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It's Beginning to Look A Lot like Bajingo Juice - TTC #1 in our 30's - December 2011

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's December 2011 banana.gif

est. 2006

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A new month, a new thread, new possibilities!  Bring on the BFP's for Christmas!  I am dreaming of two pink lines!

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Updating information: anyone a year older than the front list states?  I would love to update your age.  Have a chart now, but didn't when you first joined this thread?  Post a link and I will add it.

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Happy December everyone! Fingers crossed for good news for us all this month :)


andaluza - (I'm responding from the last thread, hopefully this isn't too confusing!) Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, I have to see my dr today about some other stuff so I might just check in with her re the not bleeding and see what she says. Thanks also for taking a look at my chart :) To be honest, I'm not really sure how to read it yet being the first cycle, and I'm sure I ovulated earlier than it says so we'll see!


lilacvioletiris - I just meant a group like this http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/ I was in a DDC group before I miscarried, and it was nice having our own space with everyone together but still being able to start different threads that were more focused on varied topics. Does that make sense?

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Welcome doularebekah! I hope your stay here is short :)

Andaluza, I totally understand how you feel about your dad. My dad is an alcoholic too and the tension it brings to our lives and especially his relationship with my mother leaves me feeling like I have to walk on eggshells around him. My heart aches for the stress you're under because of this. I hope your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

AFM, CD 19 here. Temps spiked after O but then came down a bit. They're above coverline but a little lower than usual during this part of my cycle. I certainly don't feel like it worked this month, but my absence of symptoms and pessimism doesn't mean it didn't work. DH company holiday party is next weekend. It's black tie so we're getting super dressed up. I'd love to be able to have a glass of wine to help me loosen up a bit while meeting all of his coworkers for the first time, but I'll still be in the 2ww, so I really shouldn't drink. Oh well. There are much worse situations to be in, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Yey, new thread! Thanks, lilacvioletiris! And I couldn't agree more. Google should be banned for women who are trying so hard to get prego. Awful! I think I've diagnosed myself with a new disease everyday! Haha. 


Welcome doularebekah! I was chatting with you in one of the forum on FF... you and I are in a similar boat! winky.gif


Andaluza: I'm so sorry about your Dad. My Dad is an alcoholic too. When he made the decision to start drinking again, I cut all ties with him. I had to. (Granted, he wasn't around for 18 year of me grown up, so it wasn't all that great of a relationship anyway) but I know how hard painful it is. hug2.gif


Boots: Another one of my friends came forward and told us she's prego. I'm ready to stab someone if I hear it from anyone else in my everyday life again! Lol. Anddd I went to the German Festival in our town last night with some friends and my prego cousin and I saw my arch nemesis fencing.gifthere. Whoooo got pregnant the same freakin week as me (literally. We were like 1 day apart or something) but I had the miscarriage and she's still toting around her perfect little belly. irked.gif Not that I wanted anything to happen to her, but I'm just like... "Why does that jerk get to have a baby and I'm busy trying and get a freakin m/c??!!" Insert pity party here. And yes, I totally hid from her. Hehe. thumb.gif


Tear: Thanks so much for all the info. I've heard so much about acupuncture and my Mom just mentioned it to me as well. I supposed it is really worth looking into! My Mom also keeps telling me I'm too stressed and had too much go on the past couple years (I lost my best friend very traumatically after she gave birth, then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and took a while and a few surgeries to recover from that, I got married, my hubs almost died in a fire [he is a career fireman], then the miscarriage) <--- like REALLY for all that? It sounds like an awful book. I'm just trying my very best for now to get my body in tip top shape for whenever I do get pregnant again. I've been working out more, and eating healthy... I mean, that's all I really can do right? Stress doesn't help me at all! 


AFM: Justttt waiting to ovulate. How nice would it be to get a BFP for xmas? I think I'd sob my eyes out. Trying not to pump myself up too much for that though. Anybody ever have their CM be tinged with a teeeeeny bit of color AFTER their period? Mine was doing that for the past few months after the m/c beforeee my period, but this month is after?? Odd. Also, I feel more dull and achy ovaries lately. What is up with THAT? Not painful, just a feeling that I'm very aware they're there. Tear, did you every have that before your IF treatments? I never have before and I just think it's odd!



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Thanks doularebekah for the clarification.  It seems like most of the "social groups" are Due Date clubs, where I could see many different threads/questions/curousities being posted.  With there being so few of us, I am not sure I could keep up with a bunch of different threads.  I think I would miss something because I wouldn't think to look at the group, I would just look at a thread.  One thread helps me to respond to other 30 somethings when good and blah things happen.  What do others think?  Are the other age TTC threads going the direction of "groups"? 


AFM:  All day I have had this underlying, "I feel like I am going to throw up" feeling.  Gets better when I eat food.  Weird. Only 6 DPO.

