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Birth plan poll

Poll Results: Where/how do you plan to have your birth?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (4)
  • 16% (23)
    Home Birth with midwife
  • 4% (6)
    Birth center
  • 10% (14)
  • 7% (11)
    Doula (paid)
  • 10% (15)
    Old children at birth
  • 11% (16)
    just DH at birth (plus care provider or not)
  • 11% (16)
    other people at birth (family, friends, ect)
  • 15% (21)
    in water
  • 8% (12)
    on dry land
138 Total Votes  
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lets see what our groups plans look like innocent.gif

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Wooh! First to vote!


As it stands now, my plan is a homebirth with a midwife, with a doula (if I can scape together the money to hire her), in water, with my husband and possibly mother and sister. My mom is invited, but has been told that when she gets uncomfortable, she is free to (and required to) leave for the hotel room she is renting for this purpose, and I will call when the baby is born. My sister wants to be there for the whole thing. Neither live locally though, so it will depend on if they can come at that moment. Its a 4 hour drive for my mom, a 2 hour one for my sister, and she may not be able to come because of work.

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I'm also planning a homebirth, I'd like to try water but I'm not sure it's feasible with rent restrictions on waterbeds, water chairs, etc.16 I suspect it will be just me the, my midwife, DH and the kids.16 My sister was there last time, but I doubt she'll come again (last time she ended up getting whiney about how long it was taking) and I wouldn't have my mother there under ANY circumstances (I'd invite the neighbor to help with the older kids before I'd let her come!).16 Unfortunately, most of my friends are younger and we're not really close enough to involve them, and I'd rather not go the doula route and invite an "unknown person" into my birth (that'll be hard enough with the midwifes student).16 DH was definitely supportive enough last time, and even though he has to divide his attention between me and the older kids this time I'm hoping that the two oldest will help enough that it will still work out!

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Homebirth, midwife (2), student midwife (maybe), doula (trainee so free but professional). Doula is mostly for DH, so she can support him in supporting me, making suggestions of what might help or not. We will have a birth pool, but I have no idea and no preference about birthing in the pool.

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Planning a homebirth, in the pool. Midwife, back up mw, student, and DH smile.gif Not planning on calling family until ds is born. I don't want to feel like a watched pot ykwim?
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I wanted a home birth but I can't afford it.  So we are using a doula at a hospital.  At least the hospital has whirlpools to labor in.  I'm also likely going to higher the doula postpartum because my husband will likely be away at a training and will likely be leaving before the baby is born.  I'm hoping otherwise, but am not too optimistic, neither is he.

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homebirth with midwife, birth assistant (both good friends of mine) Husband, older kids, sister, photographer friend to watch kids (not sure who yet). With the caveat that I might kick everyone out if I feel like it. Oh, probably on my bed or if it is warm enough in the backyard on my mayan hammock. Lots of showers while in labor.

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my basic plan is birth center with midwives and my other kids (hoping my elder 2 will mind the youngers) in the water till the moment of birth (they have tubs for labor only irked.gif, my only concern about this plan since I LOVE waterbirth)


any or all of this could change tho. I know I can go UC with my doula friend (and mother of 4) at home in my own tub, and the kids may not even want to be there, or I might not want them around this time. [this would probably be my primary plan if i wasn't alone and/or generally had more support]


I will be happy with either of these scenarios, i'm just gonna go with the plan but keep the option open.

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Homebirth with midwife, student midwife, doula, and DH, definitely in the water. We'll be calling family to come down and watch DD who I adamantly don't want there as she is VERY distracting. Actually, the other day I had a doula appt. and was talking about how distracting DD is, at which point she crawled into my lap and grabbed my head.


I love my daughter, but no, definitely not at the birth.

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We thought about a home birth, but it makes my wife nervous, so we’ve opted to split the difference and go with the birth center near us. They have tubs for water birth, so I’d like to give that a try, too.
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I'm hoping third times a charm with this one.  I am planning my third (and, hopefully, first successful) homebirth with this one.  I will also hire a doula, who I plan on being there most of the time and calling the midwives at the last minute.  I am looking for a birth photographer too, if my doula isn't up for it. My sister (or two) will be there to watch the kids. 

