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Originally Posted by skeemama View Post

Thanks Wissa19.  It is frustrating. 

I am going to stop in & talk to the compounding pharm tomorrow & ask for help.


Also, this cycle I have had a horrible crazy headache off & on.  Anyone else get that with progesterone?


 I hope they can help you, did they say why they don't want you on Crinone (or endometrin or prometrium).... it seems like if that is what the insurance covers it wouldn't make a difference it were a true Rx or a compounded progesterone?

Also, I've never gotten headaches from Proesterone, I do get it with estrogen- it is typically how I know AF is coming.


Any updates?


Hope everyone had a Happy New Year.

I'm onto medicated cycle # 4, Femara. Started juicing- so far I'm not very good at it...

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Happy New Years to the BSLs!! It has been a very long time since I was here, I doubt most of you remember me.

A little background, XH and I TTC for 3 years and due to my age, gave up ( mostly) and then he broke it off with me over the phone. I asked to be removed from the list but my thoughts have been with you all.

I am back with my ex bf from a long while back and have stopped even tracking my cycles even just dates.

Old habits die hard though, I actually tested yesterday because even after having af, I had sore boobs and felt hormonal when I usually don't. BFreakin'N. I am not in the position now to really hope for a BFP, but like I said, old habits...

I really just wanted to check in to see how all of you are.

GL BSLs!!!
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skeemama - I had headaches with progesterone cream, and I've heard that from others as well.

Beloved - I'm just over here stalking, but I remember you! Good to hear from you. Hope all is well, and I know what you mean about old habits... I haven't even had a postpartum AF (hopefully that's a ways off) and I'm not even 100% that I want to do all of this again, but I am dreaming about babies. Lol. Even while I'm snuggling my newest I'm looking forward to the possible day I might get to snuggle his sibling.
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I am not here anymore either Beloved. I have move on to the IVF and infertility threads. Just stalking and I saw you post. I am rarely on FB anymore either, but I do love seeing our tarot card thing there when I do look at FB. happy new year and xoxox to you.

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so, here is my update...a BFN this AM, I think it is still early.  POS again tomorrow morning.

I still feel funky.  Hopeful, I don't know...


Less headaches!! I got adjusted by the chiro a few times & that seems to have helped.

I don't know why the midwife says she likes the compounded progesterone better than the Crinone.  (although I have hundreds of dollars of that in my refrigerator)

Calling the OB Friday, for whats next....


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Ha Beloved! I'm still here too, too stubborn to give up or move to the IF boards just yet (even though that's the whole reason it's been over 3 yrs haha)

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Hi kparker!

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Hi kparker, and rcr orngbiggrin.gif (and congrats, Lavatea smile.gif )

(wouldn't it be weird if I got preggo now? My 16 year old would have a natural sibling.)

Life is weird.
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I'm still randomly stalking as well. I wish I could take some sort of joy in seeing you ladies here. Clomid #4, this time at 100mg this month, still no reasons as to why I can't get pregnant again. We will do two more Clomid rounds and then we will be be out of options for a while since the closest RE is 3 hours away. Glad to see I'm not the only one who just can't seem to give up.

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Originally Posted by BelovedK View Post

Hi kparker, and rcr orngbiggrin.gif (and congrats, Lavatea smile.gif )
(wouldn't it be weird if I got preggo now? My 16 year old would have a natural sibling.)
Life is weird.

That would be great! It would mean that taking so long to get pregnant was all your ex-DHs fault!


Rochelle - Hi! When I saw beloved's post I thought of you for some reason, and here you are posting. (btw - my RE is 3 hours away, but has a more local clinic with just nurses that is 45 minutes away). We're neighbors kinda - I am in Alabama.


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rcr and Rochelle too! Blast it for us all being here still.

My IUI#4 is just around the bend, too. Decided to go for it next cycle, which should start in a week. Concerned though, never have I had spotting before, but I have had a lot of it this cycle. I hope nothing is wrong! :\

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BFN last weekend, then the witch with a HUGE headache.

No energy to update more until now.  


I think I have about had it with the progesterone.  


TCM says I need warming & yang producing foods.  I will be using DrGoogle for that one.  

TCM also says I have good pulses & should be able to get & stay preggo...ummmmm, wanted to yell & tell him that hasn't really been how its worked out the last 5 plus years.  

More meditation.  


Counting my blessings with DH as he has been great.  His faith that this is just "the place we are at right now" & this baby will come into our lives (and my womb) in his/her own time is very helpful.  (it also keeps my mind off another looming birthday)


A friend of mine recently asked me why I couldn't just be done with the baby quest, then I could....have more fun, travel more, do this, go there....etc.  She just doesn't get me.




kparker- blessings to you with your IUI this go round!! Baby dust!!!


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Here's wishing well to all the BSLs who are MIA...  Thinking of you all. 

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I think of you all often, also...


Life is proving to me that infertility -at least in my case- will never be something only in the past. The thought patterns and gut reactions seem to be going strong, no matter what.

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Where is everyone? How is everyone? I have had a crazy last couple of months, and I came here to update since I'm terrible at that and it's a ghost town in BSL land! Did I miss the new thread or something?

So I had my HSG in January (the worst pain EVERRRR) and everything looked fine. They proceeded with my IUI #4 in February. I just poas today (11 dpo) and got a nearly imperceptable line. Not sure how I feel about that, I'm so apathetic and detached. My bloodwork with my RE is Monday, so I guess I will get real answers then. Nothing is real until it's blood-real, amirite?

I hope this is it. Three and a half years of this trying BS. I'm surrounded by pregnant women. I'm tired of being left out!

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GAH, kparker I so hope this is it for you!!!!! goodvibes.giffingersx.gif I'll be stalking to hear an update and hoping for you!
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Yay Kparker!  I am looking forward to an update!

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This morning:  http://i.imgur.com/SWPai.jpg

I called my RE to see if they'd see me sooner for bloodwork but they never called me back. Ugh.

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That's definitely real, K!  I know you are probably emotionally exhausted these days but I think it's okay to let yourself be a little bit excited right now as that looks like a definite BFP.  I'll be watching for your next update!



I think some unhappy stuff happened among BSLs greensad.gif    I was away too for a while so I don't know details...  I've seen some of the BSLs while reading on the Infertility thread.

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