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Cranial Sacral Therapy?

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This was rec'd when our son was an infant, by the IBCLC who helped me with my sons tongue tie. He is 8 months old now. We never did it, but now I'm wondering if we should. She noted some things like sloping on his cheeks, not wanting to turn a certain way, etc.. I notice, too, that when he lays on his back it's semi "C" shaped. Not a lot, but a little. His right shoulder pops, and has since birth. It's still fairly uncomfortable nursing him. I don't know if this is because of his higher palate, though, or what?


Also is this the same as osteopathy? I have noticed a lot of therapies like this rec'd on a lot of natural parenting web sites, but I don't know how to differentiate them.


And one other thing.. Is this something that could benefit anyone? What kinds of things do people generally go have this done for? Would my 4.5 year old get anything from it?

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It would be similar to osteopathy but hopefully less $. I would venture to guess that an OD would use CST in addition to other things?


My dd also had tongue tie (is also 8 mo now) and looking back, getting her two sessions of CST with a manual therapist was one of THE game changers for us with her calming down, being more relaxed and mellow, following her tongue and lip clipping. I think she was banged up in the birth some and weeks of chiro helped some to unkink her, but I think finishing with CST was the key (along with a couple sessions of crying in arms to let out frustration, for her, at home, also a biggie for us).  We canceled two appointments because when they day drew near, she was doing great and we didn't feel it was needed. This happened twice and we haven't needed to go back. She was about 4 mo old at the time.


The Dr. who clipped her tongue and the LC who was along recommended some sort of body work for her tension, and the osteopath was $300 an hour and the MT was $50-75. We went the cheaper route, having been told by the LC & Doc that this woman was very good and has seen results.


So, I do recommend it and I won't hesitate to have it done on any future children if they seemed a little out of whack and chiro didn't resolve it.

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Thank you. I have found a place down here that does it. It says for kids it is $60 for a session of 60 minutes. What do you look for in a good person? Or is it all basically the same?

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