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Best solar oven?

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I've read reviews of the Global Sun Oven and many of them talk about a bad plastic-y/off-gassing smell even after using multiple times. 


What is the best one without funky smells?  TIA

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We have never really found one better than The Global Sun Oven (which we sell) and we look. Others have teflon or break easy. The newer Globals seem to smell more as they've changed their interior coating, but they do have directions on how to lesson the smell. We use the heck out of ours, but do use covered containers in it as often as possible. We love them (we have 2) but let me know if you find anything else and how you like it.

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Okay thanks -- I am sensitive to smells and was hoping there was one out there that that wouldn't be an issue -- I'd like to bake muffins, etc. in it and the smell would be a turn-off :(.



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