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Hugs Hadley. Waiting is the worst, but the pee sticks are pretty reliable so if you keep with them you'll have an answer. It sucks that you don't have good access to medical care/insurance, I've definitely been there.

Does Planned Parenthood or anyone else offer a free or reduced cost pregnancy test? Let's help our girl out.


Erica, good luck catching your egg and maybe you'll be like me, I never heard the results of those Cd21 tests because I got a BFP (and more progesterone tests with my first betas, then they put me on progesterone suppositories to support the pregnancy). I bet if you want to get in with the RE, given that medical history, they would certainly do the referral.

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Boots: Just wondering, but what CD did you get your BFP? I'm just thinking (optimistically, of course)... since my Dr said they wouldn't put me on progesterone if it was low UNTIL I get pregnant... and I go for my CD22 testing when I'll be 7DPO and if it did come back it was low progesterone... if I waited those extra days until I got a BFP if that could potentially ruin it. Again, just thinking optimistically and ahead for future. If that was the case, I maybe stab my Dr. orngbiggrin.gif

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Hey erica, Just figured it out, BFP was 13 DPO. Wow, that makes me feel silly for the dozens of tests I wasted over the year and a half testing at 7 DPO. Ha.

I think the earliest I've actually heard people getting positive tests like 9DPO. Anyone else?


Third beta came back good, over 1000. So my first u/s is Wednesday. It'll be too early to detect a heartbeat but I can't see complaining, I want to see something.



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I'm keeping you in my thoughts hadley!


Boots, I heard that the earliest a test could be accurate is around 10DPO. But every woman's body is different. I had a friend who was preggo but didn't test positive until a week after AF was due.


AFM, CD28 here. Temp dropped this morning and I'm feeling crampy. AF is on her way. Trying not to be too bummed. Now if I can just get through this 11 hour day with cramps irked.gif.

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boots: The earliest I've ever heard of getting a BFP was 7DPO. I thought was was super quick! Usuallyyyy I hear people who are TRYING, 12DPO or thereabouts. When I got prego in July, I got my first BFP at 11 DPO but it was superrrrrr faint.


AFM: CD 18 here for me and 4 DPO. I manually overrode FF. Based on my OPK's, CM, and temps... I know I O'd on CD14, and probably even late on the 14th as well! I guess I'll be testing right before xmas. I'm reallyyyy not getting my hopes up this cycle because I had a weird step stair pattern to my ovulation, and I've heard (and read) that that indicates a weak ovulation. My CD 21 testing will be this Friday, so I can confirm what I already believe I have, which is low progesterone levels... then my Dr will ship me off to an RE so they can help me! Hopefully that's my only problem and they can prescribe progesterone supposetories for next month (I'm envisioning getting prego next month for some reason goodvibes.gif praying.gif ) and hopefully a little love bug will stick! Still wondering how the heck I managed to get prego back in July if my progesterone is out of whack. Odd. Anyone have any thoughts on that?


 Also, my BBT is general this month is lower than normal. What is with THAT?! duh.gif


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Boots, glad the beta came back good.


Dana, sorry that AF appears to be making her appearance.


Erica, hopefully your cycle works itself out.  I know back in Aug/Sept for me I had total craziness with EWCM for almost a month straight.  Now that I pay attention to my cycles, I start to read all sorts of things into them.  I try not to obsess too much (otherwise my DH get anxious that doesn't help the TTC journey at all).


AFM:  Fourth day of taking the thyroid meds.  Last 3 days have been the exact same temp when I wake up.  Seems about average low temps for me (96.48 degrees).  I feel more energetic and awake (even though I haven't had as much sleep as I want) so that is a positve part of taking the thyroid meds.  It will be interesting to see what happens this month.



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Lilac, I am really interested to hear about your experience on thyroid meds. I've heard of other people TTC for a long time and then go on thyroid meds and everything works out all the sudden. Good luck!

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Me too, me too!!!!! My next thing to annoy my Dr about is my thyroid... my BBT is on the low side generally, so I'm wondering!

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Happy Hump Day everyone! 


I am currently in my 2ww (although for me it's a 9-10 day wait, short luteal phase) and I'm a bix anxious/nervous/excited.  I'm actually 9 DPO right now so tomorrow should be the big reveal-- does AF come or doesn't she!??


