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Let's hear some positive stories! :)

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I haven't checked out the BBI section in awhile, and I was coming to post about my woes re: nursing my 23mo in public and suddenly feeling self conscious (even around friends and extended family).  Then I realized- why not just have a big thread of support?  For everyone here breastfeeding beyond infancy.  It's not fun scrolling down the page seeing negative story after negative story, so let's lighten up the mood and share some happy/fun/nice things about our current extended breastfeeding relationships :)


I'll go first.


I'm happy to have made it this far.  While toes up my nostrils get annoying, and the constant demand to switch sides becomes tiring, I love being able to comfort my little one.  I love the bond we share.  And I love how excited she gets when she knows it's time for "nursies".  She was a late talker, and she calls them "ERRR-sies" :)

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My son just turned 2, and yes, like you, I'm starting to be a little self-conscious nursing in public. He also requests it much more rarely, so unless we are staying with family for holidays or something, there's less opportunity for me to be nursing with other folks present, so I kind of get "out of practice," I guess.


Okay, but positive things.


Yesterday he was finishing some cows milk from his sippy, which is what he drinks when I'm at work, and it was done, and he couldn't get any. So he said "other side milk!"--well, I guess that sippy doesn't have another side! Made me feel good that mom is still the default value for milk!


I have a bunch of friends and family who are pregnant/new moms--and I am now a go-to resource on nursing for them. Which I like and makes me feel like I am paying some karma back!


Nursing is a total tantrum-stopper. Seriously. *Great* tool for a kid who is melting down and can't relax out of the anger.

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Yes I agree! Some positivity is definitely needed. I am nursing my 3 year old son and 22 month old daughter. I am planning on letting them both self-wean. It has been a great way for my son and daughter to bond with each other, and of course for me to bond with them. I remember as a child feeling some resentment and jealousy towards my younger sister when she was born and nursed because I wan't allowed to, and I did not want to repeat that with my own children.


Both of them are healthy, intelligent, vibrant, well-adjusted and energetic kids; I'm sure due in part to breastfeeding. I have been very encouraging to other women I know who are considering breastfeeding. My son doesn't like to nurse in public (he thinks of it as being private between he and his Mamma and his sister,) my daughter still does.  Almost every time I nurse in public women approach me and ask questions about it. Pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding younger children etc. I love having the opportunity to change peoples' perspectives on extended breastfeeding, or to possibly provide them with the information they need to make the decision to do it! I don't get too many negative looks, but sometimes people look surprised which makes me laugh. 


I plan on breastfeeding for as long as they want to, my daughter isn't anywhere near self-weaning, but I think my son is close to being ready for it, (he only nurses a couple times a day) but is hesitating because he doesn't want to stop while his sister is still nursing. I'm not sure, we'll see...it's not an exact science. I vehemently have no regrets and no qualms though!

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I love hearing other's stories about BFing in general, and as a mom who wants to continue BFing DS for the forseable future it is nice to hear from other moms who are BFing beyond infancy as I don't have any friends IRL who are.


I went back to work when DS was 13 mos old, and I LOVE coming home to him running to the door to meet me, usually while making the sign for milk very enthusiastically with both hands.  We have a cuddle and nurse as soon as I get home from work and I feel like it is such a great way for us to re-connect when I've been at work all day.  In the same way, I love that we get extra cuddles in at bedtime and through the night because of BFing (I'm sure we could anyway, but feel like this adds some extra intimacy and closeness).


I also love knowing that when he's going through a "picky about eating" or "too busy to eat" or "too sick to eat" phase that he will still nurse for comfort but be getting calories, fluids and nutrients at the same time.

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Today my 19 month old shared his "milk" with a stuffed goat. luxlove.gif I love nursing my toddler!

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My 3 yr old twins nurse. The other day my son was lying down with a sippy cup of milk, settling down at bedtime. When I came in to read a story, he THREW the cup across his bed and said, "YAY! Mommy milk!" It made me laugh that as much as they love having a cup of milk, that is just not as good as the real thing. wink1.gif

Another nice story--I visited my 5 yr old's classroom the other day and the teacher was reading a story about babies. The book said that babies drink from bottles, and the teacher stopped for a minute and added that SOME babies do that, and others nurse from their moms. It's so nice to see kids being exposed to nursing as normal in a classroom like that. Word is getting out, slowly but surely!
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Great idea for a topic!


