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Welcome!  Erica, good to see you over here from the Bajingo thread!  And welcome, Molita!  You're due one day before or after me (according to LMP I'm August 4 but according to u/s August 6).  How are you feeling?

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Thanks LilyTiger! I'm finally feeling better as of the last couple weeks- a lot more energy and almost no nausea! Before I felt nauseated night and day! How about you? :)

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Same here!  I'm finally in the more energetic phase and other than some mild food aversions all remnants of m/s are gone.  Some new symptoms crop up each week though, just to keep me on my toes.  :)

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Aw, Rebecca... yey for due date buddies!!


LilyTiger: Hey there! biggrinbounce.gif


Okay, so I am gonna be 14 weeks tomorrow withhh my first bubby... And I swearrrr to high heaven, I felt the baby for the first time yesterday. Everyone else has told me around 16 weeks maybe, but maybe 1/2 hour after I ate lunch... things just started feeling weird. Like tingly sorta? I guess maybe fluttery and tingly? Weirdest thing ever. I felt like IIIII was swimming. Who knows! I just know it certainly didn't feel like gas (thank god, lol). love.gif

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Hey Ninetales, now that people are having anatomy scans and finding out the gender, do we want to update the OP here with gender as well as due dates? Might be cool to see it all in one place. orngbiggrin.gif

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That's a good idea.  Whenever you find out and want to share, post it here and I'll fix it up.  You can put the name too even, if you've decided.


Also updated to this post.

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Feel free to post if you're having a boy or girl and I'll put it on the list.  :)

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Hi!  Joy here, Baby #1's due date is now July 30 (based on u/s scan).  Let's just say "late July"..... I'm going to stay on this August DDC since this is where I started!  It's a boy!!

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Well Im mum to three boys aged 2,4,6 with a surprise baby N# 4 on the way. I say surprise because my husband had a vasectomy 14 months ago!! This little bundle of joy will be named Storm (boy or girl) and we wont know until it arrives but we are very excited that we have been chosen again to be parents (Im a bit of a believer that they choose you).
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Sorry forgot to say we are due on the 9th of August.
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I forgot to say, if you are not finding out the sex, you can put that too, and I'll still put it in.  Also I will use the baby's name if you've chosen it.  Let me know if you don't like the format!

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I like that format! There's this smilie to help for those who are waiting until birth stork-suprise.gif

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Ninetales, my doc changed my due date based on the ultrasound to August 6.  And we'll take a stork question mark smilie since we won't find out until birth.  Thanks for keeping this updated!

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Tashie, wow that is a surprise baby.  Congrats and welcome!

My date changed too after an ultrasound but I am leaving it as is on this thread.  

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We are having a boy!  He weighed 12 oz. at the 18 week ultrasound.  My doctor said that he is going to be a big boy if he continues to grow at this rate.

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Originally Posted by Tennessee View Post

We are having a boy!  He weighed 12 oz. at the 18 week ultrasound.  My doctor said that he is going to be a big boy if he continues to grow at this rate.

He might still be a big boy, but remember, ultrasound weight estimates can be off by a lot, especially later in pregnancy. smile.gif

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hi, i'm colleen, due date is august 25th, we're not finding out!

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Hi all! First pregnancy and due August 7th! Finding out the sex on March 20th. Cant wait!
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Due August 31st with fraternal twins! IVF pregnancy. Will confirm on 3/21 but looks like 2 boys! 

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