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We're expecting #2, Aug 17. And if our first is any indication, it'll be more like very late August. ;)

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I've got everybody up to here.  I took some liberties based on what you guys posted, so if you don't like where I put you, just let me know!


It's so exciting - we're starting to get late August EDDs.  Soon there will be a September DDC!


My girl was one of the rare ones who actually did come on her DD.  Of course, the labor was all messed up, so probably she was meant to come before, but hey, it's fun to be able to be one of the few who hits it on the head.

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I can't wait until I actually have a due date! I'm thinking early August but who knows what the dating u/s will say...

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I feel rather silly now, no August baby for us.  Second m/c started this morning.  I'm wishing all you mamas a happy and healthy 9 months!!

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Oh wow, Bubblette, I'm so sorry to hear that. Please don't feel silly for being excited and hopeful. I wish you the best. hug2.gif

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Bubblette, don't feel silly! hug2.gif

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Oh Bubblette, I'm so sorry. hug2.gif I hope you get a sticky BFP soon.
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Thanks for starting this thread.  Please add me we just found out we are (shockingly) expecting #3. Due August 26th on my sister's birthday!

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I'm very sorry, Bubblette.  :(

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August 3rd - baby #2

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Baby #2 due 8/4/12!

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I am due August 25 and this is baby #2 for me. But there is a strong possibility that it could be babies #2 and #3, since we did IVF with two-embryo transfer. In that case, I'd expect to have the babies several weeks earlier. For now, let's put me down as August 25, and I'll update as things progress. Thanks!

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Hi! This is baby #2 for me, My estimated due date is August 24th.

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Aug 10...and I see 2 other mamas with that due date.

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I am due August 3rd with #3

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Hmmm...what to put.  The doctor's will say August 3rd based on my period.  I say August 5th, knowing my cycles are always a couple days longer than average.  And that probably puts me at August 9th for delivery.  Both of my boys have come at 40w4d (by my calculations...41w by the doctors both times).  I have a dating ultrasound on the 22nd of this month, so maybe we'll let them decide.

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Oh, and this will be #7 for our family.

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We're expecting our 2nd baby August 6.

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Hi Madelaine! I'm due Aug 24th too. This is number 3 for us. Our first was stillborn at 38 weeks gestation and DD is 10.5 months!


intime0, #7 wow, I am hoping for a large family too!

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