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Acupuncture Anyone

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Okay, I am 41 weeks now and only trying natural induction idea's for my VBAC. I have tried absolutely everything that would only bring on baby if he was ready and nothing has worked. I have been having good but not regular contractions since sunday night. So my mom came home and said her chiropractor does acupuncture (and he is one of the best in our city) and she would pay for it. Everything I have read said it was very safe and I contact my OBGYN and they are fine with it also. So my question is have you or do you know anyone who has actually tried this and did it work?

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My chiropractor told me that accupressure should be started several weeks ahead of time.  I don't know how accupuncture works ...


I'd say it can't hurt, so give it a try.  I've gone as much as 17 days past my EDD in the past, and I've tried everything!  Evening primrose oil pills can also be helpful to soften the cervix.

Best of luck!

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Yeah I read that when I was researching. And he did tell me I may need two treatments, but he did say that he has seen women with no treatments go into labor. But like you said it wouldn't hurt and I got a back and hip adjustment with it, so that was a nice plus!
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I did with my last!  She was 41+5.  I started feeling sick that night, then slept the best I had in a long time. Labor started in the morning!

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Oh I really hope this happens to me. I have a really bad tooth that the root is dying and I have to get it pulled since we thought my baby was coming at any moment we decidedto wait until he was born and I have beenon some pretty strong meds. That was last friday night, and still no baby. If he doesn't come tonight or first thing I am going to dentist tomorrow to beg to pull my tooth.........i have never experienced this much pain before and I really hate pumping these drugs into my body. I also really didn't want medical induction but had to set one up for next monday incase this dentist won't pull my tooth before delivering. I will let you guys know if it works or not
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My chiropractor did acupuncture, but with a laser.  I was a skeptic, and was shocked that I felt stuff going on internally pretty much right away.  It works by stimulating things around the uterus, and makes the uterus irritated.  I felt sick to my stomach almost right away, and then everything else followed.  I was impressed, and intend to do it a touch earlier this pg if nothing is going on like last time.

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Thanks so much for all the responses. My chiro said it could take up to 48 hours and that I might need a second treatment (but didn't get on because I was sick) and now he is closed today. It will be 48 hours at 3pm today and still nothing. But let me tell you I have had some teeth problem this pregnancy and was going to wait until baby came to get it fixed then right after seeing chiro my pain became unbearable and I went to a dentist. I now have an abscessed tooth and HAVE to take antibiotics (which makes me mad but I cant have infection spreading) and I have been really sick ever since seeing chiro. So the stress and pain I am thinking offset any good effects the chiro had on me. But maybe just maybe since my mouth is feeling a little better today it will happen. I actually got a good nights rest last night and although I still feel weird in head from all the meds I am really praying baby comes today. Hubby had to take his vacation starting because of other vacations and we thought baby would have been here alot closer to my due date.

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