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Choosing a name/off-shoot of ginormous name thread

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After confirming that the bean is a boy, we are in name delirium. We have a few names (Arlo, Sam, Wendell, Alasdair and Malcolm) that we're tossing around but we can't seem to settle or to even consistently feel good about one versus the other.


Mamas, did you "know" when you picked the right name for your child? Or was it a more diplomatic, organic process of discussion and coming back to certain names?

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For us we had a list of names we were considering, DH put three of them together and I said "ooooo!" We talked it over for another day and settled on it.

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Took us several weeks to pick out DS's first name and a few months for the middle name.  His name is Malachi Justice.  With this one, I keep coming back to Phoebe Joy but am not settled. I end up having a top few and then we kind of go with the one that we keep coming back to. DH is a he knows it when he knows it person, I need to think about it for a while.

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We had 3 names we hadn't decided between when DS came early. We ended up naming him based on what fit him best once we met him. That worked out so well that we will come up with our top couple names and wait to meet this baby before naming her officially.

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DH and I had talked about names before as I think most married couples do at some point. DH picked out DSS's name and it was pretty much all his decision (Thank God). So he had already named one himself. We picked out Eleanor Rose together and I had Tavender Millard picked out for years. I've thought about kicking around some other names but at this point I am already calling her Eleanor and DSS is calling her Nora. We are settled for this one. The next one on down the road though, who knows!

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I have all different experiences, from having one part of the name before birth but figuring out the rest after to having no idea and, in the case of my 3rd, taking 5+ weeks to settle on a name that had been a top contender all along. I think I may be pretty settled with this one, I am just working out the kinks (the Hawaiian part and my kids' opinion) and letting it sit before I commit.

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We had our boy & girl name before finding out the sex with our first. When we found out she was a girl, that was it. I even later on asked if other names were totally off the table or if we could still discuss, and DH had his mind completely set on her name and was not up for any discussion.  This time around, we aren't finding out the sex.  I made the mistake of telling him a boy name I liked early on that I don't like anymore and he's stuck on it. So I've decided not to mention anymore names to him in case I change my mind! We won't decide until we meet him/her.

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Oooh, I'm so jealous of all you mamas with names already chosen!  DP and I can't come to a consensus about this baby's name.  I think the middle name (for either sex) will be my maternal grandmother's maiden name, Denham, but first names allude us.  I like more gender neutral uncommon names while DP is concerned that every name I like will lead to a life of playground teasing (clearly, I disagree).


On our short list right now:






Pace (this is really only on DP's list)



For a boy, we're also considering Denham Jude as a first and middle combo, but I can't commit to it.  


I want so much to have a name (or a girl name and a boy name) for this baby, but he or she may be born as Baby G-F for a while irked.gif


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I had a boy name picked out before I met my husband... coincidentally, the middle name is his first name, so it fits wonderfully. People can think that was the intention. lol.gif My husband liked it, so we agreed on it before we were married.


I had a favourite girl name too, that I didn't tell him. I never expected him to like it or use it since its very much not a traditional name here (its Arabic. We are not). Well I mentioned it one day, and he loved it! So we agreed on that for a daughter, before we were even trying to conceive. We didn't find a middle name we liked with it until a few months into the pregnancy.


When we found out we are having a girl, I started calling her by her name. The other name will be her brother's, when and if we have a son.

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We have a girls name picked out....but I am not so sure about it. I can't come up with anything else I like, but I also don't want to use a popular name. This one is currently in the low 300's on the social security list but it is similar to two that are in the top 20. If this were to hit the top 20's I would be upset. Yes, I am odd....yes I know it shouldn't matter.....but the fact is that it does. My sons name moved from the high 200's to the mid 100's in 4 years.


Other names we like wouldn't move higher too much but I keep coming back to the original.....it just fits for me. Sigh. Someone talk some sense into me.

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Rik - I understand.  I don't want anything in the top 500, and DP only likes things that are relatively common (but not popular).  

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Rik - I understand.  I don't want anything in the top 500, and DP only likes things that are relatively common (but not popular).  

