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Breastfeeding the second time around.

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Hi lady's! I'm the happy  mama of a tow year old beauty, but sadly I breast feed her only a month. I didn't have enough supply, she had reflux plus milk protein allergy, I was a mess and she was a new born so I quit very early on.


Today I know that I must prepare my nipples, that I must breast feed on demand not every three ours like the doctor suggested and to relax.


I'm looking for having a second child next year and I was wondering if any of you had a story like mine but was able to breast feed well the second time around. I guess I'm doing my homework early!


The other thing is that I took medication to stop milk production... I know so sad I wish i had been more informed... so I constantly think that my mammary glands are damaged so that even if I do everything right no milk will ever come out of me... the doctor said this will not happen but today I question everything the said.


Thanks for sharing and reading!



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Hi Lina. Welcome to Mothering!
I'm so sorry you struggled to breastfeed your first babe. You are doing absolutely the right thing by getting informed before your second child arrives.
There's no need to prepare your nipples ahead of time but you are so right that the advice to nurse every three hours can sabotage supply. Your mammary glands are NOT damaged - MANY women go on to nurse subsequent children after not nursing their first.
If I were you, I'd attend some La Leche League meetings NOW and during your pregnancy to get to know the leader and other nursing mothers who could be there to support you. Kellymom.com is a great source of information about the normal course of breastfeeding and overcoming challenges.
Good luck!
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Thank you! I rally hope everything goes good this time around! I will check out the place you recommended!

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