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White out

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At least at my house!!! I am whiting out a lot of items I have. Thanks goodness for white paint. I also bought myself some white oh so fluffy white towels and a new white down comforter (SO needed one). I still have shades of grey, black and some pops of red and turquoise. I may neutralize the red with spray paint. I am like how things looks. I don't own a lot, so it look even more cozy to me. Anyone else like white or mostly white? I am enjoying it. I have texture that is helping be more cozy also.

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Well, I live in an apartment, so the walls are already white (ish), but I prefer black and white and natural wood furniture, which is all I've ever had. However, I do have quite a bit of color in my home. I don't think it ever occurred to me to go minimalist with color... interesting idea!!

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I don't do white.....too hard to keep it looking white.  I am a fan of dark blue.  My walls are all pastels.

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I don't think I could do a lot of whites here during the winter. I think it would feel cold and depressing when it's gray and snowy during the winter. Now if I lived in Miami I'd be all into the white. We're surrounded by trees so the house is mostly green and beige to blend with the outdoors.


I do love white for accents, helps keep everything from jumping out at you and visually expands the space. All of our bedding is soft white flannels (way easier to keep clean because like PaigeK said whites can be a pain). We have a wool mattress so normal fitted sheets don't fit. Since we have whites we can just mix and match our flat sheets on the bed, no need to have separate sets. We also did all the curtains in the house white. They are a collection of bought and made items, but since they're all white it doesn't matter. Everything just fades into the white trim work and keeps the spaces looking open.


Our kitchen is white too and I love it. You barely even notice the cabinets because they blend into the wall. The kitchen feels very bright and open. If we had darker cabinets it would not feel nearly as spacious.

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I can't imagine trying to keep things white with my kids around. I understand the clean and clear feeling it can give, but I would constantly be frustrated trying to keep things looking white. I prefer linens and furniture that can absorb an accident (or 5000) so I don't have to spend my free time scrubbing away to make it look clean again.

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I have some greys/soft lavendars and pinks mixed in..all bleached out..think Shabby chic without all the chotskies. : ) I am loving it..very peaceful.

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I imagine in Texas white would be nice because it might make you feel more cool during the hot weather. I think I would feel too cold here if it was all white. Plus oh man.. kids and stains and spills- I would probably go crazy.  Our walls are like an off white/yellow color that seems to hide wear and tear pretty well.


I'd love to see your place if you feel like posting pictures :)

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I love shades of white.


Our walls are off white, ceiling and cornices/skirting are stark white, kitchen cupboards are a white between the ceiling white and wall white, benchtops are white with grey flecks....


Can't do white soft furnishings as it would drive me mental trying to deal with small marks all the time. Hard furnishings I can do in white though as it's just a wipe down.


I do love white!!!

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My husband loves all white and we currently have two off white sofas and mostly white or natural wood furnishings. We are having our first child soon so it will be interesting to see how the white furniture lasts-my backup plan is to get grey slip covers made. They are all slip cover pieces and I wash them or have them steam cleaned probably once per year after a big get together with children. I loved the ideas of going more white and natural because it is so easy to keep everything looking great together. We have a few extra big house plants and these really help the rooms pop with the bright green of the leaves. 

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