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Thanks for the new thread, Lilac!  It's good to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones.  Welcome December... I hope you bring BFPs for all of us!!


Lilac, I will be 31 on Friday, so if you want to update my age (sniff sniff) that will be fine.  ;)  I'm hoping your nausea is an early symptom of pregnancy... you never know.  Hormone levels can change in just a few hours and that can trigger all kinds of symptoms once that eggie sticks.  Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.  :)


Welcome Bekah!  You will find an incredibly resourceful group of ladies here... seriously we should all have medical degrees by now!


Dana, we're gearing up for a busy holiday season too, and I hope the waiting will be worth it for this month.  How's the weather in Oregon?  Seen any snow?  :)


Erica, I totally understand about trying to stay positive and de-stress... but the longer it takes to get pregnant, the more stressed I become... which is a vicious cycle.  I am curious to try acupuncture... I hear very positive things from others experiences.  This summer I began hypnofertility treatment therapy and got pregnant the first month after I did the therapy.  My miscarriage happened, and then it took a while before I felt ready to go back to therapy...but I'm practicing it again and I feel better in general when I do the meditations. 


AFM, it was CD 19 before I ovulated last cycle.  Now I'm CD 13 and got a beautiful smily-face on my digital OPK this afternoon---totally out of the blue.  Thought I might test since my EWCM was plentiful, but really didn't expect it to be positive.  I'm certainly happy I took the test early because I would have missed it if I'd only looked at FF "prediction" days.  So it's a couple of days of serious BD'ing and trying to stay relaxed and positive.   The miscarriage threw off my averages with FF so it's been a guessing game for a couple of months now.


The good news is that my O date is finally back to normal (CD 13-15) after the miscarriage.  Yay!!  I was really missing my 28 day cycles.  This whole cycle has seemed much more familiar and routine.  I don't know how some of you ladies do it---long cycles are the WORST.  :( 


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Erica, I've been doing tons of soul searching on this subject this week. I'm so, so sick of everyone else getting pregnant and this coworker's pregnancy was the limit. It sounds so painful to have seen that woman that is still pregnant. I'm sorry about your loss and that it was brought up for you again in this way.  I know it brings up anger and jealous but I've realized that the biggest emotion that I'm battling is fear. My life is not a race with anyone else's, so whatever to them if they have children before I do. The reason it hurts is because I am so worried about the lengths we'll have to go to to start a family. If someone could tell me hey, you'll get pregnant it's just going to take another year, I would be fine. I am so anxious to see my RE again for some reassurance that she can help me. So let's try to help each other remember that we need to focus on the real fear, which is not the WHEN but the IF. And hopefully our medical team will help us understand how our journeys are going to be going. BTW, I love that you have an arch nemesis. Sometimes I feel like my coworker is becoming mine, secretly.



FREAKING CD 31, 2 BFNs, come ON AF. I am anxious to go talk to my doc again and see what's going on.



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Hey Erica! Good to see you on here! And thanks for the welcomes, Dana and pitchounette :) Pitchounette, it's interesting to hear about your cycle post miscarriage. This is only my first cycle temping, but also being my first cycle after miscarriage is making it look even weirder no doubt!


AFM - I went to my dr today because I have an ear infection and she was so great about doing some testing in the next cycle or so to see if I'm ovulating. She was even the one to bring it up, and mentioned the importance of finding out how your body is working before moving forward. Hooray for a proactive doctor!

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Pitch, I updated your age.


Boots, I hope either a BFP shows up or AF does.  I hate long cycles for no reason (or at least no reason that I understand).


Rebekah, it is great to have a proactive Dr.  Back in October I went to see my family doctor, whom I LOVE, but unfortunately no longer does prenatal care nor delivers babies, boo hiss, and she too was very understanding.  Given my long patches of EWCM and low temps, another member on MDC suggested I should get my thyroid levels checked.  Dr. requested it for me, and since my levels were "borderline low", gave me a prescription for thyroid medicine to see if that might be the reason I haven't gotten pregnant.  I am finally mailing in the prescription today - I kept hoping I would get pregnant without it, but it does not appear to have happened that way.  AF should be here this weekend, so if I am going to start a medicine that could affect my temps, this weekend is a great time to start!

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I would like to be added to the list, thanks LilacVioletIris!  I am 30 and TTC since 10/11.  I am charting, but haven't figured out how to share my chart yet!  My internet is a bit slow so I get frustrated and give up a lot on FertilityFriend.


Anyways, charting is not going all that great for me-- my temperatures just seem to be wacky and I'm not noticing a biphasic pattern really, and my luteal phase seems short.  I am thinking about investing in a new thermometer-- anyone have any that they reccomend?  And I'm also hoping that my life calms down soon-- I just got married and my husband opened a new cafe a few weeks ago so things are SUPER HECTIC, with me working my normal 8-5 job and then washing dishes, etc at the cafe until 10 or 11 PM!  That could be why my chart is not cooperating...


