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Birth plan poll - Page 2

Poll Results: Where/how do you plan to have your birth?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (4)
  • 16% (23)
    Home Birth with midwife
  • 4% (6)
    Birth center
  • 10% (14)
  • 7% (11)
    Doula (paid)
  • 10% (15)
    Old children at birth
  • 11% (16)
    just DH at birth (plus care provider or not)
  • 11% (16)
    other people at birth (family, friends, ect)
  • 15% (21)
    in water
  • 8% (12)
    on dry land
138 Total Votes  
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I'm honestly still not sure. I'd love to do a home water birth, but we live really far out in the sticks. If something went wrong, it would be a major production to get to the hospital. Also, home births are technically illegal in my state, so neither of my midwives could attend. We don't have the happy medium of a birthing center where we live, either. It's one or the other. I'm very torn about the whole thing.


I had a hospital birth with a regular old-school OB last time: highly interfered with, pitocin leading to epidural, the whole shebang. It was awful and I want this time to be completely different (except for the final outcome, of course). 

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cseky- praying for you and your baby's good health goodvibes.gif


NCMtn- where are you? I had my middle two at home in NC, one in Asheville and one in Marshall. Has the midwifery climate changed for the worse in the past 11 years??

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Tula I'm not sure you're the only UCer, just no one else has piped up in here yet. I think at least one other mama was considering it. Can you remind me what UP means? Also, your profile pic is beautiful. Where is it (if you don't mind me asking?)?

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cseky - Sounds like your care providers are really supportive of your plans for a natural, vaginal birth. Guess you've got a plan, gotta just hope it works out. Kinda like the rest of us, just with a twist?  


I haven't taken any classes yet, but I imagine they'll have me imagining the birth. Right now, I'm floating in a world of happy anticipating of the hard but rewarding work ahead with no *visual* ideas about how or when it'll happen. Having no personal reference of what to expect, I like where I'm at right now, and I'm hoping this feeling sticks around til the end. :)



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Tulafina- we recently decided to have a UC so your not the only one. And i think there is at least one other? We should get a UC support thread going 

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We are planning our 3rd homebirth, probably a waterbirth.  I love laboring in the shower and birthing in the water!  We are so close to our midwife that it feels like we are having a family birth.  Our daughters are really good friends and get together often to play.  There will potentially be a lot of people there, but they are all fine with being kicked out at any time!  We don't have biological family nearby, but we have a very loving and close-knit chosen family.  Our last birth was one of the best times of my entire life, with our midwives, minister, photographer friend and two other dear friends.  I love having a lot of hands-on TLC during labor and always want my husband right near me.  So, it's wonderful having others to tend to the children, discreetly take pictures, cook food and be loving gophers for me and the midwives.  I don't usually call in the "troops" until labor is really going strong and fast. 


I do think that birth is very intimate and that the presence of others has a tremendous impact.  We have to be careful.  For my first homebirth, I did not chose as wisely and it still feels a little weird and unsettling to me.  It was still a great birth, but I wish I had thought it through a little more.  I was trying to "educate" a little too much, instead of focusing solely on the needs of my family.  They have since moved away, and we talk occasionally...but it doesn't feel as intimate as I think that it should after them being given such an honor.  At least that's how it feels to me.  I am always blown away when someone invites me to attend their birth!  It's a big deal!


I'm a big supporter of the choice to UC/family birth, and, yet, I think it's a shame that we can't all hire exactly who we want to do whatever we want them to do or NOT do...  Birth is definitely a private family event and a normal biological function.

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Rosie- UP means unassisted pregnancy. I think it's not a completely appropriate term for me to use but it's close enough;) I've seen a Dr. once to pee on a test at 9w to "confirm" pregnancy just in case I have troubles registering this baby on my own. Plus, I asked for a blood req. to check my iron stores at the beginning of this pregnancy. I'll be seeing her one more time for another blood req. but that's it. I check BP, fundal height, heart tones with my fetoscope after 22w or so, protein/glucose, and occasionally weight gain. I keep track of it all in a little book I have. I don't test for GD, GBS and skip u/s's. I'm pretty nonchalant about it all actually...haven't really checked much other than fundal height in about 6 weeks...I just go by how I feel and intuition:)

My pic was taken this past summer at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC, Canada(Vancouver Island). I love it there!! I keep it up as a profile pic because it reminds me why I'm working so hard to get my midwifery studies under my belt so we can move there in 4 years:D

Itsy- YAY!!! So glad to have another UC mama!!! Let's start a thread!!! orngbiggrin.gif I can't wait to hear about your journey to UC:)
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I'm from Vancouver Island and snobbishly believe that it's the most beautiful place on earth.


