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Haha! yeah, that's nerdy ;)

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well it would go good together, Wulfric Lupin fows well.

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a friend of mine threw Albus in as one of her son's middle names--I think it might have been a suggestion from her daughter, but it's kind of 'nerd-lite', since it's a good name, but a little Potterish. I think it's fun!
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Hehe, I thought my kid's name was nerd-lite. Miles (first middle name) is the name of the main character in mine and DH's favorite sci-fi series. If you like sci-fi at all you HAVE to read Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga.

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I think we've settled on a middle name for either sex - Denham.  It's my much beloved maternal grandmother's maiden name.  We made the "mistake" of throwing it out as a possibility, and now there are lots of family members lobbying for it.  


The current front-runner for a girl is Frances Denham Gr**n-Ferg**son, but it's by no means a done deal.  We'd probably call her Fran or Frankie.  


There isn't much a front-runner for boys at the moment.  We considered Francis for a boy, but DP is afraid he'll get teased, and I don't like Frank on a boy.  I love Ira, but DP has a bad association with it.  We also love nature names - River and Rowan, for example - but so many nature names are out with one of the last names being Green.  My family is also VERY traditional in the naming department, and I don't want to hear what they have to say if we pick a completely obscure name or one that's too "out there."


I'd love to start calling this baby by something other than "Baby" or "Pie" - his or her gestational name thanks to our donor who wrote lots and lots about pumpkin pie in his profile :)

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I know what I am leaning towards, but I'm not sure, for a few reasons. What I have come up with is Percival Keala'alohi Peregrine Alexander. The biggest pro is that all these names feel really right to me. The biggest con is that I'm not sure it flows at all. Some days I think it works, some days not so much. I can change the order (except that Alexander can't move farther than third hyphenated with a fourth) and I may expand Keala'alohi if I find a native speaker who can tell me the exact phrase I want. Other than that, out of many many names I like, these are the ones that give me everything I want. My other boys still want me to name this one Dante, but I'm just not feeling it. Ideas? Opinions?

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Jess, just curious, are multiple middle names common in Hawaii? My dad grew up there but none of his siblings were born there, and I only have one middle name. However my aunt married someone else who grew up in Hawaii, and both of them have two middle names, one pretty standard and the other Hawaiian.

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I don't think I can answer this authoritatively, but it does seem pretty common. Among the native speakers I've seen multiple names and/or very long Hawaiian names. Also, it is very multicultural here, so you see quite a few multiethnic and hyphenated names... it is not unthinkable to have a Top 100 name first, a Hawaiian middle name and a hyphenated Asian-Portuguese last name, for example. For me it is the simple fact that this is my only child to be born here (at this point anyway) and I really love the Hawaiian names, but I don't want to give up one of the other names I like, especially since this may be the last time I get to name a baby (I have to be realistic that more likely than not this is my last). So I want to go all out orngbiggrin.gif

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Jess, just curious, are multiple middle names common in Hawaii? My dad grew up there but none of his siblings were born there, and I only have one middle name. However my aunt married someone else who grew up in Hawaii, and both of them have two middle names, one pretty standard and the other Hawaiian.


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That's really awesome. I heard some interesting stories about Hawaii's multiculturalism. For instance how my dad's very Lithuanian last name would get mispronounced to sound Japanese. It seems like Hawaii's a really neat place to grow up, but my dad had to leave in the early 80s because he couldn't find a job. And thus, I exist (live in Illinois my whole existence).

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DH is ready to commit to Phoebe!  I am still sitting with it but I cannot think of her with any other name so (this is me being really noncommittal) for now, she is Phoebe smile.gif  It just feels so final when you pick, lol.

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I just can't decide!!! I'm having a girl, and I thought I had decided to name her Maxine after my beloved grandma but call her Max/Maxie...but I'm having a hard time identifying her with that name. I've been feeling for months, even before I found out she was a girl that she was a Clementine. I really feel her being a Clementine. So, I'd love to use my grandma's name as a middle name instead, but Clementine Maxine is a false rhyme. It looks like a rhyme even though it doesn't sound like a rhyme...so they don't seem to go together. UGH! But I'm really feeling she's a Clementine. What do you guys think?


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Could you do a variation of Maxine, like Maxa or Maxima or even Mitzi? I know it's probably not quite what you want to achieve, but something like that?? I think you should honor both the name that feels right and the name that has significance, if possible.

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I would go with Clementine Maxine. They're both such nice names! And although I see what you're saying about it looking as though it rhymes, it probably won't be too often that her full name will be spelled out, and when it's spoken it's clear that they don't rhyme.
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Sorry, I totally haven't been keeping up with the names thread--this is intense stuff, choosing a name!!  With DD, I honestly don't know how we came up with her 1st name, it was just like it was always there, and always right--but it was nothing I had ever thought of pre-pg...I don't have any memory of a dream or anything like I do with this one.  We used a family name for her middle name...then we found out that the family member (who died several years before DD was born) didn't even LIKE that name...oh well...I happen to love it, and I loved the family member, so it's all good.


