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12/4 Weekly Chat Thread

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Important dates:


Pictureframe, dating ultrasound 12/5

Aimee, OB appointment 12/15

Eleuthia, CMN appointment and ultrasound 12/15

Sol_y_Paz, appointment 12/19

ainh, appointment 12/22

Thebyr, CNM appointment 12/27

Sallyrae17, ultrasound 1/4

Mama Chickadee, appointment 1/18


This weekend has been hard for me. Not relaxing at all, and I just need a little break! I admit, I am panicking ever so slightly. If I feel like I need a break now, with one very wonderful 20 month old, how am I going to handle a newborn and a 28 month old??

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Bumping this thread since it's a new week thumb.gif

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CM- I'm sorry to hear you had a rough weekend. I can tell you as a Mom of two that are 22 months apart that it's totally doable. I think we all prob. have those feelings creep up. I know I've been having similar thoughts about how do you take care of three with only two parents and two arms? I can fit both of them on my lap still, and they both really still like to cuddle with me. How will I do that with a third? Then I start to doubt this was a good idea. But I know it will all work out. Just ask Stormimay :) She can prob. tell us a lot about having more kids and what it's like. But I know that personally I found going from 1-2 very easy. You'll be fine. I'm certain of it. hug2.gif


Anyone else totally demotivated since getting pregnant? This is usually a heavy duty crafting time for me. I craft most Xmas gifts. I was on top of my game and finished the physical gift for everyone. I also do a lot of baking and gifting of food goodies. I do not feel like it at all. And I don't feel like doing my usual ornament making, or care if hubby gets the outside lights. We are decorated inside, tree and everything. But I find myself so unmotivated. What's so strange is I'm not that particularly tired. I'm not sick. I have all the pregnancy symptoms at one point or another, but they come and go and are really very mild if I'm honest about it. But there is absolutely no motivation to do anything outside my norm with my kids, keeping the house clean, cooking meals and of course, working on my business.  Anything extra at this point is not on my radar at all. I can't even seem to get these socks crocheted and they are easy peasy and take no time at all.  I guess this babe wants all my extra energy and attention. So I'll give *her* until January, but I have a lot of work to do...always I stay very busy with my work and I have a CD to put out this year, as well as another Expo to host and so on and so forth. Basically I'm going to have to push if I don't get some fire back soon.


Okay, so there is one really cool thing I want to tell y'all. I don't know who changed the group pic, but I love it! And it has a special meaning to me. Three years ago I made a treasure map (there is a whole thread every year on TM's in Spirituality if you're interested). Basically a treasure map is a vision board of things you would like to manifest in your life that year. Anyhow, I put that very picture (that's our new ddc picture) on my TM. We really were not ready for a baby that year and I knew it as soon as I put the picture on there. In fact, I kept considering pulling the picture off, but I left it. Sometimes in life you have to realize that just b/c you think it's right, it's not the right timing. So it didn't come true then. When I got on line last night and saw that was our picture for our birth club, I took it as a sign. I mean, what are the chances? I smiled really big and was so excited when I saw it. I love when the Universe gives you a big ol thumbs up. thumb.gifjoy.gif

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I'm the one who changed the pic - that's amazing! I went looking for some good beachy pictures to represent us and out of four or five I picked that one. Now I like it even more. smile.gif

I worry about handling two also. We've just gotten into a more or less comfortable routine and it's kind of scary to think about throwing a newborn with all the accompanying needs into the mix. And I have the usual worries about rocking my oldest's world and ruining her life by denying her the 100% attention and time she's had until now. I know it can't be that big a deal because most families have more than one and most people seem ok.
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Hey mamas!


For those of you worried about 2 - in my experience, the anticipation makes it seem muuuuuch worse than it actually is!  I am panicking a bit about having 3 (they will be newbie, 17 mos, and 30 mos) but I'm sure we will adjust.


I have my sono appointment for dating this afternoon!  I am anxious to see how things look.  I think I am between 5-6 weeks (closer to 6) but not sure as I have long cycles and wasn't charting.


