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oh here is a pic of our front yard on our "snow" day. Usually they are more realistic about canceling but this was rediculous. Evidently other areas of the city got hit worse.


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Nice snow day, Nicole cold.gif ha ha


Can I share my fussy baby findings here? I'm proud of myself. This is an email I wrote to my sister in law:


For Iona, (I hope you find this interesting!) I discovered a link between histamine-rich foods (aged cheese, yogurt, preserved vegetables and fruits, sourdough style bread, aged or cured meats like ham, beer, most fermented/preserved/leftover things) and acid reflux. What happened was that while your parents were here, which was right after I went off of dairy, Iona was basically fine and just had normal newborn fussiness, but when they left she started up again with the painful crying. I was puzzled and wondered what I'd eaten/drank before they were here that I didn't while they were here and had again once they were gone. One of the first things I thought of was beer, which we did not have because they brought all that fine wine, and I'd have a little bit with dinner some nights. I'd been having a half a beer some evenings and again when they left (I'm a lush!) and thought, hmmm. So I researched sensitivity to beer and came up with all of these foods that are rich in histamines, which can cause GI trouble in people. And they were ALL the foods we were eating! Cheese, spinach, tomatoes, olives, a huge ham my mom gave us that was so convenient to eat that I made another one. I also went back to my pbj lunch and of course the glass of beer. So I began to suspect it wasn't just dairy in general, but this other thing, and I began one week ago to not consume things high in histamine and Iona is back to happy, with one slip up when people brought over Mexican food that I felt I should eat with them. So it's not dairy in general; I can have fresh milk, cottage cheese, ricotta (all fresh, curdled, not cured cheeses) ice cream, but not aged cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc. It's so interesting! My theory is that both my kids have this because I had so many doses of antibiotics during my labors to fight strep b, and this killed their chances of having good bacteria (gut flora) established, and unfortunately, probiotics are found in yogurt and fermented foods, so it is a waiting game until their little digestive systems can handle anything. I heard probiotics can help, but Iona seems to have painful gas after I take a supplement, so I'm off that. I think that Iona will probably outgrow this in a few weeks or by 3 months when everything seems to improve for babies. She is VERY affected by what I eat, and it bothers me that doctors brush this stuff off so routinely, when I KNOW that there is a connection. Oh, and apparently women don't get enough magnesium from foods generally, which is a natural antihistamine (who knew) so I'm taking a magnesium supplement. It's great to feel like I have something to go on.



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Nicole, your snow day is pitiful. We had the third snowiest November on record, followed by wind and rain storms. It's a mess up here, and school was held every day. We just get two hour bus delays. smile.gif

Rosemary, kudos to you for solving the mystery. Corbin always had terrible gas after consuming breastmilk. It broke my heart that he did better after the "gentle" formula than my own milk. I had no idea how to troubleshoot it though while pumping and storing milk. That's really interesting though, especially since Corbin was an antibiotic baby too. I'll try to remember that if I have another baby.

AFM, I'm on CD 13 and bleeding. This is not "ovulation spotting/bleeding." This is bleeding. WTF body? I still need to desperately work at making friends, but I have found a new hobby to throw myself into that is consuming all my free time - couponing. I am dangerous. Corbin is huge! It's so weird going from such a teeny tiny baby to a chunk so quickly. However, I need help with sleep issues... I've been trying to transition him to sleep either in the bed with us or in the pack and play, but he'll only stay asleep for a couple of hours. I can only get him to sleep for 6+ if he's in the Fisher-Price Rock n Play sleeper. It keeps him cozy and at an incline, which I think he prefers. Is there some way I can safely replicate this to transition him? I'm worried about him possibly developing flat spots from the sleeper...
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Karli, what about having him sleep on you in a ring sling?  I know that's not the most comfortable solution for you, but if you were on your back with pillows it would incline him, keep him snuggled and safe and maybe get him to sleep longer?  It shouldn't be long before he is able to sleep easier in different positions/places, so maybe this will help in the meantime?  I have been thinking of giving it  a try with DD - she loves her little cosleeper if she is swaddled, but sometimes she is restless and gassy and won't sleep unless I'm holding her.  She's still little enough that I hesitate to sleep with her in arms yet because I have been sleeping so deeply lately.  