Just a quick rant re: OBGYN and hospital care.  I am 20.5 weeks and have not had an ultrasound.  Almost every time I go to see my obgyn they weigh me, listen for the heartbeat and push me out the door.  I figured they would let me know when I needed to schedule my routine 18-20 week ultrasound but ALAS they assumed because they gave me a piece of paper at my first appointment that I scheduled the ultrasound.  Now, I do realize that I could have easily taken care of it myself and it is partially my fault for not asking sooner, however after my first appointment I had an early ultrasound and my EDD and EDC were changed, both reasons made me question whether/when I would need another ultrasound.  Finally yesterday I asked them when I should be scheduling my next ultrasound.  My Dr.'s first reaction was "what's the rush?" but when I told him I hadn't yet had my 20 week ultrasound (something which I felt as though he should have known from looking at my file, though I could be wrong) he and his nurse flew into a bit of a frenzy about the whole thing and actually made me feel awful about it!  

THEN when I called the hospital this morning to schedule the appointment the receptionist made me feel awful about it as well and said "You realize you should have had this done by now, may I ask why you waited so long to schedule an appointment?"  I guess I'm pretty naive, but I assumed that this ultrasound wasn't really that important and that it wouldn't matter if it was pushed back a bit, especially considering I'm 25 and have had a low risk pregnancy so far.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the main purpose of the ultrasound to check that dates are correct?  Can that not be dome a little later in the pregnancy?


Maybe I'm over-reacting, but is it not a little unprofessional to make ME feel bad about not having this ultrasound done sooner?  I really feel as though this would have been avoided completely if doctors in Quebec weren't so overworked that I could actually get the attention and care i deserve rather than-literally-being pushed out the door.


Still wishing for that midwife...

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For those on the fence about the water--


I HATE water.  I do not like swimming.  I don't even really like baths that much.  But my midwife said it would be nice to labor in a tub, even if I didn't want to birth in it.  So I agreed that I would labor in a tub, or at least have it as an option. 


My DH likes to tell the story of what happened when I got in to the tub.  My labor was really fast, and it took so long to set up the tub that I was about 10 minutes away from transition when I got in.  I got in, and immediately started saying that I was never getting out of the tub again, that I was going to marry the birth tub, that I was upset that it had taken everyone so long to get the tub set up.  DS2 was born in the water, and I can't imagine giving birth any other way now.  :)

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The plan is to go to the birth center like we did with my DD. It's over an hour away, so the drive isn't fun! I was really considering birthing at home this time but my husband is really concerned about how far we are from a hospital if something went wrong (we also live in the sticks!). Other than that, I think it would be so much easier than making the drive plus having a toddler at home with all her toys and not having to wake her if it's in the night. So I'm still considering and will just kind of see how things are when labor starts.  And because of my insurance, I will have to pay over $1000 more out of pocket if I birth at home vs. the birth center.  My DH, mom, 3 year old and 2 midwives will be there.

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Tara- u/s's aren't great at determining gestational age, later in pregnancy. They can be off by over a week. The most accurate time is before the second trimester starts. When deciding if they were important to ME, I thought about a few things. What would I do with the information given to me? What were the chances of something very bad going on inside? Was I ok with a baby not living if something was wrong and I should have birthed in a hospital? Would I terminate? Did I feel u/s's were totally safe? How would/could we fix the issue in the womb? Would it alter my birthing plans and did that necessarily NEED to happen? What did my heart say? Did I feel all was ok? After looking at all options I decided to forego u/s's. Just what works best for me orngbiggrin.gif

And try to ignore their rudeness. My mom had zero u/s's 29 years ago with me or my sister... It just wasn't done and somehow we managed to survive;)
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I agree.  Routine US are just not necessary and lead to a whole slew of unnecessary interventions and stress.  If there are other indications, then sure, consider one.  It's ridiculous that everyone is being so rude to you and acting like it's a catastrophe that you haven't had one yet! 

