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hh2.gif It's a WEEK for supporting PREGNANCY, BIRTH, and NEWBORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! hh2.gif


Do you have birth supplies or new or gently used maternity clothes or diapers that you could donate to a Family in Need??? If so, please PM one of the Holiday Helper Coordinators or Facilitators or post the item(s) you have to the "I Have Available" Thread:

I Have Available Thread


To see a Master List of the maternity items, birth supplies, and diapers that are needed, check out these posts:

Maternity Items and Birth Supplies



hh2.gif Let's see if we can meet all of the families' maternity, birth supply, and diaper needs by December 10th! hh2.gif


Do you have an item other than the ones highlighted here to provide to a Family in Need? Even though we're focuses on Maternity Needs, Birth Supplies, and Diapers this weeks, donations of any type are still welcome and needed. PM one of the Holiday Helper Coordinators or Facilitators and we'll be happy to help spread the joy.


The 2011 Facilitators are:
AdinaL- Coordinator
QueenOfTheMeadow - Assistant coordinator
TiredX2 - FIN central contact person, I Have Available thread coordinator
incorrigible - Shipping Fairy Coordinator
weliveintheforest - Canada FIN Coordinator


Helpers/Match Makers:




Thursday Girl


Thanks for helping to spread the joy this holiday season! joy.gif