How much does he weigh now?  How huge is huge?  :)

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Oh, boy...let's see...


Appts. with baby and toddler - I took DD to my 6 week pp check-up but left DS at home with my dad.  DD lay on my chest when I was up on the table.  I think that appt could've worked with DS, but just easier without him there.  I really don't think I could take them both to a mama dental appt., though.


Winter baby - Yes...greensad.gif  DD is just soooo cute when she's nakey.  And DS was a summer baby, so I know what I'm missing.


Winter coat/sling/etc - There's no way I'll be able to wear any current winter coat over my sling and be able to zip up.  On the cold days so far, I've worn my winter jacket over the sling, but didn't zip up.  Won't be able  to do that when it gets really cold, so just gonna wear sling over zipped jacket and bundle that girl up good.


Baby laughing - Katico, I'm sooo jealous...so much so that I actually mentioned to DH the other day that a DDC baby who's younger than DD is already laughing.  He was amazed, too.  You must be providing a wonderful, fun vibe at your house for your babe to pick up on it so quickly orngbiggrin.gif.


AFM - I just cleaned the right half of the inside of the fridge.  Perhaps the left half will also get done at some point.  DS is home today (no preschool on Wed.) and has a cold again.  He's been happily playing and listening to books on CD and now an Elizabeth Mitchell CD all morning (he keeps calling to me with each new song..."It's Ladybug Picnic, Mama!"...as if I can't hear the song, and if I don;t respond, he'll keep yelling it to me, so I have to yell back, even though DD is sleeping in my arms).  Gotta clear off this little table we have in the corner of our dining room cuz we do a tabletop (table to ceiling) xmas tree...good for deterring grabby little kids and curious kitties...and DH is picking up a tree Friday.  And gotta clear off the raised counter between the kitchen and dining room cuz that's where the menorah goes.  I guess impending holidays are like being in your third trimester...lots of cleaning, organizing and getting ready.

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Wow, I've been MIA here!


Winter babywearing - Back when we talked about this while most of us were still pregnant (so weird to say!) I thought the zipper panel in a coat was a great idea. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the drive to do it. The coat that I have doesn't fit very well as it is, so I'm not sure how it would work if I made a panel. At this point, I bundle DS up in a snowsuit and put him in a sling or a wrap with a blanket wrapped around that. It keeps him plenty warm (and at least the winters here aren't bitter).


Appts with baby - I can't speak to the toddler issue, but I've thought about the "what to do with baby" part because, even though I drive to appointments, I don't own a bucket carseat. With as much babywearing as I do, it just didn't make sense. I got a convertible seat. So far I've had a couple appointments, both of which it was convenient for someone else to come with me to hold DS. Had they not been able to come, though, I would have brought a blanket and let DS have "tummy time" during the appointment. He might not have liked it for long, but I think it would work.


Smiles/laughs - DS has been smiling for several weeks now (he's 7 weeks). I chalk it up to my personality as a constantly cheery smiley person. DH and my mom BOTH got laughs the other day, and I haven't yet. But the smiles are enough. This morning he woke up and was doing his squirmy grunty thing that lets me know he's awake and wants attention... I finally gave up on getting him back to sleep and pulled him over to me--and got this big smile like "Yay! You're paying attention to me! I'm not bored anymore!"


AFM - Finally got the crib hooked up as a sidecar. I asked my dad for ropes/bungees/straps to secure the crib to the bed. Being the handyman that he is, he decided that was way too complicated. He came back with a handful of zip ties (you know, the things police sometimes use instead of handcuffs) and zip tied the crib frame to the bed frame. Voila! Secure as can be. Now DS has to get used to sleeping a couple feet away from me instead of squished up against me.

