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Will my kids ever SSTN? (Will I?)

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Hi mamas!

Our situation isn't awful...I just wonder how long this will/can go on, especially as the kids keep getting bigger and taking up more space...


We are blessed to have a king sized bed.  Thank goodness, as 4 people and 2 cats are in it by the middle of the night!


Both kids slept with us as babies.  Now dd, 5 1/2, goes to bed in her own bed.  At some point (usually midnight-ish) she awakens and joins us in bed.  Same with the 18 month old, who nurses to sleep, is placed in his crib, then wakes around 11 for a dipe change.  He then nurses back to sleep and upon waking.  Two big cats, too.


I keep waiting for the 5 1/2 year old to SSTN.  Am I being unrealistic?  Am I going to have to "train" her to stay in her own bed?  I don't want her to do that (=feel unwelcome).  But it is getting crowded, which means it is harder to sleep. 


Advice appreciated.  It is not miserable at this point.  Just not optimal.  I'm fine with the bf-ing babe sleeping with us.  But I'd like to think that in a year or so we all just might sleep through the night, even occasionally.  But dd is showing no signs of doing that.


I'd love to hear about your experiences.



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Would it work to put a little side bed, or crib futon down on the floor next to the bed? That is something we did for the older one when the babe was also in bed. That way s/he felt included but didn't cramp all of us too much.


Yes they do eventually sleep in their own beds! We have 16, 13, and 6 and they definitely do not sleep with us! It feels like forever at the time!

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Thank you lauren!  I think another bed in our room would work well.  Alas there is no space--our king bed takes up the entire room.


I really thought that the fatigue of kindy would get dd to sleep through the night.   Nope.  When she says goodnight to my husband she actually smiles and says "see you in the middle of the night!"


The truth is that part of me will miss it when she doesn't come in with us anymore.  But most of me is ready!  Not ready, however, to forbid it...I do not want her to feel unwelcome or unwanted.  But sometimes it just seems nutty.


I'd love to hear other folks' experiences with extended co-sleeping.  How and when did your kids transition into sleeping in their own beds?


The kids share a room, so that may make an eventual transition easier.  We plan to get bunk beds come spring.



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My almost 4 year old comes in to our bed at night too.  We have a king.  She is a kicker.  I would like to put a sleeping bag on the floor for her.  I know you said your king takes up the whole room, but there must be a little space somewhere where a 5 year old could fit in a sleeping bag?  Or maybe open the door and she can be in the hall?  I know what  you mean about not wanting to exclude her but we need to sleep all night at some point, don't we?

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