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Should I get a woven wrap?

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So I've been loving the Sleepy Wrap (like a Moby but stretchier) but DD2 is already too big for it at 2 months.  I have an Angelpack but she isn't quite big enough to have her legs out and they get squished if I try to froggy them.


Would I still be able to use the newborn hold in a woven wrap?  For how long could I do that? What else could I do with it that I can't with the Angelpack - is it worth the investment?

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Have you tried one leg out in the anglepack?


You can use a woven wrap for all kinds of carries, well into toddlerhood.  You can do comfy hip carries with a woven.  You can do a hip carry with the ap, bit not nearly as comfy.

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I have a wrap n wear brand wrap. I believe it is woven, it's not stretchy like a moby so it has better support for when the child gets hevier. I love it and did the newborn wrap with legs crossed indian style until 4-5months. No I switch from legs in when he's sleeping and legs out when awake. he is 15 months now and a size medium is plenty big.  

check out wrapnwear.com

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I have a woven wrap (Storchenwiege) and it's my go-to carrier. They are very nice. I have the 5.2 length because I'm quite tall, and I can use it for every carry. The one thing that I will say for woven wraps is that they have a much more challenging learning curve than a stretchy wrap or any other type of carrier.

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I used to have a plethora of woven wraps including Storches, Diddys and Vatani but alas only one wrap is still around! My Diddymos Yew which I love very much. I used a diddy hemp indio in the hospital when my son was born, so yes you can use woven wraps on a new born. I would suggest joining thebabywearer and look for a used well broken in hemp wrap for a new born they are floppy and as smooth as butter. Oh I loved that wrap (the one in my avi;)

eta: i wore my four year old in my linen yew earlier today!

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