I had a GBS+ homebirth (1st hb, 2nd baby) and my water always breaks before or very early on in active labor.  It doesn't have to risk you out.


I prefer to have a sturdier tub.  It feels easier to me to get in and out, etc.  I like having my husband in there with me and we also have wood floors...  I don't want water gushing out if someone has to lean on the side or something. 

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I'm borrowing my BFF's birth pool (her and her SIL went in on it) I just have to buy a disposable liner. It's the same pool that our local rental company has.


I'm hoping all goes well smile.gif
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Rosie, you're so lucky to have an OB you're comfortable with in case of transfer.  I would imagine that makes things feel much more serene in terms of needing to go to the hospital.  My MW went with us to the ER when I had complications delivering Ollie's placenta in January and she was very supportive of me in terms of advocating for the care I wanted.  I trust her a lot after that experience, so that helps bring me some calm for the unknown too.  I was actually pleasantly surprised the ER staff was so respectful of my wishes also...I can only hope, should I need a transfer, I will be as well taken care of but with on call docs or the ER you just never know if you're going to have to fight for your rights.  Hopefully, a transfer won't be needed...I like to think that I got it out of the way the first time with Ollie, hehe.


I can't remember where I'm getting my birth supplies through; I'll have to dig out the paperwork.  I know the birth pool is very decent priced, $30.  Do you all have a birth supplies list aside from what your MW's have given you?  I have a pretty hefty list of would be nice to haves, LOL.  Alas, it's kinda lost on my unfunctioning laptop at the moment :/


How about hot water supply?  I know mine won't be able to fill the birth pool in one shot and I'm kinda at a loss for a good remedy to solve that...without it being a pain or huge distraction.

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I had a GBS+ homebirth (1st hb, 2nd baby) and my water always breaks before or very early on in active labor.  It doesn't have to risk you out.


We knew about the GBS+ before hand and we were still going to go ahead with the home birth, but when my water broke and there were no signs labour was coming on at all the midwives gave me a "window" for things to get going.  If labour had started anytime within the 8 hours+ we waited, we would have stuck around.


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How about hot water supply?  I know mine won't be able to fill the birth pool in one shot and I'm kinda at a loss for a good remedy to solve that...without it being a pain or huge distraction.

Right before our first homebirth, my husband put in a flash tankless water heater.  One of our best investments EVER!  We never run out of hot water and it's very energy efficient. 


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We knew about the GBS+ before hand and we were still going to go ahead with the home birth, but when my water broke and there were no signs labour was coming on at all the midwives gave me a "window" for things to get going.  If labour had started anytime within the 8 hours+ we waited, we would have stuck around.


Oh ok.  I didn't realize it was just a conservative approach that your midwife has.  I was worried that you had been told you needed to transfer period. 


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Ok so I have searched like mad and I can't remember who offered to look up journal articles that I found to send in to my insurance company to get them to cover home birth?  Do any of you have semi recent (preferably in the past 5-10 yrs) research articles that support the safety of home birth?  I am getting annoyed with having to show this but I am pretty much willing to do anything to get the chance to have a homebirth with my mw that I love!

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Me! The Johnson study and the birthplace study will be your best bets I think. th Wax meta analysis is a stumbling block of bad research design.


Send me a PM with an email address and I'll forward the studies with a bit of commentary.


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Good luck!  I can't even GO THERE with the issue.  It's so stupid to me that I can go and sign up for every single intervention under the sun and TriCare would pay for it, but they don't "officially" cover homebirth.  I could seriously tear my hair out.  It's none of their business, frankly.  If the insurance company receives the proper codes for care you receive, from a covered provider, then they should just pay. 

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I've had two attempted homebirths, so I've got all the supplies I need, and more! My birth bin consists of two Rubbermaids full of everything I could ever need.  I have set up and filled the fishy pool twice, but I think this time I'm going to splurge and buy a real birth pool. It's about the only thing I will spend money on for my homebirth, and I plan on having more babies, so I will use it again. 


My goal for this birth is to not get too excited when labour starts.  I, apparently, have ridiculously long labours.  My first was 105 hours from my water breaking to cesarean, and my second was 52 hours from consistent contractions to forceps delivery. I would really like to avoid both those senarios this time around, so I am going to have to do a lot of ignoring early labour.  I want to call the midwives in or after transition.  I'm hoping that the forceps and the poorly healed episiotomy means this baby will slide out.  My midwife seems to think this birth will be much easier. 


Things I do need to get in order:

Birth Tub




Another big worry is a late term baby.  DS1 came at 35+5 and DS2 came at 40+1.  In theory I am okay with going to 43 weeks, but I am also very impatient.  I guess I need to work on patience and calmness all around, eh?





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I went to 42+3 last time around and while I was healthy it was hard on me mentally and emotionally. Don't put much stock in the 40 weeks date, if necessary avoid people in late pregnancy, get off the internet, etc. and try to get some time to yourself. I expect to go on radio silence around 38 weeks this time, meaning no online updates at places not here. I got SO sick of the "so, have you had the baby yet?"

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