DD is 3 and still a very avid nurser. I feel that at this point our nursing relationship is the best it's ever been because the previous difficulties we had (which were never enough to make me consider weaning, but fairly annoying at times) have pretty much all been grown out of.


She went through a fierce twiddling/fidgeting phase which drove me crazy, but in the last few months she's finally 'got it' and I no longer have to cover the breast that she isn't nursing from with my hand in order to protect it. Also, she understands far more clearly now that if I go away for a few hours, I'll actually come back and she will indeed get to have milk again at some point in the near future...which has meant she no longer panics whenever I go out, and life is a lot easier for DH. 


So what's left? Lots of lovely cuddles, a great source of comfort when she's feeling low or ill, and me being able to watch her eyelids slowly sinking down and feel her head getting heavier and heavier as she drifts into a sleep that seems completely blissful.  

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Ah, I love nursing my little one!  :)  My nursling is 12 months old, and a BIG boy, so I have been getting toes up my nose for a while now, lol!  


I used to feel uncomfortable nursing in front of strangers, etc.  with my first babe.  I don't anymore!  There is just so much joy in nurturing your child in this simple, natural act!  That joy cancels out any awkwardness!

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Still nursing my 28 month old. She doesn't ask to nurse in public much, but I am still as shameless as ever when she does. I could never get the hang of any cover ups so it is just pop it out and in the mouth. Mainly she has two big nursing sessions in the morning: one when she wakes up and one just before I go to work.


I went away to a conference for 3 days and she was fine with her Dad and no boobs.


Only worrying thing is she won't drink any other kind of milk. I'm not sure how we are going to get enough calcium into her if she does wean herself.

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My 26 month old and I were shopping at Target the other morning.  I want to take a break in the cafe and drink some water and have a snack (12 weeks pregnant and if I dont eat snacks frequently, I start feeling sick) and when we sat down my daughter wanted her "nummies."  So while I sat and ate my yogurt, she nursed and I don't care if people think it's weird or not b/c she's a toddler.  I know what I'm doing is best for her!  


Happy mama of 4 & 12 weeks pregnant!

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I originally came to this post because it was an update in my email, and even though I am a new first time mom to a 4 mo old boy, I loovvveeee reading these :) I'm ebf'ing my son and I love seeing other moms nursing and I also love answering all questions I get and encouraging new moms too

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I think the best thing about nursing my toddler (26 months) is that she is getting more and more talkative about nursing.  It is clear how important it is as a comfort for her.  The other day she pointed to a picture in one of her books of a man who was mad.  She said, "Man mad!"  Then she paused a moment and thought and said, "Needs milk!"  I loved that she made this connection, and that she knows it makes her feel better emotionally. The other day after a tantrum I nursed her in the car, and I was considering hurrying her along, but I just let her nurse as long as she wanted.  And when she popped off, she looked up at me and said, "Me better now."  I about melted, and was so glad I was able to fully comfort her like that!  She is right -- it is the most powerful tantrum "reset" button ever imagined. 


Nursing is also how I get her to sleep 99.99% of the time.  I love that I can just go sit in the rocker and nurse and she drifts off to sleep.  I don't have to read 10 stories, stand and sway, sing, threaten, bribe, etc.  I just have to sit there and comfortably nurse her and, like magic, she drifts off. 


I also feel like nursing is getting easier and easier and more convenient than ever before, and the pros outweigh the cons even more than ever.  Nursing a toddler really is the best! 

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Oh -- and don't even get me started about the health benefits!  My daughter has never had an ear infection, serious illness, or anything more than a few colds and sniffles.  That is another wonderful benefit to toddler nursing!

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I'm one of those relatively rare (I guess) women who has had nothing but positive feedback about nursing my son.  I love hearing the "that's awesome!" and "good for you!" type comments....it made things so much easier for me.  i didn't know too much about it before i had DS, and those types of comments really made me more comfortable and confident that i was doing the right thing.  even now that DS is 13 months (and looks like he is two), i still get smiles and thumbs up when i need to nip. it's also the *only* time during the day that he stops his busy explorations to take five and cuddle :)  totally awesome.


we have no plans to stop, and i love the way he just cuddles up and relaxes, he caresses my chest, and his toes curl up in bliss.  best. thing. ever!

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IAnd when she popped off, she looked up at me and said, "Me better now."  I about melted, and was so glad I was able to fully comfort her like that!  She is right -- it is the most powerful tantrum "reset" button ever imagined. 


