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Does anyone have any information on Evelyn or her staff and how they are doing?  I moved this summer and had no idea Evelyn was the victim of some stupid witch hunt.  Let me tell you, she attended my 2011 birth and helped me realize my dream of having the most memorable birth ever.  She and Laurie Lee (birth assistant) gave me compassionate and competent care from beginning to end.  I am absolutely heartbroken that women will no longer have access to her services.  I also feel for her because she care so deeply about each mother and child.  Hers was a work of love.

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Hey there lady!  We are still here.  Evelyn is working through the Nursing Board process to get her license back.  It takes a long time, but light at the end of the tunnel I think soon.  I have been birth assisting with Susan Dodge mostly since then and also doing doula work with partners in the doula biz.  I started nursing school in the fall on the road to CNM, God willing.  Everyone else in the office has moved on and is doing well.  I miss being at ABC.  I don't recognize the truth in most of what has been reported in the press or by Amy T and company.  Feel free to PM me if you want to chat.  Hope you are well!

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The death with the twin mother was in a hospital I would like to point out, and I know a friend of the family.  There was no BP/ liver issue evident before birth they way she was told by family.  It was a postpartum quickly escalating situation/tragedy.  As a twice twin mama (who trained with Gena's eventual midwife and know how amazing she is) that story broke my heart.  I was a transfer for my second twin pregnancy for preterm birth (didn't expect it since my first twin pregnancy was perfect) and I was treated like absolute crap at the hospital.  I had to strongly and repeatedly advocate for myself and my babies.  Home birth in Maryland needs a few things.  Licensing and standards for all midwives serving women here.  A Midwifery Board overseeing them instead of a Nursing Board where there may not be one single CNM reviewing the events of a case being investigated (let alone one with any home birth experience), and a seamless transport system as other first world nations with legal and recognized home birth incorporated into the wider health model in that nation.

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When you say Evelyn is working on regaining her license, do you mean as an RN, or the ability to work as a CNM again?

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Its great to hear she working to get reinstated!!!! I would love to use her again in the future
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P.s homewithtwinsmama can you PM me? Since I just joined mothering I cant yet send PMs greensad.gif
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