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I have been in contact with TEA almost every day. They had told me to get a copy of her stating that she is allowed to send anybody back to their former school, which according to TEA they are not allowed to do as a public charter school. Nor are they allowed to kick/counsel anybody body, except the parent. I ask the director for all those papers and more and 3 hours later I get a call she wants to meet with me. Now, my husband was not invited. Went myself, and I even told them that I don't do things without my husband. Yes, I admit I still have a hard time adjusting to the US (originally from Europe). Meeting was an hour, they are now reconsidering Eli as well AND different classroom. Well, the principle saidyes and director said maybe, it just went back and worth and finally at the end they said yes and I needed to talk to my husband first. He won't be able to take the children inside, only drop off from the car and pick up in the car. He does not agree which I don't blame him for. I even told them the sexual harassment statement really hurt, and the director told me that I am focusing to much on that. I was like 'damn it', you saying this really hurts us. I was able to talk to another parent, whos child wasted 2 years in that school, because teachers would always say 'he is so good'. One day he forgot lunch and Mom saw him sitting their with his folder in his lap. All of a sudden they say he has some sort of disability. So he got resource, but all he did was play games. She said they let him play 'Angry Bird' on an iPhone. Excuse me, not even in our house those games are being played. She got mad and asked them why they have never said anything about this, she would always ask the teacher, is their anything she can do at home with him. They said no he is fine. Bulls***, an assistant worked with him and all of a sudden he did well, from doing 1 piece to doing now 7 pieces. He is attending a privat Montessori School which is small and was opened by the assistant because she did not agree with them at the other school. She had told me about many other parents that pulled out their children because of similar reasons. So, we are probably back to homeschooling again. We still want TEA to investigate this school, because this can not keep happening. I want parents that really want to seek a Montessori environment, to be given a chance.



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Good for you for pushing for an investigation.It is never easy to stand up for your beliefs and rock the proverbial boat.


 Parents who want a Montessori education deserve it,and the kids deserve a decent education regardless of the methods used.

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Have you involved an advocacy agency for kids with special needs?  I would think there might be a double play for you here;  both the angle that they are a public school and can't just expel kids, and also if your kids have disabilities, IDEA rules also apply (which they also have to comply with as a public school) to expulsion.  Discrimination laws apply whether kids are on an IEP or not, as long as a disability is documented. 


PEP is a great resource for advocacy, provides free resources and counseling.  I have had PEP advocates at IEPs (as a teacher) and I always found them to be very professional and knowledgeable, and strong advocates for the child.

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I'm curious why you want your children to stay at this school?  It's run by a principal who isn't certified in Montessori, and your younger child's teacher sounds horrible.  Those are the problems you know about.  I would take my children out of there immediately.  But I would continue my complaints in the district and the state. 

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