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My home visit went well. My boys were monkeys, crawling all over me and the midwives.  They are so much better behaved at the midwives' office.  Oh well.


The student midwife conducted the appointment and was pretty funny.  She said "So, this is the appointment where we talk about what you want in labour.  Have you thought about that?"  Um... yes... all day, everyday.  "Do you know the signs of labour?"  Yes.  "What are they?"  Seriously???  I'm pretty sure I will know when I'm in labour.  Thanks for the quiz though.  I pretty much told them that I was pretty confident that my body could do everything it needed to and I just wanted them there in case of emergency, and otherwise I didn't want to know they were there.  I didn't tell them that I don't plan on calling them until I'm pushing, and that if they don't get there in time, I'm really not all that worried.  I said I didn't want them to "assist" me with delivering the placenta.  For some reason at all my births this has been an issue.  I've never gotten to that point (two OR births), but beforehand the midwives always act like they will NEED to pull out the placenta.  Well, if that's the case, I will let it happen, but I'm not needing to deliver it in the first 10 minutes after birth, and I'm willing to let my body do it's best to get it out on it's own. 


I really wish that I had a normal birth under my belt, because if I had, I would be more confident about doing a UC, but feel I just need the midwives as back up this time.  They will annoy me I'm sure, but I guess I'm glad to have them around.

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I haven't packed a transfer bag yet but plan to soon - it is hard because so many things are and will still be in use around the house. It will contain: hospital and extended health cards, the completed form registering us for a private room, clothes for me and baby to come home in, some postpartum teabags, some cash for cafeteria and vending machines, basic toiletries for me (note to self: lots of lip balm!) and DP and a list on top of things to grab:

  • phones and chargers - I have had several clients end up with no way to call family for birth announcements or even a ride home because their phones were powerless
  • camera and batteries
  • a reminder to grab a few of the breakfast burritos and muffins out of the freezer for DP/doula

We don't live far from the hospital either but I don't want DP to have to drive home for essentials, especially if we've just transferred in to have a baby - which means either things got dramatic or incredibly prolonged, and thus he's either slightly traumatized or totally exhausted at the same time as being wired from meeting the baby!

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