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There are a number of programs out there to get "2nd career" people into the classroom.  I suspect you might be better off going that route than the straight-in route as I believe most states require a MS now (or is that just the high school level?). 

Originally Posted by kerc View Post

LOL. It has definitely brought about a rekindled spirit of I'll help you when you need something.... And generally we can get a house full of able bodies to do a job if we're feeding said able bodies.

Yeah, we helped put together a pool table and ping pong table Sunday night (after kid bed time) in exchange for pie.  In the end, we were tired and over fed, so we put together the tables in exchange for some conversation (me) and an opportunity to use tools (DH).


It would have been an otherwise horrible job for the two of them to do.  They could have done it, but it would have been a pain and (as kerc also identifies) a marriage tester.  This way it was pretty fun.  And we know that one or both of them would help us out if we needed something similar.


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MM - joy.gif
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Originally Posted by Motivated Mama View Post
 came back negative! joy.gif

Phew.  :joy  So glad the results came back so fast and there was no additional waiting! 


Mastitis better?

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Phew.  joy.gif  So glad the results came back so fast and there was no additional waiting! 

Mastitis better?

Still red and still tender but fever is gone and body aches seem to be subsiding so progress is being made...
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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post

since the restaurant has done SO MUCH for us and we need to give back.  eyesroll.gif  I guess my restaurant is actually a philanthropic organization, not a business that gives me the hours I want because I'm reliable and dedicated.

That philosophy of "you should be grateful to have this job" drives me nuts. I don't say it,but I've long thought "well, you should be grateful to have me as an employee because you certainly couldn't run this place without someone else working here." irked.gif
Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

ETA: I also remember a lot of movies in the last few days before a vacation when I was in school. I suspect it's hard to teach the half the kids that show up, and then have to deal with the other half who didn't get it after the break.
That makes a lot of sense. I think R's class watched a couple of movies for specials (the time when they usual have gym, art or music) during the last couple of days, but the only change to her academic schedule was for the winter party held during the last hour of the day. That said, I think all the Colorado schools (on the Front Range at least) are off this week--so there's no reason for people to pull their kids out earlier.

My nephew, in upstate NY, has school this entire week, otoh. We'd have to pull R out to miss days if they were going to have that insane of a schedule. It's just too expensive (also, insane) to try to fly out on Christmas Eve.

Tangent: We did fly out on Christmas Eve once, on a 6 am flight and didn't get to Rochester until 4 pm. What I remember most was that DH missed the turn for long-term parking and we decided to just dump all the luggage with me at the drop-off and then have him go park the car and take the shuttle. What we'd forgotten was the physical impossibility of me moving all of our baggage plus R (who'd just turned 3) into the airport to wait for him. I stood there looking at it all, weighing my options when one of the curbside guys (who had nothing to do because it was like 4:30 am) grabbed me a cart and helped me to seats just inside the door. He was so awesome. /Christmas travel tangent

1jooj--happy birthday to your DD!
Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Ok, survey time. Be honest. How much screen time do your kids get? I'm thinking TV/video, plus computer, DS, and other glowing boxes.
Very little. They're not interested. R might do something on the computer (play games or look at one of the stupid Disney websites or something) on the weekend, but she doesn't do it long because she's on our old (s-l-o-w) computer and the websites won't run well on it. Our only working TV (i.., that gets HD because our upstairs doesn't and won't even hook to a converter box) is downstairs and I think R prefers being with the rest of the family. We tried showing a Blues Clues video to J once in desperation and she thought the blue dog was funny for about 20 seconds and then was back to following me around. R has stages though, where she'll watch some Disney movie (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty) repeatedly until we take it back to the library. So if that, then possibly up to 2 hours a day. We don't have video games, and although DH has a Nook, he doesn't loan it out very often. My sister and I didn't watch that much TV either, so I'm guessing it's something genetic. In the past two weeks, I think she's watched maybe an hour total, and that includes showing them the YouTube video of the elephants being moved to their new home in the Denver Zoo last night. (The zoo is building a new habitat and they want to get the elephants all set before it opens in June. Also, did you know they moved their crates with a crane? So interesting!)
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Yay, mm! joy.gif


On screen time...I haven't set any limits, but I really haven't felt the need to. Most school nights, we don't even have time to think about turning on the tv, and most of the time on the weekends, we're too busy, too. I think the nanny keeps it on sometimes, but I don't worry too much about it. At the most, we'll watch an episode of Sesame Street while eating breakfast on a weekend morning, and maybe the occasional movie.

I made it to Ohio LATE last night. 3 am, by the time we were pulling into my parents' driveway. rolleyes.gif The incoming flight was late, and then a guy collapsed as he was boarding the plane(he was fine, regained consciousness and started puking all over, so the biggest delay after the paramedics carted him off was the flight attendants cleaning up the mess). It was a late night, and then the gray midwestern weather and the time change meant I slept in WAY longer than I thought I might this morning (afternoon bag.gif).

I need to head out tonight after dinner for some last minute Christmas shopping. I'm not really doing much this year (taking advantage of one last year of having "broke college student") as an excuse, but we're doing the extended family Christmas tomorrow and I need to pick up gifts for the kids. Hopefully I'll get some kind of run in tomorrow.
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More later, have to make latkes.


