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So I just did 2 slow miles (30 min) jogging and walking - mostly jogging if you can believe it.  I feel much much better.  Thanks Geo!


So, I thought maybe since it's Monday still I'll post some goals for the week.


Mon - Run (check)

Tues - Strength and/or swim

Wed. - Run

Thursday - Strength

Fri - Run

Sat - Core work

Sun - Rest (which will be an actual thing if I actually follow the rest of the plan)


Ugh, I do wish I'd caught up on the thread before I had two bowls of beans and rice though.sick.gif

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I feel very behind here.  Keep reading stuff I want to comment on, and then not having time!  Here's a try, but if I forget you, please know I'm thinking of you!


sparkle - many congrats, although we knew you are brilliant!  How fabulous that you don't have to wait for scores!


bec - I think of you often - sounds like you are having a crazy December.  I hope there is fun stuff to enjoy, too.  Way to get a work out in!


zubeldia - you've been through so much, mama - and it's the least bit silly to fret about the finances on top of the rest of the disasters.  I'm grateful that you got to hold your dad's hand, while appreciating how much that it's not enough.  I second the idea of grief support - it can help to feel not alone.


Geo - such fun to read your name in HuffPo!  I hope you don't mind that I'm totally claiming I know a famous person now ;)  I treadmilled tonight.  Turns out treadmill plus good a capella music is really a nice combination.


Plady - wow, that does sound like an emotional hour, but healing in a way, too, to feel connected.  And good for you for getting a work out in!


kerc and 1jooj - I hope the shared bugs are moving on out of your houses.


MelW - excellent race with your dd! 


Nick - I notice on daily mile that we trade off weeks running more milage than each other!  Good for you for fitting it in with all that you have going on.  And I don't think I ever got back on here to say how lovely you looked for your shindig.


NRR - I've been working, and going to kids event, and in between throwing in a batch of cookies here, wrapping a present there, and trying to keep up.  Friday night we'll drive to my son and DIL's house for an early Christmas weekend with them (they'll go to her folks for the actual holiday - we got them for Thanksgiving.)  Tonight was my little dd's very first piano recital.  She was adorable, if I do say so myself - and she performed very nicely.  Her teacher let her go first (I got to play a duet accompaniment with her!) and then we skipped right out the door when she was done to race to Justin and Caroline's band concert.  We arrived at the concert just 16 minutes after it started, and somehow they'd already played 7 songs and I missed all of Justin's band!  The whole concert, 12 songs including a Christmas sing along, took just 34 minutes.  The director rushed them thru every song and didn't talk at all during the concert, so it was practically over before it started.  Catherine really misses her muscially rigorous previous band director. 


RR - I keep plugging along.  It really makes me happy to run lately.  I've run for years and years, and never really thought I got much of a runner's high.  Oh, I also felt good about running, and felt good when I was done, but lately I find it really mood elevating.  I'm not usually very down anyway, but lately I just feel happy to be alive in general!  I ran 30 miles last week, 40 the week before that.  I'm definitely staying in half marathon shape, which was my winter goal.  Now I just need to pick out some races to run in the new year!

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DrJ, I know, isn't that funny (with the mileage thing)?


Would it be completely crazy to see if we could figure out how to have a couple Dingo races in 2012? As in races we could meet up for?


I am also trying to stay in at least half marathon shape...planning to enter the lottery for nYC but other than that no plans. Not sure about Steamboat Springs...the altitude and all...though I'd love to go to Colorado.


Hmmm. Worth thinking about?

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Alex, I'm glad to hear from you, and so sorry for all the sadness that has been in your life this year. It's amazing how you are handling things, and so evident from your words what a loving person your dad was. Hang in there.


JG, those headaches sound terrible. I hope that the worst of it is past now.


La4, I love your idea of making the theater a memory for your family with your FIL. That's sad that he has lived his life that way, I wonder how much is being alone and what -if anything- anyone other than he can do about it. Could depression be a factor? Anyway, I think it's great that you all have that tradition, and the ballet sounds wonderful.


Sparkle, congratulations!! clap.gifThat's an incredible score! You must be over the moon. Wow... and that scores are available right when you finish? That's a bonus.


Geo, the next 9 nights in a row? Oh lord, that makes me exhausted just reading it. I wish you strength!


wave.gif bec, Nick  & DrJ


Welcome back, and congratulations Nina! Great job on your weight loss over the course of your pregnancies! I think I was at my heaviest after my 3rd pg due to never quite getting back down to pre-pg weight.


