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A feel good story!

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God works in mysterious ways..just when you think no one is listening..

A customer at work today caught me as I was coming back on break, she said Merry Christmas and handed me an envelope. I just opened it now, she gave me $40(!!!) and a note telling me how inspirational my story is, that I "weighed heavily on her heart," and that I'm going to be an amazing mom. 

I wish I knew her name and I hope I see her again. People like her; give me hope. Even if it didn't contain money - still the fact that someone who is such a 'stranger' to me sees everything I'm trying to accomplish for myself and my child..feels good. I cried.

I can't believe this type of thing happened to me..really. I mean I made that much of an impression on someone in such a short amount of time?

I think my feeling of guilt comes from not knowing her name or being able to recognize her. I really thought when she handed me the envelope it wasn't for me..that she had the wrong person. 

I'm really just blown away. These things don't happen to me!

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Great story, Kaitlyn.

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Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. :)  You set a good example for young women everywhere!

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You're such a really wonderful woman, Kaitlyn...and she sees what the rest of us do.

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You definitely deserve it!  If only I had 1/2 the wisdom and drive that you have when I was 21....you should be proud and know that baby is going to have one amazing mama!

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 Awe thanks mamas! I'm in tears (: As usual..not hard to do these days (lol). She came at such a perfect time..what an angel she is. I'm still totally in shock. Something so selfless. I can't get the right words down in text, I just know how I feel. She didn't see a poor struggling single mother she saw someone who is trying so hard to do the right thing. She gives me hope, in so many ways - but mostly in humanity. 

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You deserve it! So happy for you, and yes, you ARE going to be an awesome mom!

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Could not have happened to a more deserving person: and yes I can say that without having even MET you in person... you come across as such a strong, caring person it is no wonder you made an impression on this woman :)

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OMG, that gave me intense chills. That's God manifest in someone's heart. How beautiful! luxlove.gif

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It really is incredible..I think about it all the time now. And it makes me giggle when I tell people the story because everyone says "I've never bought that much at the store to have such an extensive conversation with someone" lmbo. I have customers (mainly customers with HUGE orders) seek me out. Apparently my pleasantness and sense of humor keeps them coming back. lol!

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