We are leaving home for 3 weeks on Wednesday, and I haven't done a single thing to pack or get ready.  And I have NO motivation to do so now.  Arg.

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Originally Posted by pictureframe View Post

I have my sono appointment for dating this afternoon!  I am anxious to see how things look.  I think I am between 5-6 weeks (closer to 6) but not sure as I have long cycles and wasn't charting.


Oh, awesome, good luck today! I have to get a dating ultrasound too, because, while I am mostly sure of when I conceived, there is still this little chance that it was 2 weeks earlier, and I just have to know! No idea when mine will be though, given that my first OB appointment isn't until late next week. Waiting sucks! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Originally Posted by IntuitiveJamie View Post


Anyone else totally demotivated since getting pregnant?



It's the weirdest thing, I was just saying to DH in November how excited for Christmas I was this year, because last year DS was so little and everything was so hard, and it was really depressing because I love Christmas.  And now I'm like... uh... I guess we should like get a tree?  Or maybe just skip it?  I sat on the couch for 5 hours straight on Saturday.  I think the house could fall in around us and it wouldn't bother me in the least.  And here it is, 10:45 on a Monday, I've been at work for almost 3 hours and not a thing has been accomplished - and we're on deadline!  Where is my motivation??  If someone finds it please send it back to me!

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Count me in among the ones having moments of panic about going from 1 to 2.  I just remember doing nothing but sitting on the couch and nursing DS for probably the first 5 or 6 weeks of his life.  That is so not going to be possible with 2!  My older will be 2 on July 23 so still really young and needing a lot of one on one attention.  Also getting a little anxious about going from a WOHM to a SAHM.  It's a good thing and something I want to do, but it will be a big change!

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Yup, I did nothing but nurse and sleep when she slept the first time around... redface.gif

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Hi all.  I love the new picture too!  I am thinking about how this new baby will change the routine around here, but not so much with my now baby.  I am more concerned about my 7 1/2 year old actually.  I feel like I have been putting her off for so many things and now this will be one more reason to not have the time to do things with her.  I don't want to be a whiner, but we sort of had big plans for the summer with our horses and I really feel like I will be letting her down because I won't be able to do much, if any, of what I had in mind. This is her first year she is old enough to do 4-H and she was so excited to show her animals.  I just don't know how I will do it all so close to my due date.  It is so much work and she can't do it all herself, especially since she is just learning how.  I am happy about this baby, but not at all looking forward to the pregnancy, kwim?  Especially the end.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I am very fortunate to have the life I have and I know that lots of people would trade places with me in a heartbeat.  I am blessed and I know it, but UGH, this timing is just not what I had in mind!  I feel like my oldest will be getting the short end of the stick and that makes me really sad.  Maybe it's just hormones already, maybe just the fact that it has been raining here for days on end and I haven't seen the sun in a while, I don't know.  We will work it out.


My husband takes all 6 wks of his FML time, (yes, he is wonderful) so I have lots of help in the early days, that's why I am not too concerned about our 16 mo old.  He is so into his dad too!  He loves to nurse, but his dad is a pretty close second when it comes to comfort, so I am not too worried about not having enough time for him because of the new baby.  I guess I will be tandem nursing if he does not wean during the pregnancy.  I have no problem with that, but if he weans, I won't be too heartbroken!  I am really considering night weaning him in a couple of months because I don't think I can handle nursing 2 all night!  He's a really easy-going little guy and I don't think it will be too hard on him.


Yes, my motivation has disappeared!  I am so lazy feeling lately!  I think that is rain-related too, I guess I am really tuned into the weather, it's hard not to be when you live on a farm though.  Weather is everything!  I have spoken to my hb mw and she has time to take me, yay!  I will be making an appt with a new ob/gyn  just so I have a back-up and someone to order any tests/sonos I might need.  I try to skip all the unnecessary stuff but I like to have someone should the need arise.  