I'm sick, which sucks. Somehow I'm the only one who got it. Sore, swollen throat, congested, achy head. Not cool. I felt awful this morning, and my mom was awesome enough to take DS for me. She took him around 8:30, and I slept till 11:45. She thawed some breastmilk and gave him a bottle, he took a nap, and SOMEHOW she got him to sit propped up in the living room and entertain himself for an HOUR. I can't get him to sit by himself for two minutes. Maybe it's just because I'm mommy. I dunno. Anyway, it was awesome to be able to rest a little more.

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Originally Posted by AKChix0r View Post

Nicole, your snow day is pitiful. We had the third snowiest November on record, followed by wind and rain storms. It's a mess up here, and school was held every day. We just get two hour bus delays. smile.gif

That's why I put "snow" in quotes it was rendokulous!


trinket- sounds like we have the same thing. I feel terrible.


smiles- saphira still isn't smiling and I am starting to worry (she is 7 1/2 weeks). ds2 didn't smile till 10 wks but he has some issues, everyone else was smiling by 6 wks.

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How do people's pets do with the babies?  My dog has developed a bit of jealousy (whenever I latch the baby, she starts doing the pee dance to try to get me to let her outside), but has also started placing toys in the pack and play when I'm not looking (yesterday I came upstairs after doing some choirs to find four dog toys...including a kong that was being mouthed on).  It is obnoxious, but cute.  The cats are still being a bit slow to warm up.  I think they resent that the pack and play is now occupied by someone else.  That being said, they will come nuzzle her when she is nursing and lay in bed with us when we're napping.  I feel bad that my dog is getting hit with less attention from the new baby and less exercise because it is winter and we don't have a fenced in yard.


I hope you feel better, Trinket!


Not_telling: I keep doing half of the dishes, half of the laundry, etc.  A whole cleaning job is never accomplished anymore.

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pets:  i want to murder my cat.  ok, not *really*.......but I look forward to not having a cat anymore  (Oh god, I'm a terrible person)  He's super sweet with DD1 (they are amazing pals) and totally fine around the baby, but he has definitely upped the annoying, whiney, needy cat thing since the baby arrived on the scene.  and it's going to drive me insane.  I also totally begrudge him the time it tales to feed him, clean up cat hair and scoop the darn box.  ugh.


appointments: ok, it's so good to hear you all have done this with babe in tow.  the receptionist at my dr's office was insistent I would need someone with me. Made me doubt myself.  As for the dentist, I have a feeling it is either a serious filling or maybe a root canal (eep bawling.gif) and there is no way in hell I would take the baby and hope for the best!!!  Oh goodness, just the thought majorly stresses me out.  and evening appts aren't really an option - DH works until 7 or 8pm!  So, I guess I'll wait until I can get a saturday!


Rosemary, the list of things you can't eat made me so hungry! beer, olives, ham...yes please!!  so glad you figured it out though! I keep thinking about the photos you posted of Iona by the tree - your living room is charming!  we are about to get my grandmother's piano and I just love how you have yours decorated for the season,  and the mirror above is to die for!


laughs - it is pretty adorable, kind of a chuckle.  As for it being due to a fun atmosphere, I dunno, haha, Mama's been a bit cranky lately with little miss toddler and all!  I take no credit!  DD1 smiled and laughed as early too, about 2wks on,  nobody believed me the first time around lol.gif


afm banana bread in the oven, both girls asleep, life is good.  I tucked lots of strawberries into the deep freezer this summer and I have a bowl defrosting on the counter - shortcake for supper!  The smell is to die for, summer in a bowl!  


I reheated the same cup of tea four times this morning before I even drank half it it.  the fourth time I forgot the cup in the microwave and I just remembered it, 2 hrs later!




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Originally Posted by ~pi View Post

tank, hugs about not being able to see your friend's band play. Question: When your sick DP is sitting playing video games, what happens if you hand him the baby and say, "Hey hon, take him for a few minutes, I have to use the bathroom and get some water,"?




yeah, that.  i do this, and my husband does all the nighttime stuff except feeding.  during the day she's on me all the time (literally), so when he's awake I hand her off to him for short food and pee breaks.  it's his baby too!