The name we like can be spelled with that random y that drives me nuts and it would be in the 900's, but I look at all spellings when I pick a name. My other two aren't too out there, but they were in the 300's when we picked them. DDs is still around the same and DSs is moving higher every year. I just don't know what to do....try to fall in love with another one or suck it up and use this one.

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I think Eleanor was number 165 last year... But I still don't know of anyone in our circle of friends/family using that name or Rose. I figure as long as it's not in the top 100, that's not too bad. That;s just my two cents. smile.gif

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My goal had been to shoot for lower 100s. I wanted something recognizable, but not ubiquitous. Ashley (my name) became the national #1 the year I was born. DD's name went from 69 to 30 something the year she was born, but this baby's name doesn't even rate; most have never heard of it.

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I know I should just go with what I love, but it is hard when I think about the Ashley's, Amanda's, and Melissa's of the world! LOL!

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I must confess that we have not even begun to discuss any names.  I've been so sick that we are still in survival mode.  Hopefully, this sweetie will start revealing her/himself and help me out a little!  lol

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we have named differently.  First and this one fully named before birth, second had middle names but a no first name just the short list. 3rd I had 2 pages of possible names taped to the wall that I looked at during labor.



I find it helpful to call the baby the name you are considering and that can help you sort out if it is right or not. I knocked off a lot of names I really like.

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I don't feel the need to name before baby is here, but if the name comes to me, I'm not afraid of using it.  I do not, however, tell anyone IRL.  I like announcing it after the baby is born. 

I do have a question though: I often wonder how important it is for babies names to "match."  I have never liked my name.  I am a Jenny from 1980, and my siblings have names like Phoebe, Chloe, Holly, Joan, Alice, Megan and Matthew.  Megan and Matthew are not too unique, but they aren't Jenny either. I have always felt my name didn't "fit" with my siblings.  So, with this baby I am worried, even though my first two don't really match either.  I have an Eliott (Eli) and a Silas.  Because Eli and Silas are both Bible names, I wonder if I have to stick with religious names.  Our girl name is pretty set right now, but Thomas is on top of our boy list (my dad's name, DHs middle name), but it is way to common for my immediate liking. Should names "match," or can do something completely different? What do you think.

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Jenny - I am definitely concerned with the new baby's name jiving well with our son's name. 


I am a waiter in the name department. It was really important to me to have some ideas for names but to wait to get an idea of what Kai was like before we named him. The other names on his short, short list were Harrison and Fletcher with a strong leaning to Harrison and I knew that Harrison was not for him when we met him. 


Our list keeps expanding and contracting. This week I had a name epiphany and got really excited about Leigh. My husband's grandfather's name is Lee and he and his sisters all share the middle name Lee. I thought it would be so good; he is not feeling it. I am putting it on the list anyway. Maybe if I say it again in a week or two he will think it is great. In the mean time I have learned that another evening soap opera type show has a female character named Charlie, so I am wondering if it is going to become more popular. I also saw and sort of love the name Nya. I like how it is super short like Kai and has the same sort of feel to it. 

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jenny- One consideration in "matching" names is what constitutes a match. So yes, Biblical names match, but so do names that start with the same letter, or names with a certain sound pattern or names with a theme ie: nature, Hebrew, Lord of the Rings, etc. Sometimes it's just a sense of it... my boys are named for 1) a tree 2) a character from Chronicles of Narnia 3)a Celtic god 4) his Italian lineage. So there is no common link, but somehow they all fit together. Part of my challenge now is figuring out what else fits, as my boys and I seem to have different ideas about it. For you, you could keep the Bible theme and still have a ton of choices some of which fit sonically better than others (I'm thinking Levi vs. Daniel, for instance) or you could choose something that just fits sound-wise, like Liam or Giles (btw, I'm just using examples, I don't mean these to be suggestions if they don't appeal to you). I do think it's nice to have some kind of continuity, but what that looks like is the question, really.


kaismum- leigh and nya are both nice with kai :)

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