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Pregnancy Tea

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Are any of you drinking it yet? I just remembered I had some from last year and brewed a cup before going back to search all the OBs who stave off evil natural remedies in pregnancy.

I will probably keep it to 1 - 2 c a day of this or stinging nettles tea... I ::heart:: Traditional Medicinals. The company in in the next city over from where I grew up!

Any other good ones
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My naturopath told me not to start on that sort of thing until the second trimester, so I haven't started on it yet. I typically drink tea in the mornings anyway, so it'll be easy to fit into my routine. 


I have been drinking some of Mama's Morning Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby. It's great for nausea, even better than the straight peppermint I was drinking before I discovered this. It's all organic, too. 

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I drink the TM Raspberry Leaf tea every now and then.  It's just yummy!  :)

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