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I just got TURNED DOWN for sex. I cannot believe it! I got dd to sleep in her cosleeper for the first time ever, went in to wake up dh who always falls asleep putting ds to sleep, and he said no. I'm not even that randy but I thought I'd do a good deed. Actually feels kind of crappy.greensad.gif It's 8.30 at night so I think I have cause to be a little miffed.

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geez, Rosemary, come over to my house - I can hook you up!  Yeah, ok, that's wrong.  I'm sitting here pondering how bad of a wife it would make me if I maybe just made sure the baby was awake/slightly fussy  juuuust long enough to fend off the advances over here.  I'm tired.  I want a shower and my pillow.  

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Pets:  My dogs love the baby but they do demand attention when I am nursing him.  Most of the time they will snuggle up with us on the couch which is nice but when they get antsy and ask to go out even though they just went out a half hour ago I get pretty annoyed.  The dogs have always been primarily my responsibility because I am the dog lover and that has never bothered me but now I literally can't let them out when they ask most of the time so it's become DPs job.  He hates it but will do it.  My dogs have also been getting less excersize because we don't have a fenced in yard and they primarily got all their energy out at work with me.  Now I am out of work till Jan and have been since the 2nd week of Oct so it's been a while since they have gotten more than a few minutes of run time.  It makes me feel awful but really they are pretty happy being cuddle dogs for now.


DP is almost better and he's back on the ball with helping me with DS.  I'd like to say he refused to take care of him because he didn't want to get him sick but I know that was an excuse since DS was sick before he was!  I do have a hard time sticking up for myself and making him do his share of work because I take it personally when he grumps about not wanting to do something even if he doesn't actually say anything to me about it.  It is my own issue and I need to deal with it especially now that we are sharing childcare responsibilities. 


Rosemary I would totally come smack your DH upside the head if I still lived up there. eyesroll.gif

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rosemary - great problem solving! And, oy I hate that! I don't have a great sex drive so when I do initiate I expect dh to be all over that!


not_telling - love the half clean fridge!


trinket - yeah for a nice break for you - I hope you feel better quick


katico - I do that constantly with breakfast - I seem to hit 2 every afternoon without having eaten.


pets - mostly I just find myself short on patience for the kitten's antics.


afm - dd is 2 months today & weighed in at 13lbs, 13oz!!!! And she seems to have switched to night time sleeping!!!! She's getting to be so alert & aware - I just love it.


And now for my scream it from the mountaintops announcement: I got my 2 hour gtt back today & not only am I not diabetic I am nowhere near being so!!! For the past 5 years I have been consistently borderline even being over by 0.1 last January.

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geez, Rosemary, come over to my house - I can hook you up!  Yeah, ok, that's wrong.  I'm sitting here pondering how bad of a wife it would make me if I maybe just made sure the baby was awake/slightly fussy  juuuust long enough to fend off the advances over here.  I'm tired.  I want a shower and my pillow.  



lifeguard great news!


everyone's making me glad i have no pets. we're waiting til we have no kids under 4 i think.


does anybody else's kids pick the absolutely worst moments to have needs??? i almost had iona asleep this am so i could come down and have coffee alone, when i hear repeated at 3 second intervals, loudly, "wipe me, please!" from my bathroom. cue screaming and my urge to chew my own wrists!

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rosemary - ds soooo seems to time things for the worst possible moments. The other day I was sitting on a cooler in the camping section at wal-mart bfing dd (I have not mastered walking & bfing in public) when ds exclaims "I need to poop!". Oh my - the mad dash...

