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My 18 month old is really into cloth - she keeps raiding my dustcloth drawer and my dishtowel drawer.  It occurs to me that some playsilks would be very appropriate for her (not to mention not bulky, not plastic etc) as a christmas gift.  I was looking on etsy but it is hard to gague quality.  Where can I get some good quality playsilks for her?  Her 5 year old sister will probably want to share in the fun so I would get a few.

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You could also try cross-posting or searching the Waldorf subforum in Learning at School. There are a few threads about good retail sources. If you post there, I suspect you'll get at least one suggestion to buy some silks from Dharma Trading and dye them yourself so you get the colours you like. It might be a fun project for the 5 y.o. 

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We've dyed silks (using food dye) from Dharma and they have been such a great hit that I am doing another set this xmas in the 30 x 30 size (the last lot were smaller). Everything you've heard about how great they are is true.

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i second redvlagirl!! we made our set this year--half from kool aid and half from food/roots.. they all came out with fantastic results.. and were cheap and really easy to make.  dd is layering a bunch of silks on me right now. :)

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Our DD got some for Christmas from my MIL when she was about 2 and they are still being well used several years later.  MIL got them from Sarah's Silks.  They are a little pricey but have lasted really well through tons of use.  They have been capes, gowns, slings, dance silks, baby doll wraps, you name it.  

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For those that got their silks from Dharma trading and dyed them yourself...which kind of silk did you get? There are so many options, andI kinda want to have an idea of what I'm getting. :)

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i got habotai 8mm i think 35x35 or something of that sort.

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I second all the pps - I made a set of 6 for DD at her 1st bday - all different sizes and shapes bought from dharma trading (habotai scarves 8mm), and used either koolaid or some other simple dye I bought from dharma. cheap and fun!


for different sizes, I just wanted to give her options of things to do with them.... one is long and thin, a couple are small or medium squares, a couple are larger squares. they list the dimensions.


the idye packets from dharma are great colors and easy to use. they are huge packets however and you'll have lots leftover. i happened to have some because I dyed silk veils for myself. otherwise I used koolaid for the orange, red, blue and yellow. (can't ever find green koolaid anymore!)


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I got ours from DreamSpunKids.  I actually got the chiffon ones because I liked the transparent quality.




We got them 3 years ago and they still get played with daily, and have held up really well!

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We got ours from various vendors on Etsy - you can pretty much find whatever size you are looking for and they are handmade

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