With this one, I went to an acupuncturist early in the pg to deal with the nausea/vomiting/fatigue.  Had never tried acupuncture before but after hyperemesis with DD had researched options and acupuncture was high on my list to try!  At the first appointment, I was given a guided meditation to do during the treatment...only, no matter how I tried to 'stay on track' with the meditation (she was going for the idea of unblocked energy flow, I know, but used an analogy of a Sunday drive with no traffic) I couldn't.  Maybe because taking a drive isn't my thing, or who knows what, the mediation kept diverting into a scene where I was floating on a gently moving river/creek with calm but sparkly, sun dappled-water, in a BRIGHT pink inter tube.  I tried to get back to the 'guided' mediation but no luck.  I haven't been inter tubing in a decade and then only once anyway and don't recall recently seeing any kind of creek/river like what I imagined.  Felt AMAZING after that appointment.  Anyway, after we found out DD2 will be a girl, DD1 picked out her middle name--Pearl.  It's nothing I would have ever thought of but it seemed perfect for some reason.  There's a bit more to it than that but for brevity, I'll just say she was adamant about it and we had already discussed having her contribute to the middle name.  


But I was really struggling with first names.  I wanted something to do with water and the Pisces sign.  I'm way more inclined to the sidereal zodiac, and by that idea, I think this baby will be a Pisces (I've never been real into the zodiac until I started reading up on the sidereal zodiac and couldn't believe how much the 'signs' there match up with me and those I know).  A few days later I had a dream where a voice (baby?) told me that my vision during the meditation meant this:  bright pink inter tube = girl, shape of inter tube represents middle name Pearl, first name needs to mean "to float" which is what I was doing in the vision.  I've never experienced anything so direct, so I wake up, look up names that mean "to float" and find Lana.  Which in Polynesian has the meaning, 'to float; calm as still waters'.  And I was just in Hawaii.  Now, honestly, I don't love the name Lana, but it's growing on me.  I can't find anything else that would mean "to float"...so I tinker with adding an "i" to make it "Liana" which I know messes with the meaning, but it also adds that syllable which is in my, DD's, and my sisters' names and I like that connection.  I also like the 3 syllable 1st name followed by the 1 syllable 2nd name...and DD and DH love it!  But after 'deciding' on that, everywhere I turn, I'm bumping into the name "Lana"--it's happened 2 or three times in a very short amount of time and for a rather uncommon name, I find that odd.  So now I'm torn--go with Liana and maybe call her Lana sometimes?  To me, the name Lana can sound a bit like an adjective (perhaps that's my association with wool since I love wool) and having an adjective before Pearl sounds awkward.  I'm pretty sure DD and DH think I've gone all kinds of crazy implying that the baby named herself in a dream. 

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Both are good choices, but I think they do have different feel. Lana Pearl sounds very 1940s to me. Vintage, but not old fashioned. Liana Pearl sounds way more exotic and tropical, even tho I know Lana is a Hawaiian/Polynesian word and Liana isn't (as far as I can tell) tho it is a type of vine.

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Jess- I love Dante. I honestly fought naming her Dante and if she comes out with red hair, things just might change...


SFMB- I'm not much on Clementine Maxine because, like you said it's a false rhyme. I am leaning towards Clementine more. I have a friend Maxine and she goes by Max all the time. When I hear the name Clementine it makes me think of the south in the early 1900s very.... warm like sweet southern orange tea. It's a fun name to say, it flows by itself. What other names did you have to go with Clementine? Not trying to bump out Maxine, just wondering.


Rasa- Liana Pearl. It has a great sound to it. Every time I see the name Lana, I think of Lana Lang from Superman and Smallville. Lana Lang was the most annoying character to me... so I guess I am pretty against that name... lol. Liana Pearl is a great  name.

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cseky, I got confused, but apparently you're confusing me and saudade.

Saudade, there's a cute swing version of Clementine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKxjvlEQvaQ Unfortunately it's full of some pretty awful fat jokes. But then again, there are some seriously awful lyrics in some swing songs. Smack Dab in the Middle is pretty bad, for instance.

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cseky- I think I like Dante for a red haired girl better than for my inevitably dark haired boy   winky.gif

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different oh my darling then i knew




I LOVE clementine. Hubs would never use it for a kid so I tried to change my chicken meghan's name to clementine since she roosts in the clementine tree if we don't put her up before dusk. I guess the kids have known her too long as Meghan, they won't call her Clementine.


Rasa, I LOVE Lana Pearl.



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I feel like all we do is talk about names for our little guy and yet we really can't find one we both love. There are a few that we like. I know we have a while but i have started having nightmares that our son is born and I keep forgetting his name. In my dream I keep having to ask people and I am so embarrassed that when I finally remember what his first name is I never don't want to ask what his middle name is and I go the rest of my life not knowing! Lol!!!! I have had this dream at least 3 times. I think we had better settle on a name soon before I go crazy.

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