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August 31 with baby #2.

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We just found out that we are pregnant after 6 years of trying naturally and Had my DD doing IVF in 2008. We are due with #2 Aug 27 and yes, we got pregnant naturally!!!!!!, No drugs, poking, ultra sounds or thousands of dollars just trying to get pregnant.  It feels GOOD to write that!

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Emilywoo - That's awesome!! Congratulations!!! Welcome to the club! :-)

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yeahthat.gif  and Congratulations AND welcome!!



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August 2nd (based on LMP but I have a 26 day average cycle so ...)

mcampa ~ #2 

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Hey Ninetales, could you update my EDD to 08/15? Doc ruled on that today. :)

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Pregnant with #2 after a miscarriage and multiple IVF's

Due August 10th

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Pregnant with #3, EDD 8/30 hoping for HBAC this time

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August 29th

1st baby!

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Welcome: Mcampa, Lari, ccmama and laurela! peace.gif

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would love to be on the list! :)  EDD 8/19 with #3.  aaaaah!  posting here is sort of helping it sink in though we've known for almost 3 wks lol.  thanks, ninetales!

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the first due date they gave me was 7/20/12 but went to the drs today and had a U/S and they gave me the due date of 8/5/12 so we shall see when baby comes either july or aug

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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post

FINALLY HAVE A DUE DATE, GUYS!  August 9th here. orngbiggrin.gif

Apparently it's actually August 7 according to the lab, so I guess change to Aug 7? Not that 2 days makes a difference, LOL.

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lol Aimee (CMROTFLMAO.gif) I have a due date twin! I finally had my u/s today and they won't be changing my due date yet.

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Don't know how I missed this!!

August 23, #4 for me.
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Updated to this point

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Hey I am Shannon and this is my 2nd baby and 3rd pregnancy.  I am due mid august (will have due date pin pointed better at the end of the week!)  I am so excited!

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Due around aug 12 w baby 3. Will confirm after appt on the 10 th
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I just found out it's twins! Can you update me to say #2 and #3? Thanks!

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