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used breast pump mess up supply?

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hi all!


I am using a friends pump that she used for both her kids until they were 15 months... the pump is pre 2006 medela advanced in style.  


i can usually get about 3-4 ounces total in a session, which i thought was just fine until I had to use a friends pump at her house and I got 6! it was a newer nicer medela rental from the birth center...


I cant afford to buy a new pump but should I look into renting one of these better ones until i can? i dont want to mess up my supply....



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The newer pumps are more effective, especially the hospital grade ones like your friend has. Did you go longer than usual before pumping? That could also have been a reason you got more at that session. If you're an exclusive pumper, you might look into renting one but if you feed your child at the breast also, it might not be worth it. 


I'm an exclusive pumper and I rent a Medela Symphony from our hospital at $75.00 a month. I only get about 4 ounces per breast at every three hour pump (except in the morning when I get usually double since I don't pump at night), but that's just my normal. Being an exclusive pumper, the cost is definitely worth it for me. 

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Oy, I pump on occasion...like when I can sneak away for yoga or when I had to go on a job interview (Kai is a snacker...eats a little every hour or so still) and every time I've had to pump...every-single-time...I end up with crazy supply for the rest of the week and baby is back to fighting off OALD. Since the breast only makes milk in response to empy space (basically) you may not WANT to be emptying the breast quite for effectively if you are also feeding baby at the breast, the pump you are using might be sufficient for occasional pumping.


 Kai popped off while I was nursing him at Target yesterday and it sprayed across the aisle for a full 15 seconds, I timed it! Sheepish.gif


I'm also using a used pump, Medela PIS that my cousin used for her 3 y/o and 1 y/o, and I'm able to get about 6 ounces at a shot (oversupply), but in all reality, like Kitchensqueen said, if you are not an exclusive pumper 4 ounces (combined) would be considered good output.

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