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Erica, I think that I saw a lot of info at the RE about fertility and cancer. I think that that's something that they deal with a lot.

So my original OB told me clomid would not help me at all. Not that it wouldn't help me that month, but she said she didn't think it could do anything for me because I had regular cycles, lies!

Yeah, for the CD22 testing, if you come back low progesterone, plus the miscarriages, you should definitely be put on progesterone either suppositories or orally. if not, I agree, time to jump ship. Good luck! When do you get your test results about the progesterone?




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Mexilady: Thanks! After the whole breast cancer fiasco, I just learned. It was one thing I could control in that situation so I did as best I could! I really wish we had ONE Dr who oversaw everythingggg and then went to specialists. I understand that is what your primary is supposed to do, but mine is apparently dumb. Lol.


boots: I've read a lot that if you have regular cycles (I do as well, and ovulate regularly) that Clomid would give you the extra push to help conceive. Makes sense for you! My good friend who manages the fertility place by me said there are tonssss of girls with cancer (or who've had cancer) who are there, but I'm pretty sure the majority of them are freezing their eggs or trying to fix what chemo and radiation did to them. I didn't do either of those things, I just had to have the mastectomy and because the tumor was so small (um like 1mm) that's all I needed. So I'm really in the same boat as everyone else, buttttttttttttttttttt maybe I could just PLAY the cancer card because the cancer I had WAS estrogen and progesterone receptor positive meaning it reacted to hormones and hormones made it grow etc. I'm busy ovulating like um.. THIS MINUTE, so I won't do the CD22 test till like next Friday. My Dr usually gets my results within 2 days. I'm gonna throw myself off a cliff if that's what it is because I could've been taking progesterone this whole dang time if we did this earlier!!! SHEESH! Give me a sweet little baby like yesterday please! Sheepish.gif

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Hi ladies. I have a question ... is soy isoflavones (over the counter) equlivilant to clomid? I mean that ws on another feed ... so i thought I might try it first before having my dr. prescrib it... any thoughts??

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Shell, I know I am trying to avoid the soy in all its form, so it is interesting that some people use soy isoflavones as a "clomid".


boots, I actually enjoy the thread keeping.  I am looking forward to handing it off to someone when I get pregnant, hopefully in a month or so!  Thyroid meds are "in progress" at the mail order pharmacy.  I will be excited to see what happens when I start taking it.  My doctor said she will send us to the fertility doctor whenever I think we are ready.  I figured take the thyroid meds for 3 months and see what happens.  I hope you get inspired to create some cool knitted things now that you are in a new state of being!


AFM:  This AF is kicking my butt.  Cramps are terrible.  I want to go to choir practice tonight.  Tomorrow we are singing for our church service.  I love the Handel's Hallelujah Chorus.

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Hello Ladies! I'm new to this community and MDC in general :D I'm 32 yrs old, and we've started TTC this month. I used Depo Provera for years so I'm still waiting for my cycles to settle down - my last shot was in July, wore off mid-October. I had a sort of a period in November, and just waiting for December's to come along so I can start keeping track of my cycles :)


I'm happy to have found this thread! I think the challenges of 30-something first time moms are a bit unique - most of my friends my age have either already had their kids in their 20's or have decided they will remain childfree. I'm basically the oddball out here!


I do have some unique challenges that are frustrating too: I'm have type II diabetes (well controlled with metformin) which automatically makes me high-risk. *sigh*


I'm excited to see the successes of other ladies here! jumpers.gif Congrats to the ladies on this thread with the BFP's! (I'm learning the lingo quickly, lol!)


Anyway, thanks for listening and nice to meet you!

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Wow, Hadley! Congrats lady, that's so great! How're you feeling? I hope you keep us posted :)


Welcome EstelleLuna! It really is nice to have such a group of supportive women here, all going through similar things. I've also only just started tracking my cycles and have found it pretty interesting, despite feeling like I don't always know what's going on! Hopefully your diabetes isn't too much of an issue and that your stay here is short!

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EstelleLuna, I hope your stay here is short!  I added you to the front page.  Welcome!

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Hi guys,

Well, now I'm not sure what's going on. I got a BFP yesterday morning and the morning before that, using an Early Result Rite Aid test. There was a faint line but definitely a line, that showed up both times. But then in the afternoon, I used an One Step pregnancy test (the strip kind you can get on Amazon) and it was negative, so then that made me nervous so I took another Early Result test in the evening (around 7) and it was negative too. Then this morning I tried another strip and it was negative. My hubby is going to Rite Aid to get another package of the Early Result kind...


I'm feeling discouraged because I looked online and it looks like the levels of HCG measured in both tests is about the same, which makes me worry this was a chemical pregnancy. Also, my breasts aren't quite as sore as they were two days ago.... I have an appointment for a blood test on Tuesday with the doctor.


Thoughts? Does anyone know about this stuff? Is there still a chance I'm pregnant?


Oh, and I'm still not due for my period for another 3 days....


I guess I should have known we wouldn't knock it out of the park on our first try, but I was so excited to think that we did!

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Hadley, I would try the brand name First Response Early Result, those are sort of the gold standard in pregnancy tests. I am not sure about false or early positives like that, but I know they're super rare. Has your liquid consumption changed? You could also try a digital test.


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Hi! Thanks for the recommendation - I had read that somewhere else so that's what my husband picked up. I'm going to take it in a couple hours after holding it in... trying to recreate that first-morning urine thing.... I'm so hopeful that I still am. I am mostly worried that the other tests were right in being negative, and that I had a classic chemical pregnancy situation.... I will update all of you when the next test is done!

