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I had one at 8 weeks for accurate dating at the suggestion of my midwife.  I have long cycles and short luteal phases.  Never had any ultrasounds with my other two.  But I have a history of going at least 14 days "overdue" and my midwife wanted to give me the best chance of being able to use her services.  She can only do a homebirth until 41w6d.  If we determined due date by LMP, I'd get a date of July 2nd.  The ultrasound gave me a date of July 8th, so I gained 6 days :D

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 She can only do a homebirth until 41w6d. 

Mine can only let me go that long before I am forced to be induced. I had my last at 41w6d naturally... and she has continued, to this day, to always want to do things at the last minute just like daddy. :|



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I had no intention of getting an ultrasound until 30+ weeks, like we did with the first.  But due to some perceived PCOS issues, I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks. We won't be using a doppler, so I feel better about the early exposure ultrasound.  

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My last pregnancy I didn't have any ultrasounds, I had every intention to do the same with this pregnancy. However, I'm measuring large and we have reason to suspect fibroids. Therefore, we are doing one (on Tuesday) to see it that is the cause and where they are. If I do have the fibroids, my herbalist and I are going to work together at least keep them from enlarging during the pregnancy. 

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Wont get one till 20 weeks. We arent finding out the sex of the baby, but hubby would like a 20 week to make sure everything is a-ok. Im fine with that. But a 20 week will be the only one we get

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We weren't going to have any but I was having some irregular discharging that was concerning my hubby, dr and myself so we ended up with one at 6wks. Thankfully baby looks great and heart beat was so wonderful to see to help ease our minds. Hopefully that is the only one we will need to do (keeping fingers crossed).

Good luck!


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Our midwives told us that there is potential risk with the internal ultrasound. We went with better to be safe, than sorry! We got to hear the babies heartbeat on the doppler for the first time today, though! Man was that awesome!!!

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