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I had a rough week due to the loss of a pet.  My important appointment is dec 19th,  I am so ready for that date to be here already.  

Pictureframe, so awesome you have the date now :) 

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I got both of your appointments onto the "calendar." Sol_y_Paz, I am sorry for your pet loss. I watch Cecilia cuddle her kitties (she is surprisingly good with them for a 20 month old!) and I just can't imagine.

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There's no feeling like getting something you've been craving while pg. Mmmm, it's sooo good.

Today it was pickles.
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Hi all.  Getting my first migraine since the start of this pregnancy.  Took some homeopathics and HOPING they will work.  How I hate taking Excedrin Migraine throughout pregnancy.


Going from 1 to 2 is really the biggest adjustment, but actually the older child (especially a toddler) is the most work. The newborns just sleep and poop and eat.  Once you work out how to hold them in a carrier and nurse at the same time, you are set. 


Going from 2 to 3 isnt as hard.  you are a pro!  LOL  Plus the little ones can entertain each other a little more.


Just thought I'd jump in.

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I got the results from my 2nd beta and my doubling time is around 49 hours (went from 305 at 13dpo in the afternoon to 1084 at 17dpo in the morning). I thought this well was within the normal range, but the midwife at my ob/gyn office is having me do a 3rd beta tomorrow. So now I'm wondering if I should be concerned. This is all so nerve-wracking as it is - I really wish she'd sounded more encouraging on the phone. 

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Sol- I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.


intime- that's too bad about getting migraines. I thought pregnancy helped women with migraines. But I know I'm tending toward more headaches myself.  I hoped the homeopaths helped and it didn't last long.


Eleuthia- those numbers sound great to me. I'm guessing the midwife just wants to triple check since you're concerned and wanted the testing anyway. Just to make sure. Please keep us posted. I'm sure everything will be great!


Ninetales- I can't believe it was actually pickles! Too funny.

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Jumping in to say Hi.. I just found out yesterday, very much a surprise and not planned. This is going to my 6th. My daughter was born a year ago, I like the 3ish year spacing between my others so this close of timing kind of makes me nervous. My last pregnancy I went unassisted but wound up transferring last minute and her actual delivery was extremely traumatic so I have some issues with that. I'm having some very mixed emotions about this pregnancy right now... financially we are in a very bad space, we're living with family and I am worried about being perceived as irresponsible even though I'm very good at reading my body's signs of fertility, last month there really wasn't any clear signs and I thought we were being careful. I truly believe that little souls choose when they want to come and who they want to be their mommy so I'm really trying to embrace the idea that this is meant to be. To add a little to my mixed emotions, 2 years ago I found out I was pregnant... also due in August (well... July but I cook them extra long) and I miscarried on Christmas Eve... so there's some residual anxieties from that.


I tested because I had a dream (always a precursor to pregnancy for me) that I tested and the test was unclear for some reason even though I say 2 lines. Yesterday I bought 2 tests and the first one I took was invalid because I accidentally oversaturated it.... a couple drops from that test into the other test and I had an instantaneous dark positive. lol So, once again, my dream was right...


I guess I could give more information about myself... lol My name is Nic, I have 3 boys and 2 girls. 16, almost 13, 10, and 4 and 1. Am I nuts?? Probably, lol.

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So, hi guys!  I'm Rachel and this is my first pregnancy.  It's a complete shock; we weren't planning on having kids for awhile, yet here we are!  I'm happily married to my husband of 7 years and it looks like we're due in August, a week or two before my 32nd birthday.  My dear friend is a Mothering.com member and she told me I needed to jump in here. 

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Welcome ladies. Sending you both some extra positive vibes. I hope these pregnancies are wonderful for you!

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Had US yesterday to recheck a cyst problem.  Just got lucky with the 6 week US.  The baby was tiny.  Just a little line on the US but had a strong heartbeat and CRL of 6 weeks.  Such a relief and amazing joy to see.  I hope results are equally joyous for you sallyrae17.

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Nic, dreams tip me off, too. During pregnancy, also, they're often signs for me to look at certain things. I had a couple of difficult births, too, for different reasons, so I feel as if I have a lot of mental and spiritual preparation to do for this one!


Rachel, welcome! I felt so lucky to have found Mothering when I was pregnant with my first child back in '05. It was a fluke, just happened to be one of the first hits I got when I searched something or another on the Internet. I am still in touch with nine women from my original due date club!

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I usually just get the tip before I can know... this one waited a little longer than the others to let me know he/she is on the way. I think I knew before but was in denial! lol



Hi Rachel! I joined just before I conceived my 4th :) I'm glad I stumbled across the community, I've made a lot of good friends here. :)

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My ultrasound appointment was changed from the 2nd to the 4th. :-/

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I understand the worry about adding a newborn to the mix. Going from 1 to 2 wasn't as bad as I expected. I hope the same will be true for going from 2 to 3. My 2nd has speech delays that he is getting early intervention for, and I hate the thought of shorting him any extra attention that he needs. My 6-year-old is fairly independent these days, though.


My first appointment is the 5th. It's gonna be a loooong month of waiting.

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Booooo, sallyrae, waiting sucks! lol.gif

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I just dropped by the dr's to get blood drawn, and set up my 1st appt for 1/18. Its going to be a long 5ish weeks of waiting!


I'm a little bummed that my first ultrasound may not be until 18 weeks. I hope my dr will find some code to put me down for an early dating ultrasound! I really like to see that little heartbeat before telling the news to anyone other than parents

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Mama Chickadee- You should hear the heartbeat around 11-12 weeks with the doppler. So you won't have to wait too long to hear something!

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I've heard the heartbeat with almost all of mine between 9 and 10 weeks...

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my 3rd beta came back at 2880 (doubling time around 51 hours) which is good per the midwife. she got me in for an ultrasound on the 15th - not sure why she's eager to do it so early (i'll be 5w6d) and i'm a little worried they won't find anything since i've got a retroverted uterus & i've read it can make it difficult to see what's there right away. BUT if i do get to see a little blob, i'll be really excited! 

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I am having a heckuva time trying to figure out my due date this time around!!

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