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tarabelle, at this point is when they want to do the anatomy scan to see if all bits and pieces are growing in the right places and the right sizes, etc. Early ultrasounds are what you need when you want to date a pregnancy, and while I'm pretty indifferent to later u/s I actually think the earliest one is the best one to have, especially if you ovulate later than day 14, have irregular cycles, or have a tendency to going late. The EDD based on u/s is more accurate than the one based on last menstrual period, which can buy you more time in late pregnancy.

We didn't do the anatomy scan (remember all my drama trying to find an OB?) but we did do a scan at 18 weeks to find out the sex. If I weren't homebirthing I'd be refusing all ultrasounds by this point anyways.

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We are planning a second HBAC with a midwife. We have also hired a doula this time, though we have never had one before. Last time around we had a very dear, older friend with us, but she has moved out of state. The doula taught our natural childbirth class last time around so she doesn't feel like a stranger. She works with our midwife a lot, so I think they will be a great team.

I am not planning on having the kids here. I don't want to yank them out of bed in the middle of the night, but I don't want to worry about waking them, either. And I don't want another person here to keep track of them, so I guess we'll see how things go. My in-laws live 2 miles away, and I absolutely don't even want to hear their voices during labor, but that would be a good place for the kids to go.

Water was great for me during my first labor, but I hardly used the pool during my second. I needed to feel grounded, not floating away. I spent many, many contractions standing and pressing my forehead and hands into the wall. I am definately going to have a pool ready to go again, though. It is too hard to know ahead of time what you will want, so I just want everything available. I am more open to water birth this time around.

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We're having a homebirth with midwife, back up midwife, doula, dh, and friend( she does reiki and will help with dd if needed). We're renting a tub for labor at the least, I'm not sure if I'll birth in it yet though. I am loving our plan so far, worlds apart from my awful last hospital birth. Dd says she want to catch ds. I told her she can if she still wants to in the moment, how special would that be for her? love.gif

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Tula - Thanks for the explanation, both for UP and Butchart Gardens. :) 


tarabelle - I had my anatomy scan at 22+ weeks. I didn't HAVE to have it, it was optional. As others have noted, the point of that scan is to check each bit of the baby not to check dates. I'm not sure why they would give you a hard time besides that they just like to keep a regular schedule, and you were slightly off the norm. You shouldn't have to accomodate them so much, they should accomodate you! You are still the customer of their service! Sorry you had to deal with some snark/resistance. 

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Thanks everybody!  I'm feeling better but still a bit peeved that they were all so rude with me.


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 Well, my whole birth plan went to hell today after I took the LDR tour. I'm not gonna say I won't deliver there, but I sure don't want to. I'm checking to see if my doc delivers at the other hospital and if not, it's back to the MW/birthing center.

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itsasecret, I am so sorry to hear that. hope things get figured out nicely

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Tarabelle - I had my anatomy scan at 22.5 weeks and no one even blinked at the time.  I'm sorry you had to deal with that foolishness!


This is my first birth, and we are planning a homebirth with a midwife, backup midwife, and apprentice midwife.  We will likely have a couple of close friends there, too, to support DP and to help as needed.  I'm not sure when my mom will come down.  She wants to be around, but she tends to make me anxious.  I'll have a rented birthing tub and shower available for labor and delivery, but I'm not sure what I want to do.  For some reason, laboring in the water sounds great to me, but delivering the baby in the water doesn't.  


We are also seeing an OB for back-up care in case we need to be transferred to the hospital.  I like the OB a lot, and he's very supportive of natural birth, but the hospital is well known for pushing interventions.  That makes me nervous, but I have no doubt that my midwife and partner would be great advocates for me if needed.  We're going to do the hospital tour just in case, too.  I don't plan to be transferred (of course!), but I want to know my way around and how things work there if we need to go.  

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