My chart has turned out really pretty this month, and we DTD on ovulation day for once!  I'm happy about that, and wondering if it worked.  Last night I had some stomach upset, which usually happens the day before AF comes, and had some pinkish cervical fluid, so I'm pretty sure it's AF, BUT my temp was still high this morning!  On the other hand, I'm a bit sick, so it could be some kind of low-grade fever.  Trying so hard not get my hopes up.   Luckily, work is crazy today so I don't have much time to obsess!



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Yeah, we will just have to see how this month goes.  Doctor has me on them for 3 months to see if there is any change in the length of my CM patches (mine last a week or more) and my BBT (pre-O is low 96's and post- O highs are mid 97's).  Even when I am up and about all day, my temp isn't 98.6 degrees.  I figure it will take a little bit of time to get my system worked out with the meds, if that is even the problem.  Who knows at this point.  Trying one thing first before going to see the fertility doctors come end of February/beginning of March.


Lakeruby, I will be excited to hear what happens with you! 

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Hello everyone!


Sounds exciting, Ruby!  Let us know how tomorrow goes... I'll be checking in!  :)


Lilac, good luck with the thyroid meds.  It makes sense that getting the thyroid all sorted out will lead to conception, as it regulates our hormones... and oh how important those are.  I'm glad you're already feeling more energetic.  More energy to make fun crafty things! 


Hi Viddy!


Dana, I hate AF.  Hate, hate, hate her.  I used to have a casual dislike for her, but it's just full-blown hatred these days.  I hope it's not too rough and, to be positive, at least you know there's another cycle coming to potentially make a baby...


Boots, Andaluza---hope all is well and I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way! 


AFM, I'm 9 dpo and desperately hoping this cycle is the one.  I'm feeling pretty discouraged.  If I'm not pregnant, I will begin cycle 12 of TTC... how did I get here?!?  My sister gets pregnant the first try with all of her babies.  My friends keep getting pregnant "on accident".  Sigh.  When will it be my turn??


I'm posting a picture of me and DH that we had taken at Thanksgiving, and we're sending out in our holiday cards this year.  I love this picture because, after we saw the proofs, I realized that the big painting behind us portrays Mary and the Christ child... very fitting for my stage of life right now.  So much longing for a baby. 




Also, we're not librarians or anything, but this book picture is on the back of our card  :)




Hoping our holiday card next year features either (a) our baby, or (b) me, hugely pregnant.  :) 


Does anyone else do holiday cards?  Maybe I'm just old-fashioned.  I absolutely love receiving holiday cards and I keep them year after year.  It's so fun to go back and look at them all again each year. 

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Hi ladies! Peeking in to check up on you and wish you well in the middle of the week.


I hope your testing goes well, ericaf. I hope your vision for next month fulfills itself (or even this month)!


It sounds like the meds are having a great effect, lilac! It must feel good to have energy like that.


Hoping for some good news from you, lakeruby.


Thanks for the well-wishes, Pitchounette! I really hope that your bfp is near. And, what beautiful pictures! How gorgeous you are and how clearly your dh adores you! I just love the settings for your pictures.

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Pitch - those photos! Gorgeous! I loved our wedding photos (see avatar, that's my green wedding dress :) and I would love more professional photos but I just can't squeeze it into the budget. Ah well.


Lilac - all the best!

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Awesome photos Pitch! They'll make for a wonderful holiday card. Every year I mean to do one but I never get around to it. I bet next year there will be 3 of you in that photo bouncy.gif


How'd it go Ruby? I'm soooooooo curious!!!!!


AFM, AF showed up yesterday. Instead of getting upset about it (which I usually do). I went and bought I really cute Santa-themed lingerie set so I can surprise DH and we can BD on Christmas morning which will be the start of my next fertile cycle (if this cycle progresses normally). Maybe we'll get a Santa baby.

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Hey ladies! Just checking in to see how everyone is doing :)


Ruby - I must admit I'm stalking your chart a bit! Crossing my fingers for you and that we see that temp stay UP!


Lilac - I'm really glad that to hear that you're feeling more energized, that definitely has to be a good thing! Hopefully these meds provide you with some solid answers so you can get well on your way to a huge bump!


