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Not sure if this is the place to post...but at what age did you first take your child to the dentist.  I know the AAP recommends 1 yo now but my dentist said 3 was fine. Just wondering other experiences.




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we brought our 20 month old to the dentist about a month ago at 19 months- I think doing it htis early is a good idea just to rule out possible problems.

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I've decided to take my DS to the dentist in January, when he will be about 16.5 months old. My pediatrician doesn't push going at this age (although she is supportive), but DH has quite a few teeth problems due to genetics, so I just want to get my son checked out to make sure everything with his teeth is OK so far.

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Our dentist also said three is plenty early enough, so that's when both my kids started seeing her. 

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Both the pediatric and our dentist do not see children before 3 unless there are issues. As soon as my kids turn 3, I take them in every 6 months for a cleaning. We were seeing a different dentist when DD1 was little, I took her when she was a little over 2, maybe 2 and 4 or 5 months, she refused to let them do anything but take a quick peek into her mouth. They said to come back when she was 3. Literally days after she turned 3 I noticed decay in her mouth and we had to go the whole pediatric dental/sedation route because there was so much but considering how she acted just a few months before, there really wasn't any other way to go about it. 

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I took DD2 (now 16 mo) at about 12 months because she had a weird gum flap (just a teething issue and normal)... it was very positive and we will now go every 6 months.


I didn't take DD1 (now 9) until she was about 3, and she has had a lot of early cavities. I am not advocating one way or another, nor do I know what caused the cavities, but I felt bad about that and wondered if it was due to a lack of early dentist visits.

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Our dentist starts seeing kids at age 1. They do not get a full dental cleaning or x-rays at that age (at least at our dentist). The point is to get the child comfortable with the setting ahead of time and to get a heads up on any issues. At our visit my son was barely 2. The dentist looked in his mouth for issues, pointed out any brushing deficiencies (back of the bottom front teeth for us), and brushed fluoride on his teeth. Our ped recommends we visit the dentist by age 3.

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Stacy, i do not believe we were looking for advertisements to a dentist, please feel free to participate with us in a more interactive way though!



to the OP, i brought my twins to the dentist this summer at 18m, i would have actually done it sooner but was soo busy.  i went for a quick visit, to meet the dentist, get them used to them and the whole event and to just get a feel for their mouth thru the eye of a pro. it was super fast and felt good, they noticed a few things he will just watch and nothing to worry about. he showed me some tricks about brushing their teeth and let  them play with his tools.  they have been way more into brushing their teeth since the visit.  we will go every 6 month for a quick look.

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we start at one year and my dd did let them clean her teeth at one. we don't do flouride. my son at 3 1/2 finally let them clean his teeth (they looked bit didn't pressure before) and we ended up filling two cavities on his molars (quick, no need to numb since they were caught early). we go early because genetically they are predisposed to having bad teeth and i don't want them going through all the problems i had. 

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I started at 18 months and plan to do it every six months for his entire childhood

he hasnt' had a cleaning yet but I like to have the dentist look at him and rule out problems. both times dh was with me and dh sat on the cair and held ds in his lap while I stood next to them and our dentist is really nice so ds wasn't scared.

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Took him in for the first visit at 1 year old. They just looked at his teeth and gave him a sticker. At the next appointment they cleaned his teeth and gave him another sticker smile.gif
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All three of mine went at age 3.

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we went at 3 yo, and the ped dentist said that was fine. He said that they do recommend coming in at 1 yo,  but mostly to educate the parents, like tell them to brush their kids' teeth, avoid soda and juice, etc. So if you use good judgement, i'm sure 3 is fine.

If we had family history of dental problems i would go sooner.

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I took my DS in at 18 months (our insurance sent me a notice saying it was time) and sort of regret going that early. The whole experience was pretty traumatic for both of us---they had me hold DS down while one hygenist held his mouth open and another cleaned his teeth. DS screamed hysterically (obviously!!) and I was really shaken up. I went along with it at the time, but looking back, I really wish I'd stopped the cleaning once DS started to get upset. No better way to make a child hate the dentist than to make it a painful, scary experience. And this was a pediatric dentist! I also got chewed out by the dentist for nursing at night, which she claimed was going to ruin DS's teeth. We're definitely not going back!


Sorry--just realized that was a very negative story to share--I don't mean to put anyone off from taking their LO to the dentist early on. I would just make sure you ask what the first appointment will require and be prepared to ask them to back off if your LO gets upset. I wish I had been more assertive and done so!

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i think it was a good story to share, because you are very right in that it is up to us to find out what is going to happen and how to take the best care of out kids. we had a good time but would not have if they had wanted to clean their teeth! they did just a tiny bit of brushing and quit the minute the fussing started, and it was the dentist that said "might as well not make them hate me right off the bat!!"


he also when asking about food and drink and hearing that they get nothing but BM and water to drink at 19m was thrilled and "informed" me that BM does not give cavities. but he also pointed out that food does, so was very insistent on good brushing and gave me great pointers on how to get that done. but then happily encourages any and all late night feedings i fell were right, just after a good brushing off of the food of the daytime.


i was thrilled with him, since i am military i rarely get to pick my families care providers.


i got a good one, but not all are. rather than not go, just ask question and stand up for your kids and find a good one!


gitanamama, so sorry you had a bad one, i hope next time goes way way better

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3 for the first and 2 for the second. No cavities even with all of the night nursing. They do a full cleaning at that age and the kids were fine.

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