Shanti, that soup sounds amazing eat.gif


RR: 4.5 miles yesterday with my run/walk combo, averaging just under 12 min/mile. That's ok for me, with the run/walk thing, as long as it helps me stay injury free. I also watched a dvd on chi running, and I am trying to incorporate that posture.


So, all this talk of HMs and racing got me motivated, and I signed up for a few things.

DrJ, could you put me on the race list for these events:

Myrtle Beach Dasani Half Marathon on Feb 18

Cooper River Bridge Run on March 31

TryCharleston Sprint Triathlon on April 21


many thanks!flowersforyou.gif


Now I am off to Charleston to see a play with DD's class. Should be fun!





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Mmmmm - I forgot about the cookies. The girls both have braces on and have forbidden me to make them until they are allowed to eat them again (no candy canes allowed with braces). I might have to make a batch and just keep them hidden or else make half with no candy cane topping. I wonder where I put the recipe?

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Thrift store haul:


4 ribbed turtleneck sweaters

1 Adidas fleece running half zip

4 fleece hats (3 kids, 1 for me -- Columbia)

2 long sleeve t's for pajamas (for me)


total: $25


Not too bad. I didn't get fun stuff really, but I did get useful stuff.

Still lusting after the embroidered leather belt I saw in the Sundance catalogue, and the cool clothes in the Title 9 catalogue...sigh. 


Had a nice 6 miler today. It was COLD. I don't actually mind running in the cold (after the first mile or so) but being in the cold other than that...bleh. cold.gif I miss the warmer weather. In the 'that is very odd' department, I saw someone's Christmas decorations...fake geese with ribbons on their necks. Don't people eat geese for Christmas? that's just weird. I don't think the geese would be celebrating. My kids however think the enormous inflatable snow globe with santa inside down the street is just marvelous. I marvel at what their electric bill must be this month...that thing has to stay plugged in/inflating all the time. 


Off to take the girls to gymnastics...

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Welcome back, and congratulations, Nina!

zub~You should not feel bad at all about the money worries. $5k is a LOT of money. Hang in there, and enjoy having your mom with you for the holidays. hug.gif

I FINALLY got a freaking call about an interview, this afternoon. I have an interview "mid-day" on Monday, whatever that means. He's supposed to email me to confirm by Thursday, so hopefully that will clear things up. And in my sleep-haze (he woke me up during my pre-night-shift nap), I forgot to ask who I'm actually interviewing with...whether it's med-surg or OB. I'm kind of assuming med-surg, but if he doesn't specify, I'll definitely ask. I really wish he would have called YESTERDAY so I could have really de-stressed and enjoyed our celebratory dinner out last night, but I still had fun. And we got a picture with Keegan Gerhard of the Food Network (he hosts a lot of the competition shows), since we ate at his restaurant, that you may have seen on FB. I really need to get the job just so I can start paying off the credit card bills I'm racking up lately. rolleyes.gif

Meantime, I haven't changed my flight yet, but it looks like the best available option is going to be a 7pm flight Monday night that gets in at midnight eastern time, then I'll probably stay in an airport hotel and have my mom pick me up in the morning. At least it looks like I might not need to pay much of a fare difference. I hope.

rr~I actually did something! Headed to the Y for spin class after dropping DS at school, and got a quick 20 minutes in on the hamster wheel before class. I was tired.
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Gaye - What a relief that the interview isn't a totally terrible time! 


I'm really just popping in to log that I did 30 minutes of upper body strength and am on track for my goals for the week!  Yeah 2/7 go me!