I need to get off my butt and go clean stalls.  Motivation, where are you?!    gloomy.gif

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jeannineb - I totally understand what you mean about not looking forward to pregnancy!  I have two pretty little kids, and I know it's going to be rough when I'm huge and it's hot.


Had the dating u/s!  Looks like I am due 7/31 - I measured 5w6d.  I even got to see a flicker of a heartbeat!  It was still slow (103bpm) but the tech said that is totally normal for this early.  She also said that it looks like I have polycystic ovaries and that my left ovary has a sizable cyst on it.... Who knew?! 



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Originally Posted by pictureframe View Post

jeannineb - I totally understand what you mean about not looking forward to pregnancy!  I have two pretty little kids, and I know it's going to be rough when I'm huge and it's hot.


Had the dating u/s!  Looks like I am due 7/31 - I measured 5w6d.  I even got to see a flicker of a heartbeat!  It was still slow (103bpm) but the tech said that is totally normal for this early.  She also said that it looks like I have polycystic ovaries and that my left ovary has a sizable cyst on it.... Who knew?! 



Oh thanks!  I am so glad I am not the only one dreading it already!  Congrats on your u/s!  I love seeing a heartbeat, so reassuring. 


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Right here, I'm a little nervous about two.  I feel like I run around all morning, picking up, getting dressed, making breakfast, doing laundry, etc, so the thought of a newborn and feeding all the time and diaper changes all the time, etc, etc, leaves me a little worried.  But I know billions of other women have done it, survived and loved it! 

Jamie - How awesome about the avatar and your picture!  A sign for sure!


I'm a little worried about being pregnant in the heat of the summer, so I'm kind of hoping and praying baby comes a week early.  If not, I won't be upset, I'll just try to stay cool and un-swollen!

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The thing that saved me with having two, one being a nursling is a sling. Hands down. With my first, I used the sling a lot. But with my 2nd, it basically seemed like I didn't take him out. I figured out how to do laundry, cook, spend time with my first, etc etc, with the babe in the sling. Thank Goddess for slings!!

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I hope the noob likes the sling. Elsa never cared much for it. But I have a feeling this little one won't have much choice!

I too remember long days spent just holding and nursing Elsa. I'm kind of sad I won't be able to do that this time around.
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Yay for slings!  I have a ring sling, a pouch-type sling and an Ergo.  I don't have the newborn insert for the Ergo, though.  I need to figure out how to nurse the baby in the sling, that's going to be my challenge, I am so HUGE when my supply comes in!  Anyone know if that is alleviated if you have been nursing another through the pregnancy?  Oh my, that would be nice, wouldn't it?  I too, got to spend lots of time holding and nursing both my kids, my first 2 were 6 years apart.  This one is going to be much different, I suspect!

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I can't do slings, they hurt my back too much, even with a tiny newborn. But I will totally be busting out my gauze wrap, given that it'll be 110 in August here, and doing lots of shirtless babywearing!

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My son lived in my Moby wrap for his first 9 months of life. I suspect it will be the same this time around. It will be the easiest way to get things done while giving attention to two kids at the same time.

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jeannineb I believe you will still be engorged and huge even if you have been nursing through pregnancy, but tandem nursing with an older toddler can help give you some relief.


pictureframe Sounds like the u/s was good! Are you going to stay in this DDC? Have your others been before or after their EDD? Just wondering! smile.gif


I too have been wondering how things will go with two little ones. My DD is generally a whiney, fussy kid and a lot of time you just can't make her happy. It is really a challenge. I hope the next baby has a more easy going personality. I know so many before me have done two or more and it just works. I loved wearing DD and plan to wear this baby a lot as well. I have many different types of carriers, but I've been coveting a woven wrap. That is at the top of my list of needs!

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My first important appointment will be January 2nd. I'll have an ultrasound mainly to make sure I have a healthy baby. I'm already scared to death. Ultrasounds have always been how I've found out about miscarriages (3 missed). So, it will be an anxiety filled day for me!

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