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Baby pulling off the nipple

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A couple of weeks ago, my 3 month old began making eye contact with me while nursing, which is super sweet! And now he's onto something new, which happens about 50% of the time: he will nurse intently for a few minutes, then pull off every 10-20 seconds to look up at me, smile in delight, and then suck for another 10-20 seconds. I know that he's testing out the theory that I will be there, and he is double (triple, quadruple...) checking this out, and it's really adorable and heart-warming, but it's also kind of disruptive to nursing. He seems to be getting enough milk in general, but I'm wondering if I should just let him run this pattern, or if it's a sign that he's not really eating anymore, but he wants some face time instead. Any thoughts?



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Have you heard of EC? This is a common cue baby needs to eliminate.

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My son went through a stage where he pulled off my nipple many times during each session, when he was a little older than yours, maybe five or six months. It lasted maybe six or eight weeks? It was annoying after a while but he got enough to eat, so in the end, no biggie. When it was really annoying me, I'd sing to him and he would watch me without pulling off, it seemed to help distract him.

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