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Nic, I might have a bunch of fancy gymnastics leos your girls could wear. I can probably do something up to a size 10. If it helps (they can still wear leggings with them) I'll search my girls closet and we can talk colors. A couple are even a very modest cut black adidas with white stripes on the side but there is plenty of glitter and what not on others. bag.gif and lol.gif
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Nic--Congrats on your thrift store score!
Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

I saw someone's Christmas decorations...fake geese with ribbons on their necks. Don't people eat geese for Christmas? that's just weird. I don't think the geese would be celebrating.

biglaugh.gif Do they have the geese out year round? For a while people in my neighborhood in Illinois all had stone geese and they'd dress them in costumes and stuff. I don't pretend to understand that, but most of them would have been wearing a ribbon around their neck for Christmas. I don't know that a lot of people eat geese for Christmas anymore though. Turkey or ham, yes, but geese are harder to come by. I've never eaten them, at any rate. Your post made me wonder though: my parents and aunts and uncles all have wooden deer with ribbons around their necks out as part of their Christmas decorations. Is that weirder or less weird than geese? (Yes, it was another fad, and my uncle made one for both my mom and his brother. Come to think of it, you might live close enough that you can go see it. lol.gif One of my uncles lives near Worcester, in Upton, MA and I'm 99.9% certain he has the deer out in his yard. lol.gif) My house only has lights on the trees in front and icicle lights on the deck in back. Why icicle lights? Because they look cool and keep us happy, even if we and the people who walk in the dark on the trail are the only people who see them. Also, because our garage is attached but lacks a door between it and the house, we have to walk up the deck steps to get from our car into our house.


bec--hang in there. If you can get through the next 11 days, it gets better.

tjsmama--yay for an interview, though sorry it's messing with air travel. I'm surprised they haven't taken that into consideration, unless they have some sort of deadline that forces them to do it now? (Doubtful, of course....)

RR: trying to work up the mojo to do the abs video tonight. Or not... At least I ran 3 on the treadmill yesterday.

NRR: My class's final was tonight, and happily, they finished in 30 minutes which more or less gave me enough time to make it to R's 1st/2nd grade winter program. It was still rush hour when I left campus, so that slowed me down, but I made it there before they had moved beyond the opening announcements. More importantly, R saw me come in, and that's all that really matters. I couldn't see her at all during the program, because we were sitting all the way in the back and she's so short that she's in the first row on the floor in the front. That's why they make DVDs of these programs, right? lol.gif

I've also spent a ridiculous amount of time responding to one of those horrifyingly ignorant email forwards someone sent me. The person who sent it didn't (and doesn't) understand some of the deeper implications of what was said in it, but a few of us found it really offensive. Last night I amused myself by doing a very sarcastic line-by-line deconstruction (which I forwarded to DH who promptly added a few more sarcastic comments). That was cathartic. Today, I did a respectful line-by-line analysis of the problems with it for the person who sent it because I felt it was really important that she understand the implications of what the author had written rather than chalk it up to being "different interpretations." I did ask her to send an apology out to the entire list (most of which were various people from church) because I felt that it was entirely inappropriate (she's the youth director, so it wasn't as innocent as just ending it to everyone in her google account or something), and she balked at first but then did it anyhow. It might have helped that I suggested church council needed to discuss the appropriate use of emails provided to the church distribution list and copied the council president on the message. whistling.gif If nothing else, at least she won't send me that kind of nonsense again.

One bit of good news: apparently a lot of parents have been as concerned about our school's string program as I have, so tonight at the (non-strings) winter program, they announced that our strings program would be just fine. The music teacher explained that the strings program completely takes place in her free time (beginning strings are before and after school and the orchestra rehearsals take place during her lunch and planning periods), and that her full-time job is the typical music stuff for the school. So, apparently we won't be affected. joy.gif People cheered more loudly for that than they did after the kids finished their program. That said, I'll still be sure to submit my comments on the district website about not cutting those other programs anyhow.
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Lisa, the geese are Christmas decorations. But you know it is true, people have like these wire deer with lights on them and stuff. Maybe they're reindeer though.


That's amazing that the music teacher does the entire string program on her own free time. What a gift to the community.


Not sure what you're talking about with your email (you were properly cryptic lol.gif ) but I definitely understand about responding to ignorant people. Sigh. And good for you for taking it to the top and changing the situation!


Plady your arms are going to be rocking!


Gaye, congrats on the interview!


Mommajb, I will definitely take you up on your offer. Pm me and I will send you some money for shipping. Thank you! Dd1 will be thrilled. She secretly envies the bling. Sigh. Dd2 is bigger, a size 12, so she will have to make do for a while with leggings/t shirt. 


No fm for me yet today. I'm going to meet the local LLL leader for coffee, they want me to get involved as they're starting a new local group. Not sure if that's where my mind is these days but since I'm free at the moment and qualified, I'll go see what's what.


blowkiss.gif Dingos!


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Hi Dingoes. grouphug.gif all around.


