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Anyone skipping the early ultrasound?

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I had one last time as we started out with an OB and just did everything he recommended. This time my midwife said there is really no reason to get one now unless we want one. Anyone else skipping?


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No reason to get one, not getting one unless a reason shows up.

Will do the 20 week just to be sure there's no issues that risk me out of my homebirth... but wont find out baby's sex if we can help it.

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We are not getting one without a medical reason, either. Although I've had them with all of my other kids, and kind of wish I could just have a quick peek to make sure all is well.


But having an early ultrasound will not change the outcome of anything. It won't save you from a miscarriage, make the baby healthier, etc. My reasons for wanting one are purely emotional. But I'll live!

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It seems like such a long time to wait to get a visual =) Then again, the doctor rolling out the internal US machine, whipping out a condom and inserting it without mentioning that it would be different than an external US was quite the surprise.

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We didn't get one with DS and we won't get one with this baby... unless there's a reason that our midwife seems to thinks that it's a necessity.


Please read Sarah J. Buckley's research on ultrasounds in Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering if you want to learn more about the pros/cons of ultraounds. There are actually risk factors that go along with getting ultrasounds - that we're never told about! If you just get one, the risks are minimal, yes... but any more than that have shown newborn hearing loss, etc. Those ultrasound waves make a HUGE noise in your little baby's water world. We wanted to protect this as much as possible so our little one can grow in a peaceful environment. Plus, if you have an experienced midwife, she can actually feel (palpate) better than an ultrasound can 'see' sometimes!


Good for you to not just follow along with everything your OB recommended!

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I was going to skip it, and did with #2 (though we always get the 20w anatomical to make sure everything's healthy). But my horrible bleed last week ended with me begging for an ultrasound...and I must say it was really nice to see a baby and a heartbeat in there! Made it all seem much more real. But yeah--in the absence of any immediate need, it's fine to skip it.

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I might get the 20 week one, but I'm not planning on any others

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I haven't even seen the midwife yet.  My cousin is an u/s tech so I may get a referral to see her later on, but I haven't decided yet.  I don't have insurance, so that would only be if we could get a REALLY good deal, lol.  We want to be surprised about the sex, so that's not an issue, but I would like to make sure everythings "ok" in there, because, like MaerynPearl mentioned, there are medical anomolies that are better dealt with in the hospital and I'm planning on a homebirth.  My youngest foster DD was born with her arm fused to "something" inside her mother's uterus, and they didn't know about it until she was born.  She came out and her arm had fractured bones and no muscle or skin on it.  Her mother had gotten a lot of ultrasounds (even a 3D one) because she was considered "high risk" due to her age (17) and gestational diabetes and pre-ecplamsia.  So, even if you do have an ultrasound, there are things that can be "missed."  :(  

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I'm hoping to go through the entire pregnancy without one.


I would just like to go without one.



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I went without for both of my others. With this one I will get one later on. My midwife has changed her stance and recommends getting at least one ultrasound. I'm ok with one.

Though if I don't get qualified for medicaid I might not get one.

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Found a Cochrane review on ultrasounds before 24 weeks of pregnancy that folks might be interested to read. Individual studies are always good, but I like the comfort of a solid review too. (http://summaries.cochrane.org/CD007058/routine-compared-with-selective-ultrasound-in-early-pregnancy)

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I'm only planning one around 20 weeks.  I don't see a reason to have one sooner.  I ended up with 3 for my first child - 20 weeks and 2 at 39 weeks.  My second child had zero. Hopefully this child will have just the one.

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I'm hoping to go the entire pregnancy without an ultrasound, unless one becomes clinically necessary. I went my first pregnancy without one. I also limit the use of Doppler to the 12 week appointment and intermittent use during labor. In between, I request the use of a fetoscope.
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I'm hoping to go the entire pregnancy without an ultrasound, unless one becomes clinically necessary. I went my first pregnancy without one. I also limit the use of Doppler to the 12 week appointment and intermittent use during labor. In between, I request the use of a fetoscope.

This.  With my first, I had a couple of ultrasounds (8 or 9 weeks and 20 weeks), but have skipped it since.  

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I have my 1st appt when Im almost 13 weeks, and I have a feeling they will want to do an u/s to see if all is well in there with the heart. I have no problem with it just to be safe. Last time I didn't want an u/s at all but got one to appease DH who wanted to know the sex of the baby. I am extrememly happy we got it and knew that any subsequent pregnancies would have probably a few u/s at least, which, again, I am  now totally fine with.


I didn't want to go to have an early appt because I do not like the vaginal u/s and am sure that at 13 weeks will have no problem requesting traditional u/s.

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My son is convinced this baby is a girl, so part of me wants to get one either to confirm or spend some time 'splaining. I didn't with him. Not sure about this one.

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I don't mind the early ones because I have hospital births, I like to start with better dates than my LMP. I ended up with a whole bunch of late ultrasounds for DD since she was in a weird breech position so her heartbeat was heard where you would normally hear a head-down baby's heartbeat. In our experience, she wasn't much bothered by the whole experience. (In fact, she didn't even register a change in heart rate during the ECV when we tried to turn her.)  I only had 13 wk and 20 wk for DS. Somewhere I read that babies can't hear until 14 weeks so it seems early U/S wouldn't be a sound issue but I'm not familiar with the other concerns.

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No, I won't be getting one until 20 weeks if everything is going well.  With my last pregnancy, we just did the 20 week one to check up major things since we were having a HB.  We did find out the sex that time, this time we will not! 


I haven't even had a MW appt yet-- a week from Monday is my first one and we will try to hear the heartbeat!  If we don't hear it I'll probably worry myself sick and go get an ultrasound anyway.  ;-)  But with my son we heard it right away at 11 weeks. 

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We won't be doing any U/S unless medically indicated. 

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Last pregnancy, I  just did 1 US at 20 weeks - will plan for the same this time, too.

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