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does anybody else's kids pick the absolutely worst moments to have needs??? i almost had iona asleep this am so i could come down and have coffee alone, when i hear repeated at 3 second intervals, loudly, "wipe me, please!" from my bathroom. cue screaming and my urge to chew my own wrists!



winter bw - dh ought me a kindercoat http://www.suseskinder.com/apps/photos/album.jsp?albumID=1452381 and a kinder raincoat whn ds ws an infant - i can wear 2 kids at once!



this pic was from when dd was a baby

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saoirse- love it!!!! you kind of look like that girl on willy wonka when she ate the purple gum :). lol

I wore 2 kids at a time with my first 2 it was ok, haven't had to do that since (maybe that is why I am not taking any weight off. lol

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Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post

does anybody else's kids pick the absolutely worst moments to have needs??? i almost had iona asleep this am so i could come down and have coffee alone, when i hear repeated at 3 second intervals, loudly, "wipe me, please!" from my bathroom. cue screaming and my urge to chew my own wrists!

When my older ds was a baby I was a nanny and the kid I watched (my half sister) was just 14 months old. She was still a baby herself and had lots of needs. But I seriously felt like every single time I got ds to sleep, my sister would run into the room screaming. Drove me insane! Now my older ds does the same thing every time I get Kai to sleep. Thankfully older ds is in school all day so Kai can nap lol.gif Weekends are rough though. Not sure how I'll survive winter break either. dizzy.gif


Things have been really stressful here and I felt like I was becoming really depressed. I was snapping at dh all the time. We never spent time together because I was always pissed off. Kai is 8 weeks today and we still haven't dtd. DH was afraid to for the first 6 weeks (wanted to be sure I healed) and then the last couple weeks I've just been feeling really depressed and sad and angry all the time. We finally had a good talk/cry/meltdown last night and I feel a lot better. The big thing that had really been eating away at me was going back to work or school. DH and I had agreed that I would take the fall semester off and then go back (either to school or work- dh would prefer school) in January. I've tried for months to be okay with this, but I'm not. It was really eating away at me and making me miserable. I do want to go back to school and eventually to work. Just not right now. I had been avoiding talking to dh about it because I thought he would be mad. He really wasn't though. He's stressed about the money situation, but we can cut back on some things and I think we'll be fine. His only "requirements" are that I do something for me regularly (go to the gym (already have membership and the gym is just 5 minutes from our house), rejoin pilates (was active in this before I got pregnant), whatever) and that I do something with Kai (like mom/baby yoga.... he knows I've wanted to do this but I hate spending money on frivolous things).


The other big stress is court for my older ds. Our hearing is on tuesday. I talked to my lawyer earlier this week and I'm confident that we're prepared, but the truth is that nobody knows what the Judge will order (this is only dealing with visitation and therapy- my ex is refusing to allow ds to get the therapy he needs, but he won't talk to me or the therapists, so my lawyer is asking the judge to allow me to make all medical/therapy decisions without ex). But the Judge has absolutely no experience with long distance visitation for a child with autism. It's a small town, and this is just a very odd situation for them. We got really lucky in the spring when the Judge ordered 2 visits per month, 4 hours each. Ex was asking for weeks long visits (half the summer, all of spring and winter breaks) when he hadn't had ds alone at all since november 2005, when he disappeared. Ex had also been refusing to pay his portion of ds's uncovered medical bills, which has placed a burden on dh (ex owes us just under $1000 in medical bills right now, but we obviously had to pay all the bills and sit around waiting for him to reimburse them). I talked to the Friend of the Court this week and they are going to start taking $50/month extra out of his paychecks to start paying back bills. It's a stupid amount, considering I send him more than $50/month in bills, but every little bit helps.


Gotta run. I'm thinking about you all. I'm going to try and get better at posting regularly!

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Time for Christmas decorations! I keep putting it off thinking I want to get the room cleaned better before I decorate but I've come to realize if I wait for it to be clean as I want it, it'll NEVER happen. So it's gonna get decorated today, mess and all.


Do any of you have experience with cloth diapering and wool allergies? I have a friend who's pregnant and is planning on cloth diapering. She's buying mostly gdiapers (used) but she really likes the idea of wool longies and such--but because of a wool allergy they can't use anything wool. Is there any other fiber (especially knit) that's absorbent enough to make a diaper cover out of that could be used for longies? I feel bad for her. There's something so charming about a baby in a wool cover.

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