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Nosebleed nightmare

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Ugh....amyone else getting nosebleeds? I have heard they are a common pregnancy symptom but got NONE when pregnant with DS. I got a bad one on Monday night (my first). It was a real gusher - took an hour to stop. It really put a damper on my Housewives of Beverly Hills viewing!! Then last night I was awakened at 2am with another gusher. Got blood all over my pregnancypillow :(.     I sat up for an hour watching House Hunters International trying to get it under control. Im hoping this doesn't become a regular thing or that they don't start coming at work (AHHHHHH). I already use a netti pot and a humidifier so not sure what else I can do. Just wondering if I have anyone to comiserate with on this?!

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i have had them during this pregnancy and the last. i always remember to take tissue with me whenever i leave the house due to numerous embarrassing nose explosions in public. they don't bother me but its not fun when you have company x

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