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The unprepared support thread

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Please tell me I'm not the only one that has nothing or almost nothing ready for the babies.

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I still don't have birth supplies, waiting to really get baby stuff until after baby comes since we don't know boy or girl. You'll get there you have time.

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I have all her clothes washed and hung. That's all I have. I figure if she comes before I get a car seat, we can just flip DD's Britax and she'll be ok. Other then that... I just need my boobs :). I like preparing last minute. It gives me something to do other than just WAIT for her to come!

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We're moving at the end of the month, so I have not much besides what people have given me (clothes, swing, bouncer, etc). I do have a baby shower coming up on the 11th, but its not like I can set anything up. I'll have a month to have everything set up.

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You all probably just realized that babies don't need a whole lot AND we have a couple of months.  Yes, to the boobs part! 


Someone gave us a carseat so we have it.  One of our cars though is too small for it to even fit in though.  Many families have no car or one car or only one car that the whole fam will fit in, so no worries. 


I did go through the baby clothes bag just last night.  After getting home from Bali, I had to more quickly find warm clothes for my girls and us!  So, it was fun to sort through their old clothes and a few new things.  I hung some items and made a basket full of little prefolds and wool covers plus some preemie AIOs from my first born wee babe (they fit up to 8lbs so even my second did get to wear them a bit). 


It's all going to come together.  Doing a little bit each day works well around here!

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Ha!  I'm right there with you.  I may be in a tiny bit of denial that this thing moving around inside me is going to come out and be a real baby.  


We have: an infant carseat from DD (still in her closet, with a nice pink cover); a random grab bag of boy-colored onesies that a friend gave me; and boobs (yay!).

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Well I do have boobs :)


Things I need to do:


Figure out if we are going to side car a crib. We have a full size bed and Dh is 6 feet tall there is no way 2 babies will fit in the same bed. So get a mattress for the cirb and sheets or get some kind of playyard to put beside the bed.


Wash diapers and get some newborn disposables.


Go through the clothes and see if we have what we need and wash them.


Try the carseats in the car. We bought graco myrides and they are gigantic I'm not sure they'll fit fully reclined in our corolla.


Get pump, bottles and breastfeeding supplies.


Figure out what I need to take to the hospital.


DH needs to paint the nursery and set up the changing table and crib.


I'm so exhausted already I wish I started getting things ready  earlier.


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Keria I am in the same boat. This is our first, and I have bupkis ready! All we have is a good helping of baby clothes and blankets (at least half of which are gifts), one cute hand me down wooden toy which the baby won't be big enough to use til at least 7 months or so, and a gifted breast pump with some bottles and freezer bags to store milk. Literally, that is it. We don't even have potential names picked out, let alone prefolds and diaper covers, car seat, any kind of baby carrier, a crib or co-sleeper..... nothing!


I'm going to be working full time until about 2 weeks before my due date so I think it will be a mad whirl at the end there. I'm not too stressed though, I don't really see the point in accumulating all this stuff when we don't know the gender and we can just figure out what we need as we go along since we live in a small apartment. Avoiding the baby-industrial complex, as DH likes to say. But obviously we will at least get a car seat and diapers figured out in time :)

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we got nuthin.  i'm 30 weeks and after the ob visit yesterday i told dh i might feel more comfortable if we had a carseat.

mother in law is coming on the 22nd to watch dd while i plunder the old baby stuff that's upstairs and should be mostly clean. 

i have a cosleeper somewhere. 

i still don't know how the baby is going to get out of me, either. 

but i am still showing up mostly dressed and on time for work and we are eating food and no one has gotten septic from a dirty kitchen or bathroom.  i'm pretty ok.

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I've got the same story as Leapdaymama


We've been gifted a few items but other than that my hubby has made a cosleeper and thats all :)


I know how my baby will come out but I still need to get and organize a ton of supplies for that (order a birth pool, all the hook ups and such)...


I'm not even sure we're going to have a productive baby shower or not so our plan is to just accumulate things as we see the need. I'm trying to avoid ALOT of the 'stuff' that comes along with a baby, especially since we're in a tiny little one bedroom apartment with no room :) We don't know the gender either, so that makes things all the more difficult (and fun...).


Someone gave us a stroller and a bouncy seat, both things I wasn't intending on having just b/c they take up so much room but I couldn't turn it down considering the cost of those things if we DID need them...


We'll see!

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