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North Phoenix Cloth Diaper/Breastfeeding/Babywearing Mamas

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I am a Cloth Diapering, exclusively breastfeeding, babywearing mama. Obviously that is not all that I am, but I am interested in finding like minded mamas in the area. Anyone out there?


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We have a bunch of great moms on a Yahoo group.  Search the groups for AP_MOMS_OF_North_Phoenix

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I am 4 months pregnant and have a 3 year old step-son. i live near glendale and 7th avenue. i would love to meet some like minded mamas like yourself!  how far north are you?  what kind of meetup are you interested in?  

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Ooh! Me!! I'm just off Hatcher and Dunlap! I want to join a group. I've been searching for one!


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hey skyemama! we arent too far from each other!  maybe we can get together for a play date sometime or to walk the central ave horse trail or whatever you enjoy doing.  i have a 3 1/2 year old step-son and im pregnant, due in july, and would love to meet some like-minded mamas that live near me.  The AP Moms of North Phoenix group looks like fun but im also hoping to make some new mama friends closer to home.  Also, i host a pregnancy Kundalini yoga class at my home on Wednesday nights at 7pm if you are interested.  You dont have to be pregnant to join :)  did you give birth to your fourth yet?? 


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HI, there!! I have a 3 yo boy, and am expecting my second one in 6 weeks. I would love to meet up with like minded mamas. I am on Northern and 11th ave. We cded, and breastfed, and i will be doing that again, plus I am looking at ECing andbaby wearing (as much as being a FT WOHM will allow). I would love to meet you all guys!! Weekends or friday afternoons work the best for me. (that work thing again , darn it winky.gif)

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leningradka, im not sure what most of your abreviations mean but what i do know is that we both have 3 year olds, are both expecting, AND we live a few blocks from each other.  cian is with his mommy this week but maybe next week, or this sunday, we can get together and meet!  we love going to the park near 15ave and northern. i assume that is a rocks throw from your house ?? :)

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Hello again!! Yes, I gave birth to my 4th last month. I also have a 3 1/2 year old. My older two children are in school all day. My two youngest and I are always looking for new friends and places to go. We cloth diaper, breastfeed, and I wear my baby as well. I would love to meet you both. Any day is fine with me. Would Friday afternoon work for you both? We could meet at a park or go for a walk. I'm up for whatever and wanting to enjoy the weather before it gets hot. My name is Chrissy, btw. Nice to meet you both!

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cian, our 3 1/2 year old goes to school but i would be more than happy to pick him up early some day when we can get together!  unfortunately, this friday our afternoon is full with a birthday party and tickets to see Charlottes Web at valley youth theatre but we are typically available to play or walk on most afternoons.  this sunday we are open all day if that works for either of you.  

im happy to be connecting with you ladies!  my name is sarah, cian calls me mama sos (pronounced "sauce" - my initials).  i cant wait to meet in person :)

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I just read your last reply again and saw what you said about sunday. I'm available if anyone else is. Let me know which park and me and my crew can be there! 

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I guess we were replying at the same time! Yes, Sunday is great for me! Give me a time and a place and we will be there. I've been trying to connect and find some moms to hang out with. I'm excited too! 


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great! lets keep in touch between now and sunday to decide on a time.  its hard to predict how lazy a sunday morning may end up being :)  have you ever been to the park on 15th avenue north of northern?  it has a nice playground that we like to ride our bikes to.  does that sound like a good place to meet?  or is there a playground that is closer to you that you would prefer?  

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You're absolutely right about that!! Sundays are a lazy day around here. I'm fine with whatever time you like. I'm sure lunchtime and after will work well for us, but we are really flexible and have no plans. We have been to that park. It's very nice. It sounds like a great place to meet! I may bring my two older children if that's alright. 

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Anyone else care to join us tomorrow? Sara, do you have an idea of what time you'd like to meet tomorrow? After lunch is still best for me, I think. Let me know what time is best for you. Does your stepson have a usual naptime? My son doesn't, so we are free any time. 

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chrissy, after lunch sounds perfect. cian doesnt usually nap either. bring all your kids! my new friend amy, from the neighborhood, is also going to try and come along with her 2 little ones. what time is "after lunch" for you? 

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2 or 3? 

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Hey Sara! Yes, 2 or 3 sounds good to me! Either one is fine. Sorry it took me so long to get on here this morning. Slept in with the baby. Yes, If 2 is good for you guys, it's good for me! I'm excited!

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see you at 2!

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sorry chrissy, can we make it 3pm? my new friend, amy, will be able to meet at 3. her little one will be napping until 230 or so.  is that time change ok? 

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Yep! That's totally fine. We are just hanging out, not really doing anything today. No big deal. See you at 3!

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