Dd is still fevering. Fifth day, so she should be done any day now. Nurse said to watch for bronchitis, as she has developed a wet cough now. irked.gif I hope she's better soon. She said she slept great last night, but it was in my bed and she beat the hell out of me. I actually napped this afternoon. I think I have gained 5 pounds just sitting around.


Dh is back from Kuwait. If there was every any doubt, he confirmed (yet again) that he is the embodiment of the Moroccan phenotype, if there is one. Once here in Dubai, a man walked up to him and asked him something in Moroccan Arabic (which is very unlike Modern Standard). Dh responded, "How did you know I'm Moroccan?" to which the old man replied, "You can't hide your face." lol.gif So this week, he was presenting, in English, at the show, and a little old man spoke over him, again, in Moroccan Arabic, asking him where he was from. Dh said, "Yes, I'm Moroccan," to which the man (Ambassador to Kuwait) said, "I know, but where in Morocco?" ROTFLMAO.gifThen they had a nice chat. 


I've been researching Jordan. Just the God's country-type place I need. Hoping for Mt. Nebo, see if I can glimpse Jerusalem. *sigh* I'm ready to be on my way.


Also, I think I may have convinced dh to lean toward online school. Cross-training may have been involved, and also the distinct possibility that we'd then be able to handle Dubai for sixth months a year (see also, Cross-training) instead of giving up altogether on this place.

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Alex ~ grouphug.gif To suffer so much loss in such a short time is so difficult.  Know that I'm thinking of you.  Enjoy the holidays with your Mom as much as you can, and allow yourself the emotions that accompany your losses.


Nic ~ the LLL option sounds interesting.  Great thrifting finds too!  I read your FB post about "gymnastics moms" and I'm not one either (even though all 3 of my kids do gymnastics).  We are not competitive.  DS is probably the closest to competition level in trampoline.  Truth be told, DH and I like to talk about the moms there and how weird they are bag.gif (we alternate weeks bringing the kids).  I have hidden in many a Runners' World there too!


Real ~ what a relief that the strings program will be continuing and a huge kudos to the music teacher who gives so much of her time to keep it going.


tjsmama ~ congrats on the interview.  Sending you job offer vibes now goodvibes.gif!


Nina ~ congratulations on the new baby and welcome back to the Dingo thread!


DrJen ~ your mileage continues to impress!


RR ~ heading to the Y sometime today for some time on the track and the elliptical.  MUST get back on the wagon.


NRR ~ DD1's 2nd grade play is now done.  She has a lovely voice (had a small solo) and loves to sing.  She's also getting into Irish dancing with her best friend.  They danced together last night at Orange Leaf to a flute choir that was playing there.  Very, very cute!  I'm back to considering homeschool for DS and possibly DD2.  DD1 loves school, and seems to be learning there, so why mess with it. 


I got all 3 cats dewormed yesterday and they really seem to be happier alreadycat.gif.  Hopefully it will also cut down on the barfing eyesroll.gif.

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It is excellent when cross training can be used to one's advantage in addition to the obvious ...ummm.. 'fitness' benefits. Ha.


LLL meeting went well. I am organizing a new group. I am stoked about it and also wondering, I thought I left this part of my life behind? Anyway the other leaders are also long past the nursing stage but we are all excited to get something going. If nothing else it will be a constructive project and help the community.


I had a weird dream last night that I was carrying ds around in a didymos wrap. I had one for like 5 minutes...I could not figure out how to get the damn thing on, the baby into it, etc. Sold it right away. In my dream he was on my back in the wrap and we were on a hike. So strange. He's 6 now and no way would he fit into any kind of carrier, he's almost 4 feet tall. lol.gif


Opinions on smartwool running socks please? Are they itchy? I hate itchy.

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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

Opinions on smartwool running socks please? Are they itchy? I hate itchy.

I love mine - they are definitely my favorite running socks. I have older ones from a few years ago that were marketed as the "ultra-light" running sock from Smartwool. luxlove.gif

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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post


Opinions on smartwool running socks please? Are they itchy? I hate itchy.

Not itchy and they wear like iron.  I can't tell my 3 year old socks from the 1 year old socks.


I prefer the PhD socks -- the one that are a bit padded underneath and fully cover my ankles so there is no skin exposed.