This just about made me cry! I love it!!!


I've never had anyone say anything bad about me nursing my 18 mo old toddler which I do in public quite frequently. (Most recently at a packed Chinese food restaraunt in Midtown on Xmas day.)  I love the way it calms him when he's agitated over teething or a bonk on the head or whatever toddlers get their diapers in a twist about.


I just love nursing him so much! joy.gif


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Just what I was looking for!!!


I will have other posts later but right now I am obsessed with the fact that in 3 months we will be taking a six hour plane trip (without DH). I find it extremely unlikely that I will have weaned my soon to be 3 year old by then. There has been so much lately about women getting harassed for breastfeeding in public. I am worried about it. I mean I think like so many bad things we hear about them but not about the good things ( the many women that are not harassed) but still, i worry.


any thought, advice?  Also anyone know the laws about breastfeeding on airplanes? Do any laws state the age of the baby (god, I can't believe I am asking that because it would be insane if they did)

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I must add that the health benefits have been the best thing that has come out of nursing my 1 year old son.  He has been sick once, at 10 months, with a mild cough and fever.  I am so incredibly grateful for that and know that I can thank my breast milk for it!  Besides that, all of the moments my baby has spent looking up at me, gently playing with my hair and earrings, and caressing my face with his warm little hands...priceless.  Lots of threads talk about how many times their children nurse per day, but I just don't know and never have, because I nurse him on cue and it's so naturally part of my day that it's never occurred to me to count or look at the clock.  I'm not planning on having more children, so I cherish nursing my son through the day and night, especially because my instinct tells me that he will wean on his own, possibly before I'm ready.

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Wanted to share my experience. I am also nursing a 23month old. She is still a vigorous and sometimes protective nurser (doesnt want any children to come close when she is nursing). I just went on a transatlantic adventure with her 7hrs flight, several different long train journeys, traveling just me and LO through London Tubes at rush hour - 2 suitcases, carseat and baby strapped on in boba, then 8hour flight back. She was wonderful to travel with. happy little nursing traveler. I pretty much nursed her the entire way back on the 8hr flight - she was confined to my lap in crowded plan, but was happy, playful and nursing (a lot). People had nothing but nice things to say. People - even those in London (where they get a bad rap) were helpful and supportive. I had been wondering whether anyone would say anything about me nursing her. Had a very pleasant trip both ways and not one sidelong glance that I noticed. hooray for people becoming a little more accepting.

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Ive just done this - and jjust posted in response to someone elses post....with I had done so here. People were wonderful. I nursed my LO for a large portion of the 8 hour trip from the UK to USA. Noone said anything negative, no sidelong glances that I noticed. in fact people just had good things to say about my LO and how well she traveled. Asked my secret...I responded...nursing a lot.... she really was the happiest baby on the plane. I too was traveling alone with DD.  wold nt get too worried about the laws of it. I just consider that it is the most natural thing to do, and that if it is not legal that someone will show me something to that effect. I am just discreet (no covers but discreet) and do it with confidence!!!

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 I often travel alone with both my kids (it's about 24 hours door to door) and without nursing I honestly don't know how I would do it! It's my #1 travel tip. 


  My little guy is 22 (yikes! How did that happen) months and still nursing 2736839 times a day. I love that it stops a tantrum in it's tracks. I love that it keeps him in bed past 530 am. I love that when he is stressed I can literally feel the tension release from his muscles when he latches on. I love that both my kids nurse their babies. I love that they think milk applied to any wound from diaper rashes in the past to bug bites to blister and scraps will instantly make it feel better. I love that my DD asked a lady at the ferry why she wasn't nursing her screaming newborn and said her mama could teach her how then was totally puzzled that the lady pulled out a bottle. I love how they think my bra keeps my milk "safe and warm". I love the smiles I get, nipple in mouth, and the happy feet kicks when we sit down to nurse. I love that when he is done he says "close it. Thank you." and pulls my bra back into place.


I never thought I would be "that mom" nursing a 2 year old but aside from never being able to shower with him without spending a bit of time nursing because when he sees my nipples he get so excited about milk there really is no downside. He does have quite a few respiratory infections so I can't imagine what it would be like if he wasn't still breastfeeding. When he is sick and off his food I have absolutley no worries about him getting exactly what he needs to not only survive but heal. 

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