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 Hospital birth, on my back (to prevent uterine inversion this time), with just DH and hospital staff. This is a very different scenario for me, but I am very hopeful. I love my OB - he gives all the right answers without prompting. He changed my due date to March 28 (as per his opinion and the US) and gave me a window from March 21 to April 12 to birth without ANY pressure for induction. Woot!

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planning a hospital water birth with dh and midwives, and as few other people as possible...

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Home birth with my midwife,dh, children, and probably a few ladies from church who are interested in being around. I will probably deliver on the bed, but I make good use of the shower for water relief during labor.

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Planning a homebirth in the water.  I love water; it's always been calming and feels so good to me, so it's pretty likely that's where I'll end up.  It will be DH, our midwife/wives, our girls and we've invited my MIL if she would be able to help watch the girls in case they become a distraction.  We're also planning on hiring a photographer, which I really need to get on top of before she's booked.

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I want a home birth but my DH is still kinda freaking out about that, (and the birth center has a bigger tub lol). So most likely I'll be at the birth center with the midwives, DH, my mom (if she doesn't get annoying), and maybe my MIL and a couple of friends. I'm 'planning' to witer birth but we'll see how I feel in the moment.

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At the hospital with doula and DH. I would have loved to have a birthing centre birth with a MW but only 2% of women who want midwives can get them here in Quebec.


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If baby is OK (impatiently waiting for test results that should come some time next week) I will continue with a birth center birth with just DH and the midwife. We're not allowed to actually birth in the tub, so we'll be on dry land. I contemplate having my mom there too, but will probably wait to make that decision until closer to April when I can get a better feel for whether DH is going to be able to keep it together.


If baby is not OK in a life-threatening way, I am contemplating how to coordinate a birth 3.5 hours away at a children's hospital that has private NICU rooms so mom (or both parents, for that matter) and baby can stay together, and that has more/better neonatal specialists in general. I think it would be dependent on baby not coming before I take up temporary residence with my parents in the same town as said hospital (so I don't have to physically be in the car in labor for the 3.5 hour drive). It's risky because I can't afford to take off much time from work. We don't get any maternity leave, so I have to find a way to make a total of 6 weeks of personal leave time cover everything for this birth.

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Plan- Birth in a hospital with one of my midwives, DH, my mother, and one good friend (photographs and support). My brother and SIL will have DSS from the time I go into labor until I am about 7-8 cm, then they will get the call from DH to bring DSS to the hospital. I want DSS in the room within the first fifteen minutes if possible to meet Eleanor. I will probably be using the shower/tub a lot for comfort. They do not have birthing tubs. Midwife told me that if I am in the tub to relax and the baby starts coming, she can't legally tell me to get out of the tub. She smiled and said, "I'll just help you catch at that point." So I could have a water birth of sorts.....ROTFLMAO.gif



Here is my issue ladies. I haven't actually posted about this yet at length because I am still trying to wrap my head around it.... I have Factor Five Leiden and MTHFR mutations. I take a baby aspirin in the morning and a low dose of lovenox(blood thinner) at night daily. The midwife and fetal medicine specialist recommend stopping this treatment at 36 weeks so that I can go into labor naturally (which is great!). I am on these blood thinners to keep my placenta healthy. Without these, the placenta could literally stop working. So. I am sooooo nervous/scared/anxious/ freaking the heck out about hitting 36 weeks.help.gif I do not want to have something go wrong and have to have a c section. That is literally my worst case scenario. If things go wrong, that could happen. Which at that point I will most likely be so out of it that any of my plans will go out the window.



At this point I am just praying that things go as planned with Eleanor, placenta, and I staying healthy.

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It's a UC for us. My second :D

My first UC was just my hubby, my close friend(who's also my neighbor) and my oldest son who was 4 at the time. This time around I'm going to have my Hubby, my mom, my 6yo and 4yo(if he's awake), my closest friend (who's also a doula :)) as well as another friend to take photo's with her amazing camera :)

I loved my UC last time and I can't imagine doing it any differently. I've had 2 waterbirths now and I LOVE it...so will definitely use the tub again. I used a fishy pool with my first and HATED it and the second time I used an Aquaborn....so amazing:) My friends, mom and kids will be in the background while my hubby does all the supporting he needs to do in the tub with me. I'm also doing a UP this time around and I'm much more relaxed about the birth this time, which is really nice:)

 I think I'm the only UC'er hey? :(

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