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10 week old suddenly screaming at the breast

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So the title says it all...and I am at my wits' end.


We were doing great up until the last 3-4 days, when my baby boy got his first cold. It was a minor cold with mainly some sinus congestion and the tiniest bit of runny nose, plus sneezing. No coughing or fever or truly stuffy nose. During that time he would sometimes get upset during nursing because it was harder for him to breathe - his nose wasn't clogged but he was snuffly in his sinuses. But this only happened maybe 2-3 times in as many days.


Now his symptoms seemed to have almost totally resolved but a few times a day when he's tired, he will get really upset when I put him to the breast, and nothing except running the vacuum cleaner can get him to stop crying. Not bouncing on the yoga ball, walking him, saying "shhhhhh," jiggling him or wearing him. And when I do get him calmed down with the vacuum (can't get him to sleep this way though) and try nursing again it usually starts all over again...I keep trying until he finally accepts the breast and goes to sleep.


These times I am putting him to the breast are times that he should be legitimately hungry. He is a little guy for his age due to losing a lot of weight after birth, we had to supplement with breastmilk via bottle for 2 weeks (ages 2 weeks to 4 weeks) and he is still catching up. He's 11 lbs at 10 weeks.


Just recently he started getting a tiny bit fussy after a nice awake period where he was really happy, and as soon as I put him to the breast he started crying and continued for 45 minutes. It was so.awful. Last night I had to vacuum for about 40 minutes at bed time before he would finally accept the breast and drift off to sleep, then he was fine until just recently (late afternoon next day).


Any suggestions? I hate this so much and really need help. My stomach is in knots. I wish, wish, wish he could tell me what is bothering him. :(

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Is it possible that his ears hurt and maybe lying down to nurse makes it worse?



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I think that's a good suggestion. 2 or 3 times a day he will refuse to nurse and the other times he is okay but it is a possibility that his ears are bothering him at a certain time of day. Because of his congestion I have been nursing him upright mostly, we only lay down to nurse at nighttime and he's actually been great at night, sleeping very well and no nursing issues then.


My husband managed to get him to sleep by bouncing him on the yoga ball while having the vacuum running nut.gif and when he woke I got him to nurse again. He fussed a tiny bit at first but then latched on. He was really hungry by then and I do worry about him getting enough milk as he's so little and can't afford to lose any weight.


I am waiting for the ped to call me back and think it might be good to take him in to be looked at. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

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Fluid in his ears or ear infection? A trip to the urgent car center could rule out ear issues.

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