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smartwool: not itchy. But I don't like cushion under my feet when running so I wear the cycling socks.

always check sierra trading post first before ordering any other place.


somewhere I read this week someone said to get stuff done make a list. make item #1 on the list "make list".  so I did that today. and I checked off a bunch of stuff already.

but that will happen when i have writing to do -- I'd rather do anything else but write.

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Yes STP is why I'm asking...dh is ordering some shoes and if the order is over $100, he gets $25 off. He's like $5 away so if I get a couple pair of the smartwool socks, we'll both be quite happy. I'll go with the cycling ones, I don't like cushioning either.




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Mmmm, smartwool!  Not itchy!  We found a smartwool shirt for dd at the awesome thrift store in Whistler for $4.  Dh found it online for $200. thumb.gif


Anyway, I ran 2 miles on the TM, in 25 minutes. I know, still s--l--o--w  but 5 whole minutes faster than Monday!  So ha!


Went to the dentist, had a nice cleaning and happily no problems found.  I think it's the first time since dd1 was born that I didn't have a bummer of a dentist visit.  joy.gif Let's hear it for weaning!


Lala - I'm feeling your pain this week.  I have virtually nothing to put under the tree for the kids in part because I just keep feeling like there is so much need out there, how can I possibly be expected to spend anything on my two lovely but fully outfitted children?  Seriously, there is nothing they *need* and I hate buying stuff just because tis the season.

I'm going to have to find a way to create a balance.


Re:weird dreams - I've been having a terribly itchy scalp and last night I had about 5 consecutive dreams that I had a huge lice infestation happening.  I keep having dh check me and he consistently finds nothing suspicious but this morning I practically woke up in tears because of all the nasty bugs I dreamt I found. dizzy.gif


Nic - think your dream and your LLL meeting could be related?


Jo - Hope dd starts to cool down!  That's a long time with a fever.  Glad you can use the x-training to fuel your needs too mischievous.gif.


Alrighty, now to take Ali g to the dentist for her first time.  I hope she has as much fun as she seems to be expecting to have!


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Nic--I love smartwool socks in all varieties and they're not at all itchy.

As for the email, let's just say the person who forwarded it thought it was somehow criticizing commercialism at Christmas. However, it also criticized, in no particular order, the separation of church and state with regard to public schools (and/or public schools...not sure of the real target because the separation of church and state wasn't specifically mentioned and the author seemed unaware of that Constitutional right...), feminists, liberals, people who read Al Franken or Jane Fonda's books, Kwanzaa and Ramadan (in a truly stunning display of ignorance, I might add), stores like Target (for hanging Christmas trees upside down? truly bizarre), Sears, K-Mart, Lowe's, Sears and JCPenney's, diversity, inclusiveness, and people who drink Starbucks coffee. It ended by telling the reader to say Merry Christmas to everyone, and then asking people who agreed to forward it to everyone they knew, and those who disagreed to "simply delete." So um, yeah. More tellingly, any mention of the man in the red suit was conspicuously absent, thus reinforcing the issue that "other people" are to blame with any and all perceived ills that affect Christmas.


I was kind of surprised that the person who sent it (whom we'll call Z) did because she's never struck me as someone who might listen to right-wing talk radio, but I'm coming to the conclusion that I've severely overestimated her intelligence. That's not meant to be snarky. One of the people (an ordained pastor) who also received the message responded with scathing sarcasm in the Jonathan Swift "A Modest Proposal" fashion, and Z read her message literally. Even after I emailed her again and pointed out that the message was clearly sarcastic, she told me she didn't know, that the pastor had "trouble" with English (she's from Romania and speaks three languages, all quite fluently) and that several people had called her with concerns and didn't think it was sarcastic. Who knew that sarcasm could be determined by popular opinion? {sarcasm} Anyhow, Z said that although there were a few parts she disagreed with, she just thought it was a cleverly-written message that might make people think. The sad part is that I think she really meant that. Maybe it's been a "be careful what you wish for moment" for her, because my thoughts have been delivered to her in excruciating detail (yes, a thoughtful line-by-line deconstruction!).

Plady--yay for a good dentist visit!

JayGee--glad to hear your cats seem to be doing better.

No RR yet. R woke up with a 101 fever this morning. She seems mostly fine, other than now being tired (because the Tylenol is wearing off) and having a slight cough. She really wants to go to school tomorrow, so I'm hoping that will happen.
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