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I am really struggling with nursing :(. My lo is ten days old. I've already made it past extremely raw and stabbed nipples (althoght they are started to get scabs again) and ds refusing to latch. Now I a, dealing with a shallow latch that I just can't seems to fix. It is so frustrating. The pain during nursing is so intense I don't think I can take it much longer. And then because the latch is no good I get vasospam in my nipples for up to an hour after nursing. I literally can't bear the pain when he cluster feeds at night. I am having a hard time enjoying my baby and it makes me really sad. I just spend all my time thinking about the nest feed coming up and dreading it. I wish I didn't care about breastfeeding a much as I do. I feel like  would be a much happier momma if baby was on a bottle. 


Anyway, I was just looking for some support.  I am working on his latch but have tried all the positioning tips I found online plus I have my midwives help me out. The LC can't fit me in until after chrristmas. This is my third baby and the seconds wasn't this bad but it hurt to nurse my oldest for a good three months. I don't think I have the heart to go through that again. 

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I'm so sorry you're going through this terrible pain.hug2.gif
I'm also horrified that the LC won't see you for almost a month! I'm assuming there's just one in your area but how about a LLL leader or even a experienced friend who could take a look and offer some hands-on help? I'm sure you've tried all the tricks like waiting for a big mouth, pulling baby's chin down and the lower lip flip. Have you looked into biological nurturing ie laid back breastfeeding?
The first thing I'd do is check your LO for tongue tie if no one has already. They tend to run in families so that may be why you had pain with DC1 as well.
While you figure this out, keep in mind that you can take acetaminophen and ibuprofen together, "laddering" doses. It really helped me when I was having horrific nipple pain.
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Thanks for the reply. Yes there is only one lc in my area unfortunately. My midwife and doula are able to give me breast feeding support too but we can't seem to get him to take more of my breast in his mouth. Actually his latch looks great. I only know its not because I get that crease after. With my first I saw the lc and had a great latch with no pain at all but still got vasospam after nursing. B6 helped before but isnt this time :(


Inam starting to think maybe I have an over active let down?  I'm already doing what I can to take care of that without it really making a difference. My ds1 had his tongue tie clipped but this guy isn't tongue tied at all.  I also think part of the issue is that he falls asleep nursing and some of my breast slips out. It starts to hurt but as soon as I unlatch him he wakes up and wants back on. Seems simple to put Jim back on but by that time the tip of my nipple is completely white and I am severe amounts of pain :(


Very very close to giving up. 

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I'm so, so sorry you're going through this hug2.gif
You may decide that weaning is the only answer but a LC once told me - and I think it's good advice - that you should never quit on your worst day.
I'm sure you've Googled the hell out of this but have you seen these links on vasospasm and Raynaud's?
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I'm sorry you're having a rough go. I had the vasospasm with ds & I found if I kept them warm & put a little pressure on them with my hand it helped some. For me bfing is definitely difficult at first but then becomes so easy - it's just getting from here to there that can seem so long. I hope you can find some help with the latch.

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