Dh gets points...big points. He got me YakTrax for Chanukah energy.gif

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HUGE sale at Anthropologie today. Stumbled on it when I went to "poke around" en route to get grocerys. I cannot emphasize how huge. One dress, that I saw/liked/considered buying/formulated outfits around early in the Fall for $148, I got today for $25. Also got 2 other dresses and a coat-like cardigan sweater (knee length - $25!!), and some lacy skivvies (merry christmas Dh! lol.gif)
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

NRR: ok, you want to know how crazy I am. I burn off my own age spots, per recommendation from some article I read somewhere, with Compound W. Ive only done it once so far - I had a huge brown spot in the middle of my forehead - and lo and behold, after the ugly scab went away, the brown spot was gone. Well, now I am getting serious age/liver spots on the back of my hands. A few dark ones in particular are making me feel elderly, so I burned them off today. Now the backs of my hand are burning lol.gif They should be gone in 2 weeks though 2whistle.gifblush.gif

Does that really work?  How bad does it look in process?  You've got me thinking thrifty thoughts.


Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View PostDh gets points...big points. He got me YakTrax for Chanukah energy.gif

Good job DH! And happy Chanukah!


Screen time - I plead the fifth. bag.gif Let's just say PBS kids characters are like friends of ours.


Jo - That offer sounds really exciting!  A lot like a dingo commune! 


MM - joy.gif


NRR: Spent a long time at the optometrist today, they couldn't find anything requiring a prescription for dd so it seems like it's a side effect of the prozac. So we'll follow up with her regular doc.  In the meantime it seems that she can see better with my glasses so I may just go ahead and order a pair in her size and let her use them as needed.  And I got my Jeep back, Merry Christmas to me!   




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Happy Chanukah, Nic! Bec, I believe you're also celebrating? Happy Chanukah to you too. I, for my part, love latkes and may need to make some to go through the giant sack of potatoes and the giant sack of onions dh bought at the wholesale vegetable market, before we leave for Jordan.


Today, we walked to the beach and on the beach. I might shoot for a second beach walk at sunset if I can make it happen. Now shifting into packing mode. Can hardly believe my parents are coming in just over 3 weeks. energy.gifI hope they can leave their baggage at home; I really need a good, solid, fun visit. Of course, Reb follows right on their heels, guaranteeing some happy times.


Dd wants to try another bike ride tomorrow. Yesterday's venture into the insanity of Jumeira Beach Road (without anyone being killed or really even in any imminent danger, I think) boosted her bike confidence in a major way. Also got the kids to understand that the helmets are SUPPOSED to be tight.

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Happy Chanukah!!! Nic, your DH gets major points for the YakTrax.  Enjoy those snowy runs.


Jooj ~ you must be really looking foward to the "season of visits".  Happy Birthday to your M!


MM ~ glad your mastitis is getting better and the sweat test was negative joy.gif


tjsmama ~ have a great time in Ohio.  Try and relax a little, ok winky.gif?


Winter Break has begun!  We're hanging out at home today, making more cookies and waiting for a delivery of the last gift for DH.  I went WAY overboard this year bag.gif.  I really need to make "frugality" one of those elusive 2012 goals.  Speaking of which, I actually sat down and started my list this morning before everyone woke up. 


RR ~ will spend some quality time on the trainer this morning bikenew.gif (much like this icon, I will be riding to nowhere).



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RR ~ 45 minutes on the trainer, squats, lunges with weights, and sprints up and down the basement steps!  Now that's the way to start Winter Break!

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I am reading along, feeling pain and joy with the dingos. I am even running a bit. There just doesn't seem to be much to post. I finally did some holiday shopping, my parents arrive late tonight, cut out cookies have been consumed once and more dough is in the fridge. The Christmas day forecast is for sun and 75.

Screen time: during the week it is only as required by school and the older kids' email. There is usually a 'movie' on weekends; this week it was an episode of How the Earth Was Made that discussed the San Andreas Fault. Dh is likely to also allow another netflixing Saturday day so that he can get things done. eyesroll.gif With 7 people, one computer and one tv the possibilities are limited.

Today's agenda includes dentist appointments for all followed by a trip to Costco. wild.gif Talk about first world problems: parking at costco just days before Christmas not to mention the crowd on the inside.
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Plady - oh yes, it totally works, hence my second go at it (I cant really believe I tried it the first time on my face!!) How does it look in the meantime? Like a little burn (it is). They heal in two weeks. The burns on the back of my hands are the diameter of ... er, smaller than a pencil eraser. I'll let you know in two week how they look... I should say, although I dont remember where I read about it, it was a reputable source. Moreover, its the same principle as what they do at the derm, i.e. burn off age spots w/ a laser. This is just doing it with dry ice.

NRR: Rejected greensad.gif I just got my official rejection note from the New York Times, where I submitted an essay 3 weeks ago. I expected it, as they say "if you dont hear form us in 4 weeks...", but I was still holding out some hope. Bummer.

