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Confused, not sure what to think?

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I am confused and not sure what to think anymore. Over the last few months my body has been not acting as usual and no insurance to go to the doc.


TMI warning!


So twice in the last two months I have had cysts. On 11/02/11 I was supposed to start my AF. I had very light bleeding to where I did not have to even wear a pad. My cycle before that was the same. However, on 11/4/11 I was sent to the ER with major abdominal pain. I found out that I had a cyst. By the time I got there it had burst (hence the pain) and I was bleeding heavily for most of the day. After that though, my period came and was the usual 5 day cycle. No clue what DPO I am . I dont know how to calculate that.


So I think it is safe to say that my period start date was 11/04/11. I was supposed to have my period yesterday.


I usually dont get PMS, but when I do, I get sore bbs and sometimes nauseous.


Here is what I am noticing so far:


Boobs: When I am cold my boobs hurt. My son was just jumping on my lap and elbowed my boob and now they hurt like heck! (it was a soft elbow in the boob). I cannot tell if my boobs are fuller or darker, I never really pay attention.


Tired: My energy level has taken a drastic nose dive in the last few months, but the last few days I wake up tired. I even took a 3 hour nap today and am still tired. I feel like I could sleep all day.


Emotional: The smallest and most stupid things make me cry. This morning I heard secret santa on the radio and its sad to hear the stories but I usually dont get emotional. I was crying like a baby. My tire went flat and even though an easy fix... I creid. I am getting frustrated and upset very easy, then the next I want to cry. It is driving me nuts lol.


Discharge: I am having clear discharge like egg whites. Sometimes when I wipe its dry, other times when I wipe, I have to wipe two or three times.


More TMI warning!


My honey and I today got bus-y. After we were done I noticed that I have this feeling of a ball on my left side by my ovary. I cannot describe it other than it feels literally like there is a ball under my skin. I should not be ovulating at this point. I guess its possible but highly unlikely. And I am having a little soreness. I did take a First Response HPT this afternoon and it was negative. Does it even sound like I could be preg?


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It sounds like you might be ovulating soon.  Egg-white discharge is fertile cervical mucus.

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