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Prenatal Vitamins

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I'm not really picky about prenatal vitamins. I've taken Rx vitamins for my first 2 pregnancies. I decided to just get my own this time. I've been taking the Trader Joe's and they seem to be ok, but they are HUGE tablets. I'm not thrilled with the idea of having to take more than one each day since that requires remembering. I started to read about the liquid ones being better for absorption but mixed comments on taste. Would love to see other recommendations. Thanks!

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I absolutely love the prenatals I'm taking. The pills aren't exactly small, though. I take the MegaFood Baby and Me. The bottle says to take 4 a day but my naturopath told me to just take two since I'm supplementing with some other things on the side as well. 


The cool thing about MegaFood vitamins is that they're made from whole foods. That means your body processes them like it would food so you actually end up absorbing more of the vitamins. Plus, you can take them on an empty stomach if you want. Rainbow Light is another brand of whole food vitamins that are pretty good. I'm not sure about the size of the pills, though, I think the RL prenatals have ginger in them to help with nausea.

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Don't know about the liquid ones.  But I'm taking the Rainbow Light prenatals.  All you need is one.  :)

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I do the Rainbow Light one a day as well.

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I also do the Rainbow Light Ones.  They are one-a-day, so  you only have to remember once.  That was the selling point to me!  They aren't small, though.  I do have to choke them down occasionally - but I'm having 24/7 nausea.  Today, was the easiest to swallow actually & it was b/c I did not take it with a meal.  Maybe that helps.

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I noticed that the formula for Rainbow Light is almost the same as the Trader Joe's vitamins. I think I'll order them since I can get them cheaper online.

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Last night my midwife recommended the Perfect Prenatal vitamins by New Chapter Organics.  You're supposed to take 3 a day (LAME), but I think I'm going to give them a try.  It can't hurt.  Does anyone have any experience with the New Chapter Organics brand?

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I've used New Chapter Organics vitamins before and really liked them. I think they're also whole food based, which is always best in my opinion. I haven't tried their prenatals, but I know that their vitamins as a whole are very good quality so I'm guessing the prenatals would be, too.

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I take GNC prenatal program which supplements with a DHA pill & additional calcium. I like them but They do cause nausea so I have to take RIGHT before bed...
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Originally Posted by GoofyInOK View Post

Last night my midwife recommended the Perfect Prenatal vitamins by New Chapter Organics.  You're supposed to take 3 a day (LAME), but I think I'm going to give them a try.  It can't hurt.  Does anyone have any experience with the New Chapter Organics brand?


 Yes, I really like that brand.  When I'm not pg I take the EveryDay Calm Multivitamins they make -along with Country Life Omega 3 Mood and a Stress-B Complex for my depression- and it really works.   You do have to take 3 a day, but big old horse pills don't bother me if they make me feel better.  :)

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I'm taking Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal this time around. It is a whole food base vitamin and the daily serving is 3 pills a day. I just take all three pills out in the morning and put them in a small bowl on the counter so I walk by them all day long. It's easy to remember when you see them all day. I also like that my body has three different times a day to absorb all the vitamins that I am taking. I feel like a lot of vitamins are wasted in a one a day pill because your body can't absorb all those high dosages of vitamins in one shot so they just pass through the system.

I brought the Garden of Life prenatals to my first midwife appointment to ask her opinion and she said she wished all her patients could take them. Her apprentice midwife said they are what she uses while pregnant too.
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I've had a hard time finding a prenatal I like.   Any supplements with iron really disrupt my digestive system (even the food-based ones).   I finally settled on taking VitaFusion prenatals because they don't have iron.   Incidentally, I've felt alot better during this trimester than I have with my others at this stage when I was going through brand after brand of high-quality prenatals in hopes of finding one that didn't make me feel *as* lousy.

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I also take the vitamin code raw prenatals, so far I like them, I was taking the before pregnancy as well. I like that they are raw and I also do the same, take them out in e morning and set them in a dish with my other supplements to remember. 

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I do the new chapter organics one, but only 2 a day (or the days I remember).  Sometimes chew one of my son's gummy omega-3's, but I'm not doing a lot of DHA this time around b/c I have an irrational fear that it led to my son's off the charts head size and stuckness/c-section.  So I tried to do flax oil instead, but it makes me gag plain or in foods.  


Floradix everyday I swear by.  And new chapter organics probiotics.  

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I'm taking the New Chapter prenatal.... er, when I remember Sheepish.gif


I tried setting all three for the day out in a dish like a pp mentioned, but my silly cat bit them all in half.  Taste-testing.  Don't know why he couldn't just sniff them, or why he thought the second one would be any better than the first, but I couldn't do anything with little pill halves.

I liked the idea of Rainbow Light 1 a day, but a horse pill is NOT what I want to shove down my throat at this point.

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