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Decrease in talking

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Elliott has been a very verbal guy.  Lots of coos and we would have conversations.  In the last couple weeks, I have noticed a significant decrease in his vocalizations and some days he hardly talks to me at all.  He has been blowing raspberries as his new thing. 


I was reading that sometimes babies stop working on one thing to focus on another.  His motor skills are really taking off.  He purposely grabs for things.  He can roll over from belly to back and back to belly.  He can pick things up and switch them to the other hand. 


I'm trying not to worry about it much since it's not like there's much I can do and I talk to him all the time anyway.  Plus, it seems to be a common concern when I google it...it comes up in other baby forums a lot.


Just curious if you have noticed this trend...or if you did with your first kid.

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They take turns with things.

I was a nanny with two year old twin girls and watched them do that. It's very interesting. One was big on talking and one was all about motor skills. It all evens out!


Also.. you should get a video of him doing a raspberry! :D I wanna see!!

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I just noticed this yesterday with Mags. She used to "talk" to me alot and now all she seems to want to do is spit at me smile.gif She has been developing some pretty crazy motor skills. So i guess this is normal.
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This happened with Maisie a couple of weeks ago and I got worried.  But I think she was just working on her motor skills.  Now she's grabbing at everything with a high degree of accuracy and in the past few days has been even more verbal than she was before.  She has a bigger range of sounds and I swear she's singing to us sometimes.  I

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Sounds like he is right on target then. :)  Thanks ladies. 


Becky, I will try to get a video of a raspberry. :)

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Thanks for this thread, I was wondering the same thing!

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The vocalizing is back. :)  He hasn't shut up all day. :)

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