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Yeah, I got my first BFP (not including the one with the faint line I later dug out of the trash, ha) at night, 6 p.m. after not peeing since 12 p.m., so that should work.


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It was negative.... :( Looks like it was a chemical pregnancy...headscratch.gif

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Oh Hadley, I'm so sorry. Are you still going to go see your Doctor? I had a similar situation happen to me on our first go, and it was quite the emotional roller coaster with all the varied test results. I'm thinking of you, and it is definitely ok to feel upset even though this was your first try. It's disappointing and sad no matter how long you've been trying so please don't feel bad about that. 


We're all here for you!

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Thank you so much doularebekah... I was thinking I would just cancel my doctor's visit. My husband and I have terrible, terrible insurance and I am trying to save up my doctor's visits for when they really count. I can't imagine she'll tell me much I haven't already read here. It is so disappointing. I got over excited and ordered xmas presents for my family that said things like "I'm going to be an uncle!" I know that's the stuff you're not supposed to do but I thought maybe we'd worked magic.

Is it OK to try again next month (ie. in 2 weeks), do you think?

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Hadley - Yeah, you're probably right about the doctor and if it was a chemical pregnancy there isn't really anything they need to or could do for you at this stage. I'm sorry to hear about your insurance, I often forget that living in New Zealand and makes me realise how lucky we are here. Also frustrated for you though, you shouldn't have to save up doctors visits! Also, we all get excited like that, it's so hard not too. As much as I told myself not too, I'd already thought about buying stuff, planning the birth, etc which aside from the sadness just puts you in a really weird emotional space afterwards because you've let your mind go to places and plan for things that aren't actually happening. BUT, that doesn't mean it won't happen so you can just store all those thoughts (and gifts!) aside for when it does :)


As for continuing trying, yep you totally can. I talked to my dr about it and she said pretty much whenever we were ready. I'd only just started temping after we miscarried/chemical pregnancy (they're not totally sure what happened) and didn't get my period until just now so I only had a vague idea of when I was ovulating, but we tried anyway - just not a lot but that was more due to being really busy at both our jobs. So if you're both up for it, I say go for it!

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Welcome Estelle! I hope your stay here is short.

Oh hadley, I'm so sorry about the chemical pregnancy. That must be a huge sense of loss crap.gif. Maybe that just wasn't the right body for your baby. He/she will be back when the time is right. Hugs and love to you.

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Sorry to hear that hadleymonroe.  Hopefully things will work themselves out over the next period of time. 


My thyroid meds arrived yesterday.  took the first one this morning.  It feels like the pill (as tiny as it is) is stuck in the back of my throat.  Weirdest feeling ever.  One day at a time.  Hopefully this won't be how it feels every day.  I hate swallowing pills and always worry I will choke on them.

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Well, the saga continues... I just used an Internet strip test and then hubby and I went to the grocery. Got back about 20 or so min later and it was positive. I know that's too long to do a reading, but I've also never had a test "turn" positive after being discarded.... is that the risk that they want you to avoid when they say don't read it after 20 minutes? Or is that because they don't want an evap - for your positive result to fade?


So confusing. AND I had a beer last night because I thought I wasn't pregnant anymore. Great.

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Ahhhh Hadley. Maybe you need a blood test? I'd call your Dr. and at least talk to them. What an emotional roller coaster! hug2.gif


AFM: I am SO confused!!!! FF just gave me my crosshairs and I thought for sureeee I ovulated on CD14 (Friday), but it says CD13 (Thursday)?! I didn't even get a + on my OPK until Thursday night?! (I test morning and night for my OPK's) And I had the most EWCM by farrrrr on Friday. What the HECK! I mean, if it really is CD13 I won't be upset because we BD'ed that morning and since my hubs was away working the day I thought I WAS ovulating (CD14) we didn't that day! (Did the next am though just in case) For the record on CD13 in the morning, my OPK was almostttt positive. Just about there in darkness, but that night the test line was darker than the control line and came up first and in like 5 seconds. So that's usually when I record my first +. Any thoughts here? I'm stumped. Everytime I've used an OPK and it was positive... I ovulated the next day?! What the HECK FF! headscratch.gif

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Oh man, Hadley that is so frustrating! I totally understand what you're going through and I'm sure all you want is just a firm answer either way. I have had a pregnancy test 'turn positive' after 15 minutes-ish when I clearly wasn't pregnant, so I'm sure this is why they tell you not to check it then....but, with you having had a positive test and it still being fairly early it's still something I'd want to check out. I agree with Erica, could you at least talk to your dr and get their opinion? I blood test would be ideal, but I understand why that's likely not an option. Ugh, I've been thinking of you and really hope you get a definite answer very soon. Don't worry too much about the beer, it's still very early days hug2.gif


Ericab - Oh man, that is so annoying when that happens! At least you seem pretty covered in the BD area, haha. I guess if it does turn out to be CD13 then timing was pretty perfect! Perhaps it's just a quirk in your temps this month? Nothing to worry about, I'm sure :)


AFM - I had the quickest, and weirdest AF and now I'm just waiting it out until the big O. The good thing is that school has finished for the year and it being Summer here I have 7 weeks off! My husband and I also have an etsy store which has been kind of crazy with the lead up to Christmas, but it seems like it's starting to slow down. So all in all I'm feeling quite relaxed, which makes trying that much easier despite likely ovulating either when we're at my parents for Christmas or camping with friends over New Years, ha!

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