Pitchounette - Those photos are stunning!! I love the colours in them, and of course you look beautiful. Holiday cards with photos don't really seem to be that common here in NZ, but I really love seeing them and getting them from friends and family abroad so maybe I'll just go ahead and start that tradition next year. I didn't even get any Christmas cards off this year, it's been so manic. I hear you about feeling discouraged with friends and family seeming to 'fall pregnant' so easily. So many of my friends have gotten pregnant 'accidentally', some multiple times and even though we have only just started properly TTC, there were definitely months where an accident could have happened and didn't so it makes me both nervous and frustrated! I'm really crossing my fingers for you and sending you TONS of baby dust this month - hoping for a sweet babe in next years holiday card! 


Andaluza - So good to see you! Hope you and the wee one are well :)


Dana - Cute idea! It's encouraging to hear others taking a positive look on a new cycle, I know it's hard on all of us and what I really love about this thread is the cheer leading we get from each other each cycle. Sending tons of baby dust for Christmas!


AFM - Nothing too exciting, I'm on CD 9 and nothing much is happening. However, I did go and see a naturopath for the first time today, which was exciting! I have PCOS and a bunch of other weird medical issues so after chatting to a few other ladies about their experiences with PCOS and natural treatment so decided to check it out. She was so lovely, and excited to hear that I was already charting! She had some great ideas about fertility, TTC, PCOS and my health in general. I mentioned that I have a long-ish cycle and suspect that I ovulate later into it to which she said that could make it more likely to miscarry because the egg is old.....? I've never heard about this before, does anyone else know if this is true?

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Doularebekah, I have read on other boards women mentioning they got their bfps from ovulating on day 30 or even 64 of their cycle and all was ok. Obviously this isn't scientific, but I just did a search on fertility friend's charts for pregnancy (not miscarriage) charts for ovulation on cds 30-75 and there were over a thousand. The same search for miscarriage charts for the same ovulation days was around 200, so, actually, it seems as though the normal miscarriage rates applied to those total numbers. I'm sure, though, that targeted help for your body from the naturopath will contribute to your general overall health, and hopefully lead to a sticky bfp! 

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Dana - When AF comes each month I buy flowers for my empty uterus. That way I can gift myself something special and it reminds me of living and thriving whenever I come in the dining room.

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TeamViddy, cool idea about the flowers, especially this time of year!


Pitch, I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!  Such a special activity and something to remember.  My DH and I are sending out holiday picture cards that we got as part of a package after having our photo taken for our church directory.  They turned out "happy" but I love our engagement and wedding pictures better (from July 2010!).


AFM: Went for a massage tonight.  Bummer my usual massage therapist is no longer with the salon where I go.  Weird, she was there last week on Thursday, but not this week.  Need to get cranking on some holiday clothing I am making for people (why did I procrastinate again?) and I need to get to cleaning (since the piles of things around the dining room and living room are my crafting piles so DH doesn't know what to do with them).

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Pitch-- those photos are sooooooo cute!!  I love love love them. Y'all will make adorable babies :)  I hope your photos next year show your growing family.  It WILL happen!!  I love sending out holiday cards, but have never done a photo one.  I'm putting it on my list for next year! 


Lilac-  I so hear you about the holiday procrastinating.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen the sun rise on Christmas morning because I'm still up finishing something.


Rebekah-- I'd never heard that about the egg being "too old."  I really don't like the sound of that!  How long are your cycles?  Mine aren't too long, but I do ovulate 3 weeks in rather than the standard 2.  


AFM-- temp was still up today!  Still under the weather though, so temp could possibly be fever-related.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me! :)





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pitchounette: Ugh! Love the pics!! Beautyyyyful!


danadavis: Hahahaha. Love! Santa outfit... very cute! And Santa babyyy, is even better!


doularebekah: Anything interesting from the Natreopath you could recomment to us? I've been wanting to go to one myself... hope you learned a lot. smile.gif


teamviddy: I kinda do the same. I loveee fresh flowers, so whether I really have the money or not... I buy a little bouquest for our dining room table. Love love love it.


lilac: Oooooh. A massage sounds lovely. We're supposed to be doing that stuff for ourself to destress and help us make babies anyway!


lakeruby: Sounding promising for you!! I've heard many ladies say they've felt like a cold was coming on... but it was a little bebe in the making! goodvibes.gif



AFM: CD21 testing finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy today. Feel like I've been talking about this for 25 years already. Sheesh!


Happy Friday all! biggrinbounce.gif



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