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Congratulations! love.gif  You are definitely brave, mama.  I loved your analogy of how involuntary pushing is like someone taking a remote control and hitting "push" over and over again...that's been my experience as well.  It's so surreal how powerful the urge is, makes me aware how strong our primal nature truly is.  Also, did the smoothie with a piece of placenta help much?  Did it help with blood flow and your energy levels at all?  I've been under the assumption that placenta smoothies don't help much unless there's a good amount of placenta in it.  


Lastly, I've been following your story and I'm happy to hear things are going well with you and your husband.  I assume your ex has left you alone?

Thank you. :) I'm kinda on the fence about the smoothie helping. It seems by the time the placenta comes out and you prepare the smoothie, the bleeding should be slowing a bit anyway. However, I do feel it helped with my energy. I'd only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before, so I do believe it has natural fatigue remedial properties. My ex only contacted me once, on Facebook, at which point, I blocked him and the same day, his mom stalker messaged me, but that was just over a month ago and I haven't included him on the birth certificate. DH and I entertain the thought of him adopting Levi. Last week, he was talking to him(baby talk) and referred to himself as daddy by accident. He looked at me, when he caught himself, and said "I don't care. I'll be his daddy." I really could have cried. luxlove.gif


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Wow mama! I've UC'd twice but with my hubby and mother present plus the kiddos, I don't know if I could ever do it alone like that, as in, no one there to physically hold me up, I tend to get soooo wiped out during pushing I'd almost rather lay there despite my desire to actually be up and standing or squating or something like that for the pushing... this time I'm gonna take advantage of a water birth, not for the comfort of water as it did nothing for me the past couple times I showered/bathed while in labor but more for the fact that I can be almost weightless in the water and not have to exert as much energy in a particular position. You are right on that no one can really understand that pushing that your body does, it's sooooo intense!

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This is IwannaBanRN. I had deleted my account, because I had needed a break from the internet. I actually regret not having anyone there to share that special moment with me and to help me. I wanted pictures and to relax, and I felt like I had to hurry around and clean up the mess right after.... Not what I pictured, but I had the birth I intended and it was empowering. I hope I have another chance to do this same thing and to share it with the one I love the most(my husband) and catch it on camera in some way....

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I agree, I called friends over right away after I had the twins.  They all pitched in to clean up my birth pool, the towels I birthed on, me, etc.  One of them even washed and bagged my placenta for me.  Lol.


This time I am having my birth videotaped for sure. :)

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what an awesome story Becky! Congrats on a super successful UC! And I teared up when you mentioned your Dh saying, "I'll be his daddy"

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