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Show your tats!!

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Photo on 2011-12-04 at 16.46.jpgOne for my boys. Now I'm gonna have to figure out how to add another chick to the nest and name to the banner, lol.

Darn, I just realized it's reversed... not sure how to fix that, but I hope y'all get the idea anyway.

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Ok, I am going to tackle this project.

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Left foot ugly duckling and Romans 3:23(sorry so big)


Right foot Swan and 2 Corinthians 5:17


 Right calf, fetus being protected from technology by nature.


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Right wrist, a fairy with a birthstone star for each child and Brian's birthstone magic, Psalm 128


Left arm, full sleeve wind bars, fire and water, a phoenix on top, two swans,wind swirls, paper lanterns on bottom.


Dogwood tree on my lower back


Trogdor(ette) baking cookies and Genesis 2:18 on my right arm.(Brian has Trogdor on his arm.It is from Strongbad if you are familiar. We are geeks through and through.


I also have two celtic symbols on my shoulders, a tribal lower backpiece(that is my worst piece...it is worth it to find a good artist.),a cross on my thigh, a cross on my left calf, and a symbol for servant on the back of my neck.

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Awesome Wendy! Thanks for indulging us orngbiggrin.gif

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Wow Wendy, I am impressed!

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Awesome, I feel like I need to go get a tattoo!

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Thank you for sharing! 


Wendy - I want to see more detail of your fetus piece sometime. I love the concept...beautiful. 


jess - The play on the classic design is awesome. :)


I was a pierced fool ("fool" used in a good way) earlier in life. Back corset of surface piercings for a year was my favorite, although inherently temporary. My last favorites (nape and frenulum) were removed for an MRI and couldn't get them back in. No piercer in my area could successfully get them back in either without re-piercing (my original guy went off to med school), and I couldn't risk the healing process at that point. I miss them! I spent so much consideration on appearance individualization when I was a consultant.  :-/

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I've been wanting to get a tatoo of a ring on my wedding ring finger (most likely saying eternity or something in Ancient Greek)...for those times where I need to take my wedding ring off (something that occurs quite often due to handling museum objects in classes, swelling, or a million other odd reasons). That way, I'd never really have to take my ring off because there would be one under it! The problem is I'm a bit of a wimp about certain types of pain and I'm worried that would be one of them...then I'd have half a ring and make them stop :p LOL

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Originally Posted by zuzusplace View Post

 The problem is I'm a bit of a wimp about certain types of pain and I'm worried that would be one of them...then I'd have half a ring and make them stop :p LOL

I love this coming from a woman who has given birth 4 times already! lol.gif

Really it isn't any worse, and even though I am super scared of needles for blood draws etc. tattooing isn't at all like that either.

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a double whammy, my belly and my only tat, a stick and poke star I gave myself at 16!  and yes, I'm still rocking the leopard print orngbiggrin.gif

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NIIIIIICE! I love your pic tarabelle... I can't explain how much, but I totally get it! orngbiggrin.gif

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rock and roll mamas unite! 

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NO tats, yet, very rare in my circle I tell ya. Can't afford what I want so I wait. Love all the ink



...but I'm still wearing my red leopard pants to shows, they actually fit better now

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No tats for me yet. I'm waiting to get my first after I get my MFA which is still some years away. Love the tats ladies!

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I'll post pics when I can, but currently have 3 tats. The first is a butterfly on my foot that I got when I was 18 and away at college.  Second is a five petaled flower in the middle of my shoulder blades to symbolize the five phases of a woman's life: birth, maiden, mother, crone, and death. Got it a month after I got married when I was 25. My BFF got the same flower tattooed on the belly of a goddess in the same place on her back.  Third is a very simple ankh that wraps around my wrist.  Always drew it on my wrist and planned on getting it tattooed after having my first, to symbolize the circle of life.  Ended up tattooing it after my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.  After this babe, I am planning on sound a family garden on my back to surround the flower that is already there.  It will have the birth month flowers of DH, DD, DS , and myself.  Also want to get a peony tattooed somewhere in memory of my grams who passed away last year.

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I just have the one...




It says "saudade" and for the meaning, go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saudade

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I have quite a few, I couldn't find a picture of my lower back tattoo though- the sign of the triple goddess.




The SATOR square on my wrist




Moon ( for dh) and dragonfly on same hand/wrist




Venus, and hint of the three stars for my sisters behind my ear




another dragonfly and Elohim 




Left kidney I had done for my recipient, still in the flakey stage:)




Wolf and tiger prints with oghams on the inside, roughly meaning life and death, very roughly.




Best one I could find of my bunny, from 'As the World Burns'. He is a one eyed bunny who escaped from an animal testing facility and is running with a box of explosives to blow up a dam. He's saying, 'I've got ideas, I've got ideas!'

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I am loving everyone pics! Tattoos tell so much about a person, who they are and were....

I have two others put i don't think I can really get pictures- one is a white crescent moon under/around my left breast, the other (my first) is a highly stylized rabbit on my belly, but it's a bit faded now. I have lots of ideas for more, but probably next will be "Sat" on one wrist and "Nam" on the other.

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I have one on my back,  I can get a photo later. It's a ha;f sun, half moon with tribal rays and it says balance in the middle. I got it when I was 17. Someday when I have money I want to get a half sleeve. It will have Juniper leaves and berries as the background (for Juniper) then birds, sort of in the old sailor style but it will be a red breasted robin for HUbs, a dove for Jewel, a bluebird for Josie, a little sparrow for me and whatever bird ends up being associated with Coralline.


I will also get an old style singer sewing machine to cover some initials I had home tattooed on my ankle when I was a teen.

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