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saudade a great  word :)

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I have tattoos that I want to show off!! :)


(P.S. It has been so hard for me to get on MDC, lately. I never get a chance to sit down anymore.)




A rose.  This tattoo has multiple meanings for me. 




I don't know why this picture is huge! "Cherry Bomb" with my appendix scar right sliced right through it lol.  This is my favorite tattoo.  The ends of the letters are cherry stems. 


I am planning many more...

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i want to get an old school rose tattoo now for rosie. (i'm not such a rockabilly but dh sure is!!)
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LOVE the cherrybomb tattoo with the scar. That's so hard.


I only have one tattoo, and it's a cat in its self-righting reflex (hard to take a picture because it's on my right wrist). I was going through a major "always land on my feet" time and it seemed like a good reminder that I can handle shit. With that said, let's talk about new tattoo ideas! Obviously, my next tattoo is going to be a Heron. DH is thinking of getting a Heron with a Rowan sprig (his son's name, for both of his boys). Looove kid tattoos.

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CBM- I have a scar tat on my belly, but I had the scar first and wanted to change the energy of it. The way yours is somehow adds energy, like a cherry bomb exploding.

Tarabelle and Arbybee- love those ideas... I almost went with literal illustrations for mine (as far as would be possible) but the pelican and babies kinda came together on it's own. I still do think about how to incorporate all the plants and animals in their names into one cohesive design.

At some point I'm going to have to get my "dudemom" tat updated, but I'm gonna hold off for a while, 1) I need it to fade because I want it totally reworked; I couldn't find the perfect picture to reference till after I got it and the artist was fairly young and inexperienced... I don't regret it, I just know it could be improved. 2) As illogical as it seems, there is a big part of me that thinks I could have one more baby in a few years, so I have to consider the possibility that someday I may have 6 sons (!!!)

In the mean time, first I'll get "Sat Nam", then either Kali, or something nature/locally inspired, or maybe some sacred geometry, or, or, or.......


Oh! that's it... after Sat Nam, I will get a Peregrine Falcon (I have a great photo I took of one at a Ren Faire) orngbiggrin.gif

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tarabelle - You can never go wrong with a sailor jerry style tattoo! :)


arbybee - My next will be a pin up mermaid.  I was in the water most of my childhood/teen years (swim team and water polo) and I feel so at home while swimming. I would love some type of birthing  tattoo, but can't seem to picture what I want.


jess in hawaii - Love how you put it! 

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