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2 year old on antibiotics and steroids

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I have a very sick little boy right now. About a month ago we went to the doc with a bad cough. He has asthma already so the doc put him  on a round of 5 day steroids. This usually clears him up. It helped for a couple day, but the cough just got worse again. So 11 days ago we went back to the doc and they put him on amoixicillan and a stronger 5 day steroid. Well again a couple days ago his coughing gets worse again- He just took his last dose of antibiotics last night, but now has started to run a low grade fever-- any idea what this could be? or what treatment we need. We are heading back to the docs first thing in the morn!

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We went through something similar with DD.  You mentioned he has asthma---is he getting the enough breathing treatments?  We had to have her on the nebulizer A LOT when she got really sick, with 2 different meds.  We had been doing oral steroids for her and it just wasn't enough.  When we got on top of it with the neb, things finally settled down.  Hope your little one feels better soon--it's so awful to see them go through this. 

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I've seen this too.  Can your son get a breathing machine at home?  


If he's on steroids, he should be feeling pretty good by now.  Or moody... however he reacts to them.  But, if he's still really sick, I'd want some other options.

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I would want some test run to determine what is going on - my thought would be that it is an infection that needs stronger antibiotics. But, your doctor knows your ds and his history. If you have an feels that it might be X I would be sure to bring that up to the doctor too. Hope you get it figured out soon!

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I would be trying some food elimination trials, personally.  My son was very very sick from 9 months (when he started solid foods) til 20 months (when we cut out cows milk).  He had about 20 ear infections, 3 tube surgeries, and his adenoids removed during that time.  He was diagnosed with asthma and we spent some time in the hospital for lung issues, infections in his sinuses, and random stomach issues.  We had him tested for allergies and everything came back negative.  After some reading online (some of which I did in the allergies forums here on MDC), I decided to trial out cows milk products in both him and I (I was still nursing).  Within in 2 weeks, he was noticably improved.  Within a month, he was a totally different child!  He has an "intolerance" - that's why it didn't show up on the allergy testing. He has never had to have another breathing treatment since we took out cows milk!


Anyways, I know it isn't a one size fits all solution, but I'd at least try to trial out some of the big offenders and see if there is an improvement.

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