I'm enjoying reading about all of your journeys towards conception and look forward to being an active presence on this board!

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Happy Monday, ladies!


Thank you for the new thread, lilac! The nausea symptom you mention sounds positive! I hope it's your month, but if not, I hope that the thyroid meds improve your temps and fertile period becomes more pronounced. 


Hi doularebekah, that is great about your doc taking an interest in your hormones and if you are ovulating! I thought it looked like you ovulated because there is a shift between the temps in the first part of your cycle and the second. I think Weschler says in TCOYF that if you get a high temp out of the ordinary like the one on cd9, you can place your finger over it, but you do have a lot of open circles, I guess because you temp at different times every day? I hope your tests go well!!  


Thank you dana  and erica for sharing your experiences. I really hope that we can avoid stress and just try to be happy during our visit. I am going to bring up therapy again with them while I'm there. My mom does see someone alone and I think it would do them well to have a neutral party there to deflect any volatility. Maybe when I am alone with each of them I can suggest it again and it won't feel so much like an attack.

Dana, yup, sometimes different symptoms are a good sign. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself at your husband's party, with or without a drink!


Huge hugs to you, ericafhug2.gifYou have certainly been through more in a short while than some people even experience in a lifetime, so you are more than due for only wonderful and positive things to happen to you for the rest of your life. You have such a fabulous personality that shines through all of your posts. 


Nice to see you around, pitchounette!  Happy birthday and it is great news about your o date returning to usual!


Boots, did you ovulate on time or later than normal? I think I've heard people say that clomid may delay ovulation (depending on when you take the pills), but it doesn't usually lengthen your lp, so maybe you can compare the lp length from this month and others. So your cycle could be longer because of a later o. My lp is usually soooo long, 15-16 days, compared to other ladies on here, so the worst thing for me on clomid was getting - betas only about 7-8 days into my lp, but then having over a week more to dwell in the lp, hoping that the beta was wrong.  


Ok, ladies, I can't believe this day has come. So, I wrote off my light nausea as due to the real stress I'm feeling about work and family. Also, my symptoms are sooo different from when I was on clomid. Just an ache inside of my breasts every once in a while, not so much my nipples (which were red and sore on clomid, not now). Ache in ovaries, which has always happened in my luteal phase, but I did have some strange feelings more in the center of my uterus. Now in hindsight, I understand why I’ve been drifting off, why I was tired yesterday afternoon and last night even though I woke up late (for me) at 9 am. 


I think the best symptom was the slightly tinged cm that I had only on Friday night; it was light brown/yellowish and I hoped it was implantation. Yesterday dh and I bd and my vagina had a strange burning sensation last night, so I was worried . Also, thirst, which I thought was due to having eaten out on Friday and yesterday. I wasn't going to test this morning, but I did and it was positive by the time I finished peeing and dumped the urine I had used to test, I had only tested previously on Friday am with the dollar tree test, and it was bfn then, so I didn't want to face any more disappointment. I bet another frer would have been positive by then, judging on how dark this test was. 




Please keep all fingers and toes crossed for me that this sticks and is a healthy pregnancy. You all have been such a wonderful source of support and caring over these months of ttc and I hope you all get your bfps as soon as possible. 

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pitchounette: I soooo am in with you there! I just keep repeating to myself... stress does NOT help me, and I can't control this... I can be my own advocate, but I cannot control this. hug2.gif x a zillion! Hypnofertility treatment therapy, what is that? Sounds interesting for sure!


boots: Again, I think the same thing! If someone just said, "Yes you WILL get prego..." not so many if's. The if's are what make me nervous!!


lilacvioletiris: I never knew that about the long patches of EWCM and low temps. That sounds like my friend who is also feverishly TTC # 2 for the past year (she's 35) but she also has low temps... I'm gonna mention this to her for sure!


andaluza: I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  The minute I read the post before this last one of yours, I just thought to myself "She's pregnant." Yippeeeeeeeee! I just got chills for you and tears in my eyes (Yeah, I'm lame! Lol.) Yey, yey, yey!!!!




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Andaluza- CONGRATS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending great sticky vibes your way!!!!jumpers.gif

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Congratulations Andaluza!!!!!!!!!!jumpers.gif The best holiday gift ever. Sending sticky vibes for you.

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Congrats, Andaluza! I hope you have a peaceful pregnancy! 

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Oh, also, I am now 32.  Feel free to update my age.  Thanks!

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yay Andaluza! I knew it! Praying you have a sticky bean!

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Hooray Andaluza! Looking forward to seeing you on the graduates thread! Sending you lots of goodvibes.gif.

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