Meanwhile, check this out for inspiration: (scroll down a bit to video)

Edited by sparkletruck - 12/21/11 at 4:55pm
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Screen time:


Plady, I didn't mean to call you out, so much as I was noting a pattern that we all think that the school's movie habit is way too much screen time, and I wanted a gauge on just how much time that meant.  Of course, by the rest of us putting a number on it, Plady felt as though she couldn't even admit what it is.  That makes me sad.  See, I'd also been noting a pattern (and it's pretty evident in the answers people gave) that a lot of our kids are really just not drawn to the TV much, preferring to do other things.  I think we are all awesomely fantastic parents here in dingo land, but are we all so fantastic that we've managed to create kids that really could care less about the TV?  I don't think there's much special in most of our parenting that lead to this, is there?  I think Plady is one of the awesomest of the awesome parents around here, yet her kids seem to spend more time with it.  I don't see this as any sort of failing, and certainly nothing deserving of a paper bag over one's head.  I'm just musing and wondering over the cause and effect here.

...and mommajb love.gif I didn't know there was another family on the planet that called watching an episode of "How the Earth was Made" a movie night.  The SAF one is a good one and has been viewed and reviewed several times in our house.  The Elegant Universe is now getting the same close study.  Geeks of the world, Unite!

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Wow, Sparkle.  That was amazing.  What a talented girl!

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Happy Hanukkah!  I hope it's a wonderful week for all who celebrate.


Nic--I love my YakTrax, but you'll have to excuse me for fervently hoping I have no opportunity to use them at all this winter.


Sparkle--I'm sorry about your rejection letter, even though you were expecting it.



Argh.  I was just entering the door to the grocery store to buy all of the stuff I need for Saturday when the school nurse called and said DD had a fever of 101.  No groceries for us, plus had to cancel my dentist's appointment for tomorrow.  This is the third time I've pushed back the same appointment.  DD's teacher said several kids have the same thing--coughing and a fever and no other symptoms.  If that's it, all is good.  I'm terrified this will turn into a throwing-up thing that will nail our whole family and prevent any Christmas revelry.


Although I'm bummed about missing the grocery store, I'm glad I managed to sneak in a run this morning, since I won't be able to go tomorrow.  Maybe my punishment shift at work will get out early enough that I can still catch the grocery store tonight.  There's just too much to do in the next few days!  And I'm really hoping that DD will be able to go to school on Friday so I can go for a decent run.  Two or three miles a day is all I've had time to do lately, but I'm eager to do more.

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My rhetorical question of the day:  If sugar makes me feel SO bad, why do I keep eating it???????


I had a cabinet delivered for DH's gift today.  The delivery window was 10:15-2:15.  They arrived at 2:30.  Sigh.

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Oh, TV question!


This year I started bribing the kids with TV if they get ready in the morning on time.  If they are completely ready for school by 7:40, they can have one show.  The past week or so they haven't been getting ready in time, and haven't put up much of a fuss about missing out on their show.


DD gets home so late (3:45) that we generally don't watch any TV in the afternoon, because we have other stuff taking up that time--ballet, piano, drum class, etc.  At night I usually distract them with reading.  Days when I'm in charge and on top of my game, the kids don't watch TV at all, except possibly half an hour in the morning.


However, DH LOVES TV.  He loves it for himself and adores movies.  He wants the kids to get older so he can share all of his favorite movies with them.  He also likes TV as a convenient babysitter.  The two nights a week I work, the kids probably watch two hours of TV each night.  On the weekends if I'm out doing yardwork or something, or if DS stays home from church on Sunday mornings, it's a good bet that TV will be on.  It drives me crazy that DH can't be bothered to find another way to interact with the kids, especially since it's super easy to give them another idea of what to do, but it's not worth fighting right now.


One night a week is video game night--Tuesdays after dinner the kids can each choose a video game and play for about an hour.  This came about when DD first discovered video games and asked obsessively if she could play.  Having it scheduled means the kids never ask.


So.... probably five hours at night during the week and an additional possible two and a half hours in the morning.  Plus more on the weekends if we don't have other stuff planned.


For us, probably the thing that makes the kids less likely to obsess about the TV is our DVR.  When I was a kid, TV was scheduled and if you missed your show, you were out of luck and who knew if you'd ever see it again.  It turned TV into an urgent time-sensitive thing.  Our kids never watch live TV; we have about a dozen shows scheduled to record, so we always have five episodes of everything available.  The kids are more easily put off and distracted, since they know that they can always catch their shows later.


Today DD came home from school sick so we're watching show after show after show after show.  I actually don't have many issues with TV.  I watched a ridiculous amount of TV as a kid, including super-violent cartoons like Tom and Jerry and inappropriate shows like Three's Company, and I don't feel terribly affected by it.

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Too much screen time here lately. Sigh. On the up side, it's usually PBS kids. And dh just got them a Wii for Chanukah. eyesroll.gif I'd been holding out for years but he decided it was time (I think he wanted it).


I feel disgusting. I ate a whole bag of jelly bellys today. I feel fat and nasty and now my stomach hurts and I don't want to go for